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This Solar-Powered Bike Can Travel Up To 40 Miles Unassited (Video)

solar bike

Danish inventor Jesper Frausig has developed a Solar Bike that offers cyclists an easier way to commute without hurting the environment. The Solar Bike requires no plug-in to charge – just park your bike in a sunny area and the solar panels on the bike’s wheels and the battery unit will do the rest. The battery is carefully tucked inside the frame of the bike and can store enough energy to travel up to 40 miles. The bike has adjustable speed and can

SpaceX Makes Second Attempt At Landing A Fuel Rocket After Launch (Video)

Image Credit: Engadget

SpaceX just made another nearly successful attempt at landing their Falcon 9 first stage fuel rocket on a floating platform in the ocean. Besides fulfilling billion dollar contracts with NASA, the folks at SpaceX are looking for ways to improve current space industry operations. One strategy to save resources and money is to preserve the fuel rockets by re-landing them softly (instead of just letting them free fall into the ocean from the edge of our atmosphere, as was done in the past).

103-Year-Old Marie Hunt Finally Got Her High School Diploma (Video)

At 103-years-old, Marie Hunt of Wisconsin may be the oldest person to ever receive her high school diploma. According to UK’s Daily Mail… “Now a resident at Meadows Assisted Living and Memory Care in Spring Green, the centenarian was presented with an honorary degree by River Valley High School, 87 years after her fellow classmates graduated.”   Miss Hunt expressed how grateful she was to receive the degree because it was something she always wanted but didn’t have the opportunity to get in earlier

Astronauts Capture Epic Footage During Spacewalk Using A GoPro (Video)

gopro spacewalk

GoPro cameras are known for being used by extreme athletes all over the world, but rarely do they find their way outside of the atmosphere. According to Yahoo News… “Back in February and March, astronauts Barry “Butch” Wilmore and Terry Virts brought GoPro cameras with them on space walks to reconfigure the space station. They captured some pretty breathtaking footage, which NASA uploaded to YouTube.”   The video gives the viewer a first-hand view of what it would be like

Skeleton Uncovered In Italy Yields Oldest Neanderthal DNA Ever Found

oldest neanderthal dna

An ancient skeleton, found deeply embedded in a cave in Italy, has provided researchers with the oldest Neanderthal DNA ever found. According to Live Science… “In 1993, scientists found an extraordinarily intact skeleton of an ancient human amidst the stalactites and stalagmites of the limestone cave of Lamalunga, near Altamura in southern Italy — a discovery they said had the potential to reveal new clues about Neanderthals.” Recent research now shows that DNA collected from this skeleton indicates that the fossilized

The World’s Smallest Working Computer Fits On The Edge Of A Nickel

tiny computer

Researchers at the University of Michigan have designed a computer believed to be the smallest in the world. The tiny PC has the ability to take pictures, measure temperatures, do pressure readings and more. According to CNET… “Computers used to consume whole rooms, but now one computer can fit on the edge of a nickel. At just one millimeter cubed, the Michigan Micro Mote (M3) is believed to be the smallest autonomous computer in the world.”   The project to create the

Mexico Has Held 33 North Koreans Over Half A Year After Their Ship Violated UN Laws

north korea mexico ship

A ship belonging to North Korea’s Ocean Maritime Management company has been detained in Mexico since July of last year. The Mu Du Bong and its 33 member crew have not been returned to North Korea yet because the vessel avoided sanctions imposed by the U.N. Security Council. According to Fox News… “The ship ran aground last July and damaged nearly an acre of coral reefs. The North Korean embassy in Mexico was asked to post a 10-million peso ($770,000) bond for any damage assessment.

German Company Designs Robotic Butterflies (Video)

robotic butterflies

The German robotics firm Festo has designed a small, super-light drone that mimics the look and movements of a butterfly. The unique bot is capable of flying solo, but it also has the ability to coordinate its movements with other butterfly bots, creating an interconnected group of fluttering machines. The flying robots — known as “eMotionButterflies” — aren’t for sale to consumers. Instead, Festo uses these devices to do research for their Bionic Learning Network, which has experimented with a number of different robotic insects. Check out the eMotionButterflies in action

Bobcat Vs. Shark – Florida Man Captures Incredible Encounter On His iPhone

Screen shot 2015-04-09 at 12.56.12 AM

On Monday, Florida resident John Bailey photographed an intense moment at the Sebastian Inlet State Park in Florida. According to ABC News… “A photographer in South Florida snapped a shot Monday night of a bobcat walking along the beach at Sebastian Inlet State Park with a shark in its mouth, according to a report by ABC News affiliate WPLG-TV in Miami.” Although many have questioned if the photo is fake, experts have said they have no reason to believe it is fake because

The “Vipukirves” Is Being Called The First Redesign Of The Axe In 8,000 Years (Video)

Image Credit: UK's Daily

Finnish inventor Heikki Karna has designed a new type of axe that makes splitting wood easier while reducing the risk of injury to the user. Karna has created several designs of his axe, which he calls the “Vipukirves”. Featuring curved wedge-like blades, the “leveraxes” reduce the amount of force needed to split wood. Wired explains how it works: “After the downswing and just after the blade pierces through the wood fibers, the counterweight on the right side of the head forces the axe to

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