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This Printer Prints Self-Destructing Documents That Burst Into Flames?! (Video)

Artist and robotics enthusiast Diego Trujillo Pisanty has created a printing device capable of printing documents that self-destruct by bursting into flames. As cool as the idea of a printer that creates self-destructing documents may sound, this device wasn’t really designed to be all that functional, so don’t plan on seeing it available for purchase anytime soon. Instead, Pisanty created the printer as an art piece meant to provoke a discussion about the use of government espionage and secrecy for the sake of national security. Pisanty

Meet Omron Global’s Ping Pong Playing Robot (Video)

Photo Credit: engadget

Omron Global, a Japanese electronics and engineering company, has outdone themselves by building a ping pong playing robot. The innovative machine that doesn’t just serve out balls, it can actually return them and rally with you. The machine is designed with complex robotics and engineering technology that allows it to sense the opponents movements and calculate the speed and trajectory of the ball. Check it out… The machine is designed for low difficulty matches (maybe only for kids). So while it probably won’t beat you, it

Google’s 62 Mile Virtual Tour Through The Liwa Desert (Video & Virtual Tour)

Google has launched many projects that have pushed the limits of innovation over the years: the Google X Drone Project, Google Glass, Google Earth and more. With all the cool things Google has dropped you probably wouldn’t be surprized to find out that they just released a 62 mile virtual tour of the Liwa Desert. This stretch of desert is part of the Rub Al-Khali, the largest sand desert in the world, located in the United Arab Emirates. According to National Geographic, the Rub Al-Khali

Clorox Makes A Push To “Clean Up” The Cleaning Industry

The Clorox Company, who ranks No. 71 on CoreBrand’s 2014 Top 100 Most Powerful Brands, is leading the pack with their recent voluntary move to “clean up” the cleaning industry by publicly disclosing ingredients in all of their cleaning products. Though it would seem like it should be required by law, many products in Canada are allowed to list fragrances as ingredients without telling consumers what the fragrances are actually made up of. According to Health Canada… “In the case of fragrances, the word “parfum” may

The “BioSuit” – MIT Scientists Making A Skintight Spacesuit For Better Motion

MIT Professor Dava Newman

A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) want to replace the bulky spacesuits astronauts currently wear with a pressurized but skintight suit that would give them a better range of motion. According to MIT professor Dava Newman… “With conventional spacesuits, you’re essentially in a balloon of gas that’s providing you with the necessary one-third of an atmosphere [of pressure] to keep you alive in the vacuum of space.”   The solution… “We want to achieve that same pressurization, but through mechanical

Marathon Runner Attempts To “Run On Water” From Florida To Bermuda! (Video)

Photo Credit: CNN

Notable marathon runner Reza Baluchi was rescued earlier this week by the US Coast Guard while attempting to travel over 1,000 miles from Miami to Bermuda traveling in what is being called a “hydropod” (infaltable bubble). Baluchi, a 42-year-old Iranian exile, claimed he had run so much on land that he was becoming bored with it, and wanted to see what it would be like to run on water. Though Baluchi only made it 70 miles, his initial plan was

China’s “Miao Room” Has Officially Been Crowned The World’s Largest Underground Space (Video)

Photo Credit: National Geographic

The cave known as the “Miao Room” has been the most talked about supercave online this year. What classifies it as a “supercave” you may ask? Well, to put it into perspective, the cave chamber is nine times the size of Houston’s astrodome. According to National Geographic… China’s immense Miao Room cavern, hidden beneath rolling hills and reachable only by an underground stream, is the world’s biggest cave chamber   The Miao Room cave system was first documented in 1989 by

The Coolest Places On Earth: China’s Chimelong Ocean Kingdom (Pictures and Video)

Earlier this year Guangdong Province, China officially opened Chimelong Ocean Kingdom (also referred to as Hengqin Ocean Kingdom), the largest ocean theme park in the world. The huge aquatic theme park does not stand alone, not only does it include rides, a roller coaster, and tons of amenities, it’s also affiliated with a world-class carnival as well as a luxury hotel, making the resort an international tourist destination. The Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel is the largest ocean ecological theme hotel

With An Official “Travel Associated” Ebola Virus Case In Texas, Should Americans Be Scared? (Poll)

Photo Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

As you may have heard, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed the first ever “travel associated case” of the Ebola virus in the United States late last month. According to Dallas City Newsroom… “The City is working closely with Dallas County Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control after the unnamed patient at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas was confirmed to have the virus at 3:32 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.”   The patient who now has

University Of Rochester Researchers Make Cloaking/Invisibility Device (Video)

University of Rochester Ph.D. student Joseph Choi 

Photo Credit:  J. Adam Fenster / University of Rochester

Scientists at the University of Rochester have discovered a way to cloak large objects from sight, using what they call a “Three-dimensional, Transmitting, Continuously Multidirectional Cloaking Device”. Cloaking is the process by which an object becomes hidden from view, while everything else around the cloaked object appears undisturbed. What is most amazing is that the device can be created using inexpensive and readily available technology. The cloaking device requires four specific lenses, but it only cost researchers John Howell and

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