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Study: Having A Team In the Super Bowl Means More Flu-Related Deaths In Your City

As almost every American knows, the championship game of the National Football League (NFL) takes place every year in January or February. In what many consider a national holiday, the game which is best known as the Super Bowl is expected to bring in billions of dollars in business for the NFL and other companies taking advantage of the event. In fact, one study estimates that Americans will purchase and consume over 160 million pounds of chicken wings this weekend.

Loving Family Brings Frozen Kitten Back To Life (GoPro Video)

This past Thanksgiving, Branden Bingham and his family went to Bear Lake outside of Salt Lake City, Utah to enjoy some quality family-time and scenery. On their first night, 12 inches of snow covered the town. The following morning, the family went outside to enjoy the winter wonderland when Branden’s oldest son found a kitten buried in the snow. The kitten had been trapped in the snow all night, and was near death when Branden’s son found him. The family

Stunt Cyclist Rides the Rooftops of Gran Canaria, Spain (GoPro Video)

Daniel “Danny” MacAskill is a professional trial cyclists, from Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. The Scottish rider specializes in street trials, and since 2009 has tallied up over 200 million views on YouTube from his riding films. His films deliver jaw-dropping footage of tricks and stunts that most people wouldn’t even think are possible on a bicycle. In his latest video, MacAskill teamed up with GoPro and took his street riding style to the rooftops of Gran Canaria, Spain. In his run, MacAskill

A 3D-Printing Company Is Making LEGO Heads That Look Just Like Their Customers

Last September, after reporting sales of more than $2 billion for the first half of 2014, LEGO took the title of world’s largest toymaker. The Danish toy company credited much of last year’s success to The LEGO Movie, which brought in over $500 million on its own. On top of making a ton of money from their own feature-length film, LEGO also brought in huge streams of revenue from their toys. Over the years, the company has created hundreds of unique LEGO sets while

Incredible. Disney’s New Four-Wheeled Robot Can Drive On Walls (Video)

Disney Research and ETH Zürich have come together to create a four-wheeled robot called VertiGo that can seemingly defy gravity. Unlike most wheeled machines that are limited to rolling on the ground, VertiGo features two independently steerable propellers that allow the robot to drive on walls. Check out the video below to see the wall-climbing robot in action. The two propellers have their own degrees of freedom for adjusting the direction of thrust — this gives VertiGo the ability to make floor-to-wall transitions. “…thrust

Recent Terror Attacks Prompt US State Department To Issue ‘Worldwide Travel Alert’ For Holiday Season

Earlier this week, the U.S. State Department issued a worldwide travel alert, urging Americans to take caution this holiday season when traveling or gathering in busy public places. According to USA Today, alerts from the State Department are, “usually focused on travel to specific countries for specific reasons.” But this week’s warning was global, encouraging Americans to be on alert for possible terrorist attacks wherever they’re traveling. The warning comes in the wake of numerous terrorist attacks around the world, including a coordinated series of attacks

Awesome. Mini-Fire Tornado Caught On Slow Motion Video

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 2.04.26 PM

In nature, fire tornadoes occur when intense heat and turbulent wind conditions combine to form a whirling fiery vortex. These phenomenons are also referred to as fire devils, fire whirls, or even “firenados”. Since the conditions must be just right for a fire tornado to form, they’re rarely documented or caught on video. That is why Dan and Gavin — better known on YouTube as The Slo Mo Guys — created their own mini-fire tornado using a dozen cheap fans and a small

This New Device Will Allow You To Tattoo Yourself Anywhere, Anytime (Video)

Up until now, getting a quality, safely-produced tattoo required the presence of a professional tattooist and their equipment. But Jakub Pollág, a former Royal College of Art student and current member of Studio Deform, created a portable tattooing device that is easy to use, by anyone, anywhere — potentially changing the way people get tattoos. Check out the video below to see Pollág’s Personal Tattoo Machine in action… “The set contains all the parts necessary to create your image straight away. It is

AMAZING. Watch Two Men Wearing Jet-Packs Fly Alongside A Jet (Video)

In the above video, you can see two jet-pack pilots fly in formation with the world’s largest passenger aircraft (Emirates A380 jet). The jet-pack pilots — Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet of Jetman Dubai — achieved this high-altitude stunt using specially designed jet-propelled wing suits. The jet-packs used in the stunt first debuted in 2006 when Rossy became the first man in history to fly using one. Since his first flight, Rossy and his team have flown all over the world showcasing their incredible high-speed

Newly-Released NASA Photos Show Rocket Explosion In Hi-Def (Photo Gallery)

antares explosion

Last fall, on October 28, 2014, a NASA-contracted cargo resupply rocket known as “Antares” malfunctioned just after takeoff. The malfunction forced safety officials to push a self-destruct button so that the rocket would explode before reaching heights that could put the lives of people near the launch site at risk. More than 5,000 pounds of cargo was lost, millions of dollars worth of equipment was destroyed and NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility launchpad was severely damaged. More importantly, however, no one was injured — the rocket

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