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Record-Breaking 10,000-Room Hotel “Abraj Kudai” Set To Open In Mecca, Saudi Arabia By 2017 (Video)

Abraj Kudai is a five-star hotel currently under construction in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Once completed, the $3 billion complex will be the world’s largest hotel, featuring 10,000 rooms, 70 restaurants, multiple helipads and more, according to CNN. Right now, the world’s largest hotel is the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, which features over 6,000 rooms. Besides having enough rooms to house a small city, the Abraj Kudai will also have five floors strictly for the use of the Saudi

NASA’s New Modular Robotic Vehicle May Change The Way We Drive

NASA’s Modular Robotic Vehicle (MRV), developed at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, was designed for future space missions. But according to, the vehicle… “could change how Earthly vehicles drive as well.” The main secret behind NASA’s creation is the four independent wheel-motors, which allow the MRV to turn more freely than a traditional vehicle and even drive sideways. On top of the unique wheel modules, the MRV boasts other impressive features, like remote driving capabilities and a battery-powered electric motor that allows the vehicle to travel up to

Researchers Identify The World’s First Warm-Blooded Fish (Video)

Image Credit: Popular Science

The first warm-blooded fish has been identified in the Pacific Ocean by researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Traditionally, fish and reptiles are not known to create their own body heat. Instead, they draw heat from their surrounding environment — this is why we call these animals “cold-blooded”. Though some fish can temporarily warm their bodies, up until now full-body endothermy (ie. temperature control) was thought to be exclusive to mammals and birds. But this is no longer the case. According

Colombia Halts All Crop-Dusting Of Coca Fields Despite U.S. Objections

columbia crop spray

For the last few decades, the U.S. and Colombian governments have worked together to help push out rebel groups and drug traffickers in Colombia. Arguably one of the worst drug trafficking countries in the world, Colombia has been a hot spot for violence and the drug trade, which centers around cocaine. Cocaine is made from the coca plant, a crop grown in abundance in Colombia. Because of the crop’s value, many small-scale farmers also grow and sell it illegally to feed their families,

92-Year-Old Female WW2 Pilot Takes Flight For First Time In 70 years (Video)

To mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe earlier this month, 92-year-old English pilot Joy Lofthouse returned to the skies. Lofthouse, who is now likely the oldest woman to ever fly a plane, described the experience as “lovely” and said flying a Spitfire is the closest thing to having wings of your own. Lofthouse formerly flew for the Royal Air Force and was one of only 164 female pilots who got the opportunity to fly Spitfire

Fossil Discovered In China Belongs to Oldest Known Ancestor of Modern Birds

Researchers have discovered fossilized remains of a new species of bird that’s challenging much of what we know about the origin of modern birds. From Time… “The Archaeornithura meemannae lived roughly 130.7 million years ago in northeastern China, about 6 million years before the previously thought origin of modern birds, according to the researchers who published their findings in Nature Communications.”   The fossil has more in common with modern birds than any other found from this era. The new species belongs to the evolutionary branch Ornithuromorpha, which

This 182-Year-Old Tortoise Is Thought To Be World’s Oldest Living Land Creature (Video)

seychelles giant

Researchers in Britain have estimated that a tortoise named Jonathon is at least 182 years old, making him the oldest known land creature alive in the world today. According to The Telegraph… “Born in 1832 at the latest, he has plodded through two world wars and numerous revolutions, outlasting all his human companions. He was even photographed, looking rather elderly, with a prisoner during the Boer War, which ended in 1902.” The tortoise was brought to his current home, the British territory of St.

Stanford’s Tiny “MicroTug” Robot Can Pull Something Nearly 2,000 Times Its Size (Video)

Stanford University’s Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Labs have developed tiny robots — they call them MicroTugs — that can produce an incredible amount of power. According to Popular Science… “Using super-strong adhesives–like the kinds geckos and ants use–the robots can get a tight grip on a surface. The bots then use their onboard motors to haul anything from full coffee mugs to iron weights.” Weighing only a few grams, one MicroTug was able to pull 1,800 times its weight while

Did You Know That Jaguars Can Feed Completely Underwater? (Video)

swimming jaguar

Jaguars are typically known for hunting prey in the dense jungle. However, unlike most cats, jaguars are also rather good swimmers, and will often take to the water to hunt aquatic prey like fish, turtles and even caiman crocodiles. Last week, a video emerged online that shows a jaguar swimming and feeding underwater. According to The Telegraph… “The video, which was originally uploaded to image-sharing site Imgur, quickly racked up more than 2 million views.”   Like many others, Vince Pinto — the YouTube user

Meet SkyRunner: The Dune Buggy That Can Fly (Video)

After three years of development, the folks at Parajet have designed a dune buggy that is capable of taking to the skies. According to Fox News… “It’s powered on the ground and in the air by the 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbocharged motor from the Ford Fiesta subcompact car.” The compact engine is efficient, getting over 50 miles per gallon fuel economy. But it is also powerful — according to the SkyRunner’s website… “Thanks to the lightweight chassis the SkyRunner accelerates to 62mph in just

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