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Food Industry CEOs Pressure UN to Come to ‘Sound’ Climate Change Agreement

The CEOs of a handful of major companies in the food and beverage industry are coming together to urge the United Nations to take full advantage of their conference on climate change later this year in Paris. The companies will run a full-page ad in the Washington Post and Financial Times this week that will serve as an open letter directed towards the UN. According to ABC News, the open letter reads… “We are asking you to embrace the opportunity presented to

This Razor That Uses Lasers Instead of Blades Might Be the Future of Shaving (Video)

As many people know, shaving can be a hassle, often leading to razor burn, cuts, dryness and irritation. But a group of Swedes are trying to change that, recently debuting a new shaving device that cuts hair without using a razor. The unique new device is being marketed on Kickstarter to both men and women, and has already raised more than ten times its funding goal of $160,000. Instead of using actual razor blades, the Skarp razor uses a laser to cut the hair

700 People Lay on the Ground in Lithuania’s Capital to Raise Suicide Awareness (Video)

Although Lithuania is known for its rich history and culture, the country is also haunted by another much darker characteristic: having the highest suicide rate in Europe. For the last couple decades, Lithuania has topped the charts of countries with the highest suicide rates in the world. The small nation is currently averaging around 30 suicides per 100,000 people annually — with a total population of around 3 million, that adds up to roughly 1,000 suicides per year. Although Lithuania has a handful of organizations

NASA Astronauts Are About to Get Upgraded to First Class (Video)

Since retiring the Space Shuttle back in 2011, NASA has had to rely on Russian rockets to shuttle astronauts back and forth from space — an expensive arrangement, considering that in recent missions NASA has paid Russia roughly $70 million per seat on one of their Soyuz spacecrafts. Not only has NASA’s reliance on Russia been a costly endeavor, it also marks the first time in history that the United States has been dependent on another country to transport its astronauts to space. While many people were

Google’s Project Soli Hopes to Bring Gesture Control to Your Mobile Devices (Video)


Google’s Advanced Technologies and Projects (ATAP) group has been working on a new micro-scale radar technology that can recognize the movement and intent of a user’s hand. Once incorporated into a device (like a smartwatch, for example), the new technology will give users the ability to use their hand as a motion controller, replacing more traditional input devices like touch screens. Similar to how gesture-based systems work on gaming consoles (like Nintendo’s Wii or the Microsoft Kinect), Google’s “Project Soli” will allow

Take a First-Person Virtual Ride on the Future’s Fastest and Tallest Dive Coaster (Video)


Cedar Point, an adrenaline junkie heaven and theme park in Sandusky, Ohio, has just announced plans to build what will likely be their best thrill ride yet: the “Valravn Birdseye” roller coaster. The monumental coaster, which will be ready to ride by next summer, will officially break ten world records when it finally opens. Check out the video below to see an aerial view of a virtual replica of the Valravn… The new ride’s name comes from a supernatural raven in a Danish

Can You Land SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Rocket Successfully? (Free Online Game)

spacex game copy

As you may have heard, the privately-owned aerospace company SpaceX has been having trouble achieving its goal of completing the first powered landing of a reusable rocket. So far, SpaceX has made three attempts at landing their Falcon 9 first stage fuel rocket on a floating platform in the ocean. Unfortunately, all three attempts have ended with the same result: an exploding rocket. Since landing a reusable rocket has never been done before, the first attempt back in January had many people excited. The rocket came in

GoPro Found Two Years After Falling From the Edge of Space (Video)

In 2013, a group of friends started a project to make a unique video of the Grand Canyon. Their plan was to attach a GoPro camera to a weather ballon, launch the balloon over the canyon and get some pretty unique aerial footage. In order to do this successfully, the crew needed a few things — for starters, a quality weather balloon that could reach high altitudes before popping. Secondly, the crew needed a camera that could handle the high altitude chills and

Ballantine’s “Space Glass”: The First Whiskey That Can Be Used In Microgravity (Video)

Now that we have sent whiskey to the International Space Station, it only makes sense that someone would take the spotlight by engineering a whiskey drinking glass for space. The folks at Scottish spirits company Ballantine have done just that, creating the first whiskey glass that can be used in microgravity. Check out Ballantine’s promotional video for their new “Space Glass” below… Although the Ballantine’s Space Glass seems ready for action, the whiskey currently aboard the ISS is for science experiments,

Tens of Thousands Forced to Evacuate Their Homes As Severe Floods Hit Japan

Family forced to evacuate  home due to recent rainfall in Japan.

Recent heavy rains over eastern Japan have led to widespread flooding, forcing tens of thousands of people to abandon their homes. Three people have died as a result of the flooding, 25 people have been reported missing and hundreds are still seeking rescue. The city of Joso — located in the Ibaraki Prefecture in central Japan — has likely taken the hardest hit: the torrential rains caused the nearby Kinugawa River to overflow, leading to massive flooding and landslides throughout the city. The intense rising water has also

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