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Powerlace – “The Very First Auto-Lacing Shoe” (Video)

A new shoe that claims to be the world’s first “auto-lacing” shoe has gotten some buzz lately. According to… “…the auto-lacing relies solely on a lever, cables, and the weight of your own foot — no batteries, motors, gears, or springs. Furthermore, the lever and cables virtually don’t add extra weight to the shoe.”   Check out the video below to see how the technology works… According to the Powerlace website… “The mere insertion of the foot automatically engages the lacing

Glowing Worms: Nature Photographer Wonders If He’s Discovered A New Species

Credit: Jeff Cremer

Nature photographer Jeff Cremer has been all around the world taking photographs. His spectacular work has been featured in National Geographic, Yahoo, BBC and more, but his best capture may have been a few years ago, when he discovered a strange “glowing worm” that just might be a newly uncovered species. After first noticing the unique glowing worm in the soil during a night walk near his camp in the Peruvian rainforest, Cremer was able to uncover some of the half-inch worms and

Watch A Semi-Truck Make An Epic Jump Over A Formula One Car (Video)

Recently, IT storage specialist EMC teamed up with the Lotus Formula-1 Team to help provide cloud storage and other information technologies that are, “fostering game-changing advances in trackside performance”. Earlier this week, EMC demonstrated their strong partnership with Lotus F1 by teaming up with them to set a world-record: the first ever jump of a semi-truck over a speeding Formula 1 car. Lotus F1 and EMC undertook the project to demonstrate how they “Redefine Motorsports”. EMC, who employs over 60,000 employees world-wide, describes themselves as… “A global

The “Brockettship” – The World’s First Circular Keyboard (Video)


Boston-based PianoArc prides itself on its innovative and creative keyboard designs. The “Brockettship” is the world’s first “circular keyboard controller”, according to its designers. This reinvented version of the piano offers more keys and freedom of play. According to PianoArc… “The “Brockettship” [was] used by Brockett Parsons on the Lady Gaga Born This Way 2012-2013 tour. We strive to re-imagine the world of keyboard performance and deliver ground breaking, performance grade keyboard creations.”   The PinaoArc team consists of innovative technicians,

The Belt That Offers A Solution to Your Low Phone Battery Problems (Video)

A new belt that offers a fashionable look as well as an innovative technological function has been causing a bit of a buzz recently. The “XOO Belt” (pronounced “zoo”) has a unique belt buckle that hosts a battery, allowing the wearer to charge their cell phone or other mobile device. According to the people at XOO… “It looks, feels and weighs about the same as a really nice belt… but comes with a mighty 2,100mAh of hidden charge and can charge pretty much

Find Out How This Bear Was Caught In This Viral Photo (Video)

bear camera

Last month, an incredible photograph of a bear examining and seemingly using a tripod-mounted camera in southeastern British Columbia went viral. For a wildlife photographer, whose goal is to capture animals up close and personal, an epic shot like this can be a once in a lifetime opportunity. But how exactly was a photograph like this taken? Especially when the bear appears to be in charge of the camera? Well, earlier this month wildlife photographers Dianne Ethier, Heidi Henke, and Jim Lawrence (the

Family Sentenced To Death For “Honor Killing” of Pregnant Bride In Pakistan

A 25-year-old pregnant woman in Pakistan was murdered by four of her own family members earlier this year. The attacks were fueled by her family’s outrage after she married without their consent. The event took place in front of the local high court. Reports say 20 to 30 people from both the husband and the wife’s sides of the family were involved in the attack. The victim, Farzana Iqbal, was seeking help at the courthouse when she was attacked and beat to death with bricks.

Snorkeling Couple Takes Us Underwater to Swim With Humpback Whales (GoPro Video)

Ever wonder what it would be like to snorkel up close and personal with a humpback whale? Well, snorkelers Cecil and Mallory Johnson recently teamed up with GoPro to do just that. Humpback whales often live near coastlines and feed mainly on plankton, krill (a small crustacean closely related to shrimp) and small fish. An average-sized humpback consumes anywhere from 2,000-3,000 pounds of food per day during feeding season! Humpbacks are also known for their incredible ability to produce “whale calls”, sequences of moans, cries and

“Memorial Diamonds”: Diamonds Made From Human Cremation Ashes

Algordanza, a Swiss-made diamond company, offers a unique and elegant way of memorializing our loved ones who have passed. Utilizing a highly complex manufacturing process, Algordanza produces “Memorial Diamonds” out of the carbon contained in human cremation ashes. The human body is roughly 18% carbon. After cremation, 2% of that carbon remains – this is the carbon that is captured in the memorial diamonds. According to BoredPanda… “It all begins with a chemical process that extracts the carbon from the departed’s ashes.

Plans to Clone A Woolly Mammoth Spark Debate Within the Scientific Community (Poll)

South Korean biotech company Sooam sparked fierce debate within the scientific community earlier this week when they announced a proposal for the possible cloning of a recently discovered woolly mammoth specimen. The scientists working at Sooam believe the extinct Mammuthus can be brought back to life using the DNA of the well-preserved mammoth specimen, which was found buried in the Siberian snow last May. Insung Hwang, a geneticist at Sooam, said he believes this is an “achievable goal”, one that he hopes to, “make

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