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Salt Water-Powered Lamp Could be Essential for the Developing World

With roughly 20% of the world’s population lacking electricity, providing low-cost and creative illumination solutions has become the focus of many entrepreneurs/innovators from around the world. Developed by Aisa Mijeno, a faculty member at De La Salle University in the Philippines, the Salt Lamp can provide up to 8 hours of light using a single glass of salt water. This unique source of fuel makes the product a great alternative to kerosene/battery powered lamps and candles. Web Urbanist reports: “Currently, many households

China’s “Golden Reel”: The World’s First Figure-Eight Ferris Wheel (Video)

Workers have just completed construction on a new attraction in Macau, China that is sparking excitement from tourists all over the world. The “Golden Reel” is a figure-eight ferris wheel developed by Studio City Macau, an enormous $3 billion casino located in Macau’s Cotai Strip. The unique ride is the first of its kind. Towering 425 feet (130 meters) above the ground, the Golden Reel also holds the title for the highest ferris wheel in all of Asia. And what better place to

A DIY Wi-Fi Router Project That Helps Users Hide Their Exact Location Just Got Mysteriously Halted

Ben Caudill, an online security specialist and founder of Rhino Security Labs, created a tool that helps online users keep their exact physical location anonymous. But just a month before the device was set to debut to the public, the project abruptly halted — all finished products were destroyed, and little information was given to the public as to why. The device, known as ProxyHam, is essentially a “hardware proxy” that allows users to relay their internet connection (using a 900 megahertz radio connection)

New York City Is Converting Trash Bins Into Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

At the end of last year, BigBelly, the world leader in smart waste and recycling solutions, teamed up with New York’s Downtown Alliance to begin converting their “smart” waste bins into free Wi-Fi hotspots. According to CityLab… “The project began in downtown Manhattan, where more than 170 of Bigbelly’s solar powered “smart” bins have already been installed. Each container is equipped with a chip that detects when the bin is full or too smelly, allowing trash collectors to make a

Adidas Has Created a Shoe Made Entirely Out of Recycled Trash from the Ocean

recycled adidas

Roughly 9 million tons of plastic waste make it into the world’s oceans every year, and some studies suggest that number could be ten times larger by 2025 if we fail to take serious action. In an effort to raise awareness about the growing plastic pollution problem, Adidas has partnered with the environmental activist group Parley for the Oceans. According to Adidas… “Parley for the Oceans is an organization in which creators, thinkers and leaders come together to raise awareness

Would You Stay a Night in One of Peru’s Skylodge Adventure Suites? (Video)

Considered the center-point of the ancient Incan Empire, the Urubamba Valley in Cusco, Peru, was created by the Urubamba River in the Andes mountain range. The valley, which is commonly referred to as the the Sacred Valley, has a rich history and beautiful views that have made it an international hotspot for tourists. A company called Natura Vive, located in the heart of the Sacred Valley, offers tourists an experience they won’t forget. To start, the Peruvian company gives visitors of all

Hawaii Becomes The First State To Ban Plastic Bags At Grocery Stores

With growing concerns about pollution on our planet, many people have made a significant push to clean up their cities in an effort to improve the environment and reduce waste. Hawaii joined the cause earlier this week by becoming the first U.S. state to fully ban plastic bags at grocery stores. According to Huffington Post… “Plastic isn’t biodegradable, and the United States is one of the biggest contributors to ocean garbage patches, often described as floating islands of trash. Even

Lexus Unveils A New Hoverboard, But Does It Actually Work? (Video)

For years, extreme-sports athletes, casual skateboard riders, and Back to the Future fans have prayed for the arrival of a real hoverboard. While boards have been designed that can hover over water or certain magnetic surfaces, the demand for a rideable hoverboard that can move like a skateboard and travel over any surface has not been met. However, a board recently unveiled by Lexus has a lot of people wondering if a legit hoverboard has finally arrived. Lexus is currently campaigning four “In Motion” projects to

Watch: 7 Chinese Students Complete 200 Rope Skips In a Minute In Perfect Unison (Video)

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 9.57.15 AM

A video of a group of primary school children jumping rope with incredible synchronization has recently gone viral. The video features nine Chinese students: seven students packed tightly together (in the jumper position), with two of their classmates rapidly swinging a jump rope in wide arcs around them. The students managed to complete an impressive 200 jumps in just one minute. Check out the video below to see a group of students jump rope 200 times in one minute… As mesmerizing

The “Seawolf”: A Remote Control Submarine For Your GoPro (Video)

With GoPro cameras becoming increasingly popular over the past few years, a growing number of companies have started to design aerial drones for people looking to take their GoPro to the sky. But what about people who want to explore underwater? That’s what the folks at TTRobotix were thinking about when they designed what may be the most GoPro compatible remote control submarine on the market today. The craft, known as the “Seawolf”, measures two feet in length. At just over 15 pounds, the miniature sub is heavy enough to

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