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Awesome. Mini-Fire Tornado Caught On Slow Motion Video

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 2.04.26 PM

In nature, fire tornadoes occur when intense heat and turbulent wind conditions combine to form a whirling fiery vortex. These phenomenons are also referred to as fire devils, fire whirls, or even “firenados”. Since the conditions must be just right for a fire tornado to form, they’re rarely documented or caught on video. That is why Dan and Gavin — better known on YouTube as The Slo Mo Guys — created their own mini-fire tornado using a dozen cheap fans and a small

This New Device Will Allow You To Tattoo Yourself Anywhere, Anytime (Video)

Up until now, getting a quality, safely-produced tattoo required the presence of a professional tattooist and their equipment. But Jakub Pollág, a former Royal College of Art student and current member of Studio Deform, created a portable tattooing device that is easy to use, by anyone, anywhere — potentially changing the way people get tattoos. Check out the video below to see Pollág’s Personal Tattoo Machine in action… “The set contains all the parts necessary to create your image straight away. It is

AMAZING. Watch Two Men Wearing Jet-Packs Fly Alongside A Jet (Video)

In the above video, you can see two jet-pack pilots fly in formation with the world’s largest passenger aircraft (Emirates A380 jet). The jet-pack pilots — Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet of Jetman Dubai — achieved this high-altitude stunt using specially designed jet-propelled wing suits. The jet-packs used in the stunt first debuted in 2006 when Rossy became the first man in history to fly using one. Since his first flight, Rossy and his team have flown all over the world showcasing their incredible high-speed

Newly-Released NASA Photos Show Rocket Explosion In Hi-Def (Photo Gallery)

antares explosion

Last fall, on October 28, 2014, a NASA-contracted cargo resupply rocket known as “Antares” malfunctioned just after takeoff. The malfunction forced safety officials to push a self-destruct button so that the rocket would explode before reaching heights that could put the lives of people near the launch site at risk. More than 5,000 pounds of cargo was lost, millions of dollars worth of equipment was destroyed and NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility launchpad was severely damaged. More importantly, however, no one was injured — the rocket

Pelican Learns To Fly And Fish With Help From A Human Friend (GoPro Video)

Early last year, former Nomad Tanzania safari mangers Jeffrey Condon and his wife Kerrie Condon took in a baby pelican that had washed ashore during a storm, alone and distressed. The couple nursed the baby pelican back to health and named him “Bigbird”. Being nearly 100 miles from the nearest flock of pelicans, releasing Bigbird into the wild on his own was not an option. Instead, the couple had no choice but to raise Bigbird and prepare him for the

Snowboarder Saves Stranded Horse In Chilean Mountains After Blizzard (GoPro Video)


On his 21st birthday, University of Colorado environmental science student Rafael Pease took a trip to El Colorado, Chile to go snowboarding. With intentions of enjoying some fresh powder after the first storm of the season, Pease took to the mountain with a friend, geared up and ready to go. Soon into their ride, Pease noticed a stranded horse in the distance. To investigate the situation, the riders unstrapped from their equipment and hiked to the abandoned animal to see

See The World’s Rarest Whale Caught On Camera For The First Time Ever (Video)

Image Credit: Dr. Salvatore Cerchio of the New England Aquarium

In 2003, scientists identified a rare and distinct species of whale — known as Omura’s whales (Balaenoptera omurai) — using DNA found in several dead specimens from around the world. From these specimens, scientists were able to determine that the unique species ranged in length from 33 to 38 feet (10 to 11.6 meters), had deep grooves along their throats and were unevenly colored. Until recently, however, many people believed that Omura’s whales were extinct because no confirmed sighting of a living

Wilson’s New “Smart” Basketball Tracks Your Shooting Percentage and More (Video)

wilson x

The world’s first attachment-free “smart” basketball has just hit the shelves, offering basketball players a new way to elevate their training. Using an embedded sensor, the Wilson X Connected Basketball and app can track your shots, analyze your performance and more. Check out the “Wilson X Connected” Basketball’s promo video below… Not only can the ball track your makes/misses and calculate your shot percentage, it can also break down your shots by distance so that you know which range you shoot well

This New Disney Coloring Book Brings Your Child’s Illustrations To Life (Video)

Earlier this month, Disney showcased some new augmented reality technology that enables coloring book drawings to come to life. After coloring in a picture, kids can use Disney’s coloring book app to see their illustrations jump off the page through the powers of animation. The 3D version of the character is textured in real-time based on the user’s coloring — as you color in your 2D drawing, the augmented 3D version fills in at the same time. Also, since typical coloring book pages are

Watch What Happens When You Add Dye to a Floating Water Droplet (Video)

iss dye blob

A few months ago, NASA astronauts made a video on the International Space Station showing what happens when you put an Alka-Seltzer tablet into a floating water droplet. The video went viral and had viewers fascinated watching the chemical reaction occur in the weightlessness of space. Earlier this month, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly — who is currently on a historic twelve-month mission aboard the ISS — took the experiment a step further by adding blue and green food coloring to another floating water

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