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Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About “Horsepower”

Every time the newest model of truck or car comes out, the car manufacturers loves to tell you how much “horsepower” the vehicle has, conjuring up visions of muscular stallions galloping through the countryside. But I put the term “horsepower” in quotes because these visions are misleading. See, in our modern world, horsepower is simply a scientific unit that we accept as a standard. But to understand what it actually means, you have to understand where it actually comes from. The

The Controversial Origins of Labor Day

On the first Monday of every September, we take a day off to honor the social and economic achievements of American workers and pay tribute to the contributions they make towards the prosperity of our great country. There are conflicting reports, however, as to who actually proposed the original idea for Labor Day. For many years, it was believed that the holiday was proposed in 1882 by Peter J. McGuire, general secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners (one of the

This Recovered ISIS Laptop Includes Plans for A Bubonic Plague Bomb, Among Other Things

Back in January, a group of moderate Syrian rebels raided an ISIS hideout in the Syrian province of Idlib, not far from the Turkish border. Though they didn’t find massive heaps of guns or cash, they did find something that may prove to be much more valuable: a laptop left behind one of the Islamic State fighters. Earlier this week, Abu Ali, the commander of the group that led the raid, handed over the laptop to reporters from Foreign Policy. The contents

“Ukrainian Spider-Man” Uses Stalinist Tower In Daring Anti-Putin Protest

An urban free-climber who calls himself “Mustang Wanted” has admitted to a very creative form of protest vandalism. A little over a week ago, Mustang Wanted (who is based out of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev) visited Moscow to make a political statement. In the early morning hours of Wednesday, August 20th, he scaled the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, one of Moscow’s most iconic Stalin-era skyscrapers. At the top of the building is a massive Soviet star emblazoned with the hammer and sickle (a symbol which

Read the Chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory That Never Got Published

50 years after Roald Dahl published arguably his most famous book, the Guardian has released a lost chapter of the book that Dahl decided not to include in the final story. The chapter, which comes from a 1961 draft of the book, takes place in the VANILLA FUDGE ROOM of Willy Wonka’s magical chocolate factory. The main feature of the room: a, “colossal jagged mountain,” made up entirely of, “pale-brown, creamy, vanilla fudge.” The chapter also reveals that initially, Dahl planned to have as many

U.S. Announces Plans to Send Tanks and Troops to Eastern Europe

Following reports earlier this week of over 1,000 Russian troops and more than 100 Russian tanks crossing over into Ukraine, the U.S. has announced plans to send American tanks and troops to participate in military drills alongside the United States’ NATO allies. About 600 troops from the 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division (also known as the “Iron Horse brigade”) will deploy from their base in Fort Hood, Texas in October. But unlike the 173rd Airborne Brigade troops that they are replacing (on

This GoPro Survived a Failed Rocket Test. Here’s the Epic Footage (Video)

Ever wondered what it looks like at the bottom of a rocket during an engine malfunction? Well, thanks to GoPro, now you know: Copenhagen Suborbitals (who owns the rocket in the gif above) is a Danish, ameteur based non-profit aerospace organization. Their main goal (right now at least) is to launch a human into space and return them home safely. Recently, the company was carrying out a test of its HEAT-2X rocket, and decided to use a GoPro HERO3 camera to capture the action

This Amazing Ant Behavior Is Leaving Even Ant Experts Dumbfounded (Video)

Recently, a video surfaced of ants doing something quite amazing: forming multiple daisy chains to pull a massive centipede (presumably back towards their colony). Check out the amazing video below: According to Terry McGlynn, an Entomologist at Cal State University at Dominguez Hills, the video shows a species of Leptogenys ant somewhere in southeast Asia. What really shocked McGlynn about the video was that even ant experts had never witnessed this particular behavior before. Don’t get me wrong, ants have a long history

Russian Army Wives Demand Answers About Their Incognito Husbands

Yesterday, the U.S. State Department confirmed that over 1,000 Russian troops and armored vehicles had crossed the border into Ukraine and engaged in the fighting there. Despite satellite imagery released by NATO showing the Russian forces, Russian President Vladimir Putin is still denying that the troops and weaponry are of Russian origin. Now, even people within Russia want some answers. Yesterday, several dozen mothers and wives gathered outside of a Russian military base in Kostroma, about 200 miles north of Moscow. The women

India’s RICE Bucket Challenge Just Totally Nailed It

The ALS ice bucket challenge has become a global phenomenon this summer, with people dumping buckets full of water and ice on their heads to raise awareness and funding for ALS. Now, India has adopted the challenge, adding their own spin: instead of filling the buckets with ice and water, they fill them with rice. And instead of dumping the bucket over their heads, they give the bucket of rice to a person in need. The new challenge was started by

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