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Chinese Firm Unveils “World’s Tallest 3D-Printed Building” (Video)

3d printed apartment

The Shanghai-based construction firm WinSun Decoration Design Engineering recently unveiled the latest example of their impressive 3D printing capabilities: a five-story apartment building believed to be the tallest 3D-printed building in the world. The printer’s “ink” is a mixture of recycled construction waste and cement, which reduces construction costs significantly. Last spring, WinSun showed off its printing capabilities by printing 10 one-room houses in just 24 hours. According to the firm, construction costs were only $4,800 per house. But the apartment building wasn’t the only

World Champion Ice Climber Becomes First Person to Climb Up Niagara Falls (Video)

niagara ice climb

Earlier this week, Canadian ice climber Will Gadd made history by becoming the first person to scale Niagara Falls. Over the years, a number of bold adventurers have dared to ride down Niagara Falls, but  Gadd decided to turn this idea on its head, choosing instead to climb up the famous falls. For his climb, he chose to tackle Terrapin Point: a 147-foot tall section of frozen cliff located directly adjacent to Horseshoe Falls. Fast Fact: Niagara Falls is made up of two separate sets of waterfalls.

Apple’s $18 Billion In Profits Last Quarter Is the Most Ever Reported By A Public Company

apple earnings feat

Apple investors celebrated on Tuesday afternoon, after the company announced that its earnings for last quarter had smashed Wall Street’s expectations. In the last three months of 2014, Apple raked in $74.6 billion of revenue, making approximately $18.04 billion in profits. The ridiculously lucrative quarter was the most profitable quarter ever reported by a public company. The previous record-holder was Russia’s state-owned oil and gas company Gazprom, which posted profits of $16.24 billion back in 2011. The massive profits were driven in large part

Astronomers Witness “Tidal Disruption Event” – A Black Hole Tearing A Star Apart (Video)

tidal disruption

Back in 2009, astronomers at the McDonald Observatory in west Texas were scanning the skies with the ROTSE IIIb telescope when suddenly, a bright flash of light appeared out of deep space. The astronomers, who were working as part of the ROTSE Supernova Verification Project (SNVP), had witnessed similar events before, and initially believed that the bright flash was simply a superluminous supernovae – an event they had seen on a number of previous occasions. But as time passed and the astronomers collected more data on

Ecuador Has Lifted 1.5 Million Out of Poverty In 8 Years Under President Rafael Correa

correa feat

This past Friday (1/22), the Ecuadorean National Secretariat for Planning and Development announced that approximately 1.5 million Ecuadoreans have been lifted out of poverty since 2007. The accomplishment is a testament to the impressive job President Rafael Correa has done since taking office in January of 2007. Correa, who was born into a working class family in Guayaquil (Ecuador’s largest city), campaigned on a platform of drastic social reforms. But unlike many politicians these days, Correa has actually followed through on the

WikiLeaks Fights Back After Discovering Google Gave FBI Full Access to Staff Gmail Accounts

google wikileaks

Back in 2012, the FBI issued a warrant to Google demanding access to the Gmail accounts of three key WikiLeaks staffers. According to The Guardian, “The wide-ranging scope of the order meant that all email content, including deleted emails, drafts, place and time of login, plus contact lists and all emails sent and received by the three targets – for the entire history of their email account up to the date of the order – had to be handed over to the

Study: There’s Millions of Dollars Worth of Gold, Silver and Other Metals in Our Sewage


Lots of things flow into our sewers – food, drinks and whatever else we throw down the sink, runoff from storms, chemicals from industrial processes, and of course, human waste. But our sewage also contains something you might not expect: millions of dollars worth of copper, silver, gold, platinum and other valuable metals. After sewage is processed in a treatment facility, it leaves behind a think goo known as sludge. By running this sludge through a spectrometer (an instrument that is able to identify

The Self-Powered Liquid-Proof Keyboard That Recognizes You By Your Unique Typing Style

Credit: Rob Felt

In the past few months, a number of high-profile cases have shown that even large corporations with complex security systems aren’t always safe from cyber criminals. Hackers are constantly phishing for sensitive information like usernames, credit card info and, of course, passwords. And since many people (and companies) use the same passwords for multiple different accounts, it often takes just one stolen password to break into a computer or network. But what if someone could know your password, have access to your computer, and still

Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Has Passed Away

Photo via

The streets of Saudi Arabia were uncharacteristically quiet today as Muslim worshippers headed to the mosques for Friday morning prayers. The somber mood was a response to the news that their King, Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, had passed away. Abdullah had been running the country since his brother – former Saudi King Fahd bin Abdulaziz – suffered a debilitating stroke in 1995. The Suadi Royal Court made the announcement of his death in a statement early on Friday, saying, “With great sorrow and grief

China Just Abolished Conviction Quotas, But Will It Lower Their 99.9% Conviction Rate?

china conviction rate

Last March, Zhou Qiang, head of China’s Supreme People’s Court, gave his annual report to the National People’s Congress (the legislative body of China’s government). Qiang told the Congress that out of the 1.16 million verdicts handed down in 2013, only 825 were acquittals – a 99.93% conviction rate. According to the Japan Times, “Abuses are widespread in China’s legal system, where police routinely coerce confessions. Rights groups say that Chinese courts are politically controlled and their rulings are often affected by government

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