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New Study Estimates That 9 out of Every 10 Seabirds Have Plastic In Their Gut

seabird plastic

Every year, roughly 9 million tons of plastic ends up in the world’s oceans. It would be bad enough if that plastic was just polluting the water, but unfortunately, a lot of it ends up getting eaten by unsuspecting wildlife who mistake it for food. This problem has become an epidemic for birds. A new study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences earlier this week estimates that up to 90 percent of the world’s seabirds have pieces of

Obama Rails Against Climate Change In Alaska After Allowing Shell to Resume Arctic Drilling

obama climate alaska

On Monday morning (Aug. 31), President Barack Obama kicked off a 3-day conference in Alaska by delivering a strong and at times ominous speech about the dangers of climate change. “The time to heed the critics and the cynics and the deniers is past,” the president said, adding that if the global community doesn’t take bold steps to combat climate change right now, we will, “condemn our children to a world they will no longer have the capacity to repair.”  Obama warned that unless the

For the First Time In Recorded History, There Are 3 Category 4 Hurricanes In the Pacific

hurricanes copy

If you were thinking about taking a sailing trip in the Pacific any time soon, you might want to hold off for a bit. That’s because over the weekend, three separate Category 4 hurricanes (wind speed: 130-156 mph) formed over the waters of the Eastern and Central Pacific Ocean. The three hurricanes — named Kilo, Ignacio, and Jimena — are unlikely to hit the U.S. coast. They are, however, making weather history: never before in recorded history have three Category 4 hurricanes

Deep Neural Network Learns How to ‘Paint’ Like Van Gogh and Other Famous Artists (Video)

starry night

Back in June, Google released a series of rather trippy computer-generated images created by its image recognition neural network. The images — dubbed “the dreams of machines” by a number of media outlets — were created by feeding images into the neural network and then having it recognize and accentuate certain features. As the process is repeated more and more times, the image becomes increasingly strange. In the image below, for example, the network was fed a painting of a knight on horseback and directed to look for animals

The Associated Press Is Suing the FBI Over Its Use of Fake News Stories

fbi fake news

In the summer of 2007, police in Thurston County, Washington contacted the FBI after a local high school received a series of anonymous bomb threats. To catch the culprit, the FBI decided to create a fake news article about the bomb threats. The article was made to look like it came from The Seattle Times and was even given a byline crediting the story to the Associated Press. An FBI agent then used a fake email account to send the fake article to a MySpace account belonging to the

Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Greek Palace Dating Back More than 3500 Years

spartan palace

For the past six years, a team of archaeologists has been slowly and methodically excavating an area near the famed city of Sparta in southern Greece. The site has been a gold mine of historical texts and artifacts, including a document called Linear B that currently holds the title for the oldest script ever discovered in Europe. Earlier this week, the archaeologists made yet another impressive find. On Tuesday, the Greek Cultural Ministry announced that the team had uncovered the remains of a palace that was built during

How Donald Trump Is Exploiting the Myth of “Crime Prone” Immigrants

trump ramos

Donald Trump made headlines yet again this week after getting into a verbal sparring match with Jorge Ramos, one of the most well-known Latino journalists in the United States. On Tuesday night, the Univison reporter was escorted out of a press conference after Trump refused to answer his questions on immigration, something Trump says he did because Ramos spoke out of turn. “Go back to Univision,” Trump said at one point during the brief quarrel. After spending a few unpleasant minutes in the hallway (where an angry

Classified Report Reveals the True Death Toll of Russian Soldiers In Ukraine

russia soldier death toll

Since the conflict in Ukraine began last spring, Russian President Vladimir Putin has done everything he can to hide his country’s involvement. Despite satellite imagery showing Russian military columns crossing the border, Putin has doggedly denied his country’s role in supporting pro-Russian rebels in the eastern part of Ukraine. In May, he even went so far as to decree that all deaths of military personnel would be considered state secrets. But while Putin has been publicly denying the existence of Russian troops in Ukraine, Kremlin

North Dakota Approves Use of Armed Drones By Police After Lobbyist Gets Involved

ND drones

Police in North Dakota are now legally authorized to use drones armed with “non-lethal” weapons, like tasers, tear-gas, bean bags and rubber bullets. The law that gave them this authorization, House Bill 1328, was never intended to make weaponized drones legal. Its original purpose was actually to ensure that police had to obtain warrants before using drones for surveillance. In fact, the initial draft of the bill explicitly banned the use of all weapons on police drones. But before HB 1328 could make it to North

Google Has the Power to Decide the Next Presidential Election. Here’s How

google SEME

When you want to look something up on the internet, where do you go? For more than 75 percent of Americans, the answer to that question is Google (globally the number is closer to 90 precent). And after you’ve hit the search button, how many links do you actually check out? Research shows that half of us will only click the first two links, and less than 10 percent of us will make it past the first page of search results. When you consider these numbers, it’s hard to deny that Google’s

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