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The Newest Big Thing From Coke Is… Premium Milk??

fairlife feat

Over the years, Coke has tried out a number of creative ideas aimed at growing their customer base. Some ideas, like Cherry Coke, enjoyed long-term success. Others, like coffee-flavored Coca-Cola BlāK, didn’t go so well. But Coke’s newest product is pretty out there – even for the makers of the “OK Soda“. This past December, Coke stepped into the dairy industry, rolling out a “premium milk” called Fairlife. What makes it premium? According to Coke, Fairlife milk has 50% more protein, 30% more calcium and 50% less sugar than

Federal and Local Agents Raid Texas Secessionist Meeting… Over A Misdemeanor?

tx secessionist raid

Earlier this month, a Texas secessionist organization got a bit of a surprise during their Valentine’s Day meeting: a raid carried out by more than 20 officers, both local and federal. For the past two decades, the group “Republic of Texas” has been meeting regularly with one sole purpose in mind: seceding from the United States to make Texas its own independent nation once again. Republic of Texas maintains a small working government, complete with its own congress, courts and official currency. Though the

Bionic Eye Allows Man to See His Wife for the First Time in 10 Years (Video)

bionic eye

20 years ago, Allen Zderad was forced to leave his job as a chemist after being diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease that affects the part of the retina that converts light into images. Zdera’s vision began to rapidly deteriorate, and within 10 years of the diagnosis he was all but blind. Then, a few years ago, Zderad and his wife heard about a groundbreaking new “bionic eye” program at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. The couple was approached by Raymond Iezzi Jr.,

Scientists Call for Urgent Investigation As More Mysterious Craters Appear In Siberia

siberian craters feat

Last July, scientists discovered a mysterious crater on the Yamal peninsula in northern Siberia. Within a week, scientists had uncovered two more similar craters in the region. Since then, four more craters have been catalogued in Siberia, bringing the official total to seven. But researchers think the actual number may be much higher than that: “I am sure that there are more craters on Yamal, we just need to search for them… I suppose there could be 20 to 30 craters more,”

Obama Aid: My “Biggest Failure” of 2014 Was Not Securing Disclosure of UFO Files

podesta feat

John Podesta has a long-standing fascination with all things extraterrestrial. Podesta, who resigned from his position as a senior adviser for President Obama earlier this month, recently posted a series of tweets reflecting on some of his best memories and biggest regrets from 2014. Among them was this tweet, which immediately created a buzz amongst UFO enthusiasts: Podesta, who served as President Clinton’s chief of staff from 1998-2001, became a vocal advocate for UFO disclosure after leaving that post. In 2002, at a conference organized

Putin Says War With Ukraine Is Unlikely As Fighting Continues Despite Ceasefire

ukraine fighting

In a televised interview earlier today, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that war with Ukraine is unlikely. “I think that such an apocalyptic scenario is unlikely and I hope this will never happen,”   Putin told a reporter with Russia’s state-owned TV company. In the interview, Putin reiterated his support for the Minsk agreement (a ceasefire deal brokered in Belarus earlier this month), saying that it was the best way to stabilize eastern Ukraine. The region has been ravaged by conflict since last February, when pro-Russian separatist forces

Spider Silk Just Lost Its Title As Nature’s Strongest Fiber

limpet teeth

When it comes to the countless engineering feats of nature, spider silk is definitely near the top of the list. In 2010, a group of researchers measured the tensile strength of the Darwin’s bark spider at a whopping 1,652 MPa (mega-pascals). Tungsten – Earth’s strongest natural metal – has a tensile strength of just 1,510 Mpa. But spider silk’s time as nature’s strongest known fiber seems to have come to an end. Last week, a team of scientists from the School of Engineering and Materials Science

The Coolest Places on Earth: Mendenhall Ice Caves – Juneau, Alaska (Photos)

ice caves

The Mendenhall Glacier, located in the Mendenhall Valley about 12 miles outside of Juneau, is one of Alaska’s most impressive natural wonders. But to reach the actual ice caves, which are located inside Mendenhall Glacier, visitors have to kayak out to the glacier and then tackle an ice climb over its outer edges. But its hard to argue that the journey isn’t worth it. Check out some photos of the breathtaking ice caves below:

X-Prize: From Private Space Race to Tackling Some of the World’s Biggest Problems


What started as an ambitious plan to spur the private space industry has blossomed into a powerful tool for sparking innovation and affecting large-scale change around the world. Launched in 1996, the X-Prize Foundation uses a contest model to incentivize major technological advancements. The Foundation’s initial contest, the Ansari X-Prize, led to the development of SpaceShipOne, which completed the first privately funded spaceflight in 2004. Since then, the Foundation has expanded, applying their innovative model to all sorts of issues,

Read the 111-Year-Old Sherlock Holmes Story That Was Just Found In a Scotland Attic

sherlock holmes

In 1904, a group of locals from the Scottish town of Selkirk put together a 48-page collection of short stories. The collection was part of an effort to raise funds to replace a nearby bridge that had been destroyed by flooding two years earlier. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a Scotsman himself, made regular visits to the town of Selkirk, and the bridge that was destroyed there was said to be one of his favorites. So when he heard about the collection, which the locals

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