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FMX Legend Makes History By Surfing the Waves of Tahiti on His Dirt Bike (Video)

robbie maddison

Australian Robbie Maddison has made a career out of performing mind-blowing stunts on his dirt bike. But after nearly two decades of death-defying land-based stunts, Maddison decided to shift his focus elsewhere: “My mind started wandering. I’ve always been fascinated by the way water moves around boats and the way wakeboarding happens. I’d seen quad bikes move over water, and I knew with the right speed and the right skis on the bike, water has enough surface tension that I should be able

52 International Skydivers Break “Head Up” Formation World Record (Video)

As if skydiving wasn’t intense enough, last year an international group of 52 skydivers set a new world record for the “head up” skydiving formation. According to Business Insider… “An amazing video has emerged of 52 skydivers setting a new world record for a ‘Head Up’ flight formation over Phoenix, AZ, US. The footage is shot by participant Zachary R. Sabel using a helmet-mounted camera.”   The stunt was certainly impressive, using three different planes to carry skydivers from countries like

LG Just Unveiled A Ridiculously Thin “Wallpaper TV”. But Is It For Real?

wallpaper tv2

Earlier this month LG unveiled a 55-inch super-thin and flexible television screen. Measuring less than a millimeter thick, the new TV is so light that it can be attached to the wall using only small magnets. Although many people and are now demanding one of their own, the new LG product is still in development and may never make it past the proof-of-concept stage. According to Business Insider… “…there’s no indication when or if a product like this will actually come to

3-D Printed Jawbone Helps Injured Sea Turtle Feed Again

3d printed turtle jaw

A sea turtle who injured his beak in a boat propeller accident has just been fitted with a metal replacement jawbone that was crafted using a 3-D printer. According to Fox News… “Staff at the Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation center at Pamukkale University in Denizli, Turkey, nursed the injured 99-pound sea turtle back to health, but they realized the reptile would need a new beak if it was ever going to be self-sufficient at sea, as its jaws had been

GoPro Partners Up With 3D Robotics To Make The Ultimate Video-Capturing Drone (Video)

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The “3D Robotics Solo” — arguably the best drone ever created with GoPro capabilities — has just hit the markets. According to CNET… “Solo, its controller and optional Solo Gimbal — a motorized three-axis camera stabilizer — is the culmination of a couple years of work and a partnership with GoPro. A partnership that has resulted in a drone with full in-flight camera control and live, low-latency HD streaming straight to mobile devices.”   Featuring an on-board computer capable of running apps,

World’s Oldest Living Person Passes Away At Age 117


On Wednesday, surrounded by her family and medical staff, Misao Okawahe, the former oldest person in the world, passed away due to heart failure. Okawahe died at a nursing home in Osaka, Japan, the same city in which she was born on March 5, 1898. According to the Daily Mail… “The world’s oldest person has died a few weeks after celebrating her 117th birthday – after saying her life seemed ‘rather short’.” When asked what her secret was to living such a long life,

What Is Amazon’s New “Dash Button”? (Video)

dash button

Amazon just released a device that makes ordering products for consumers easier than ever. Exclusively for Amazon Prime members, the new “Dash Button” gives you the option of reordering common household products where and when you need them. According to USA Today… “Dash is a small oval electronic device about the size of a pack of gum. Each one comes emblazoned with the name of a different, frequently used-up, product. Press the button and the device uses Wi-Fi to send a message

Paris Is Halving the Number of Cars on the Road to Battle A Recent Spike In Pollution

paris pollution

For the past few days, the Eiffel Tower has been shrouded in a smoky haze. That’s because the city of Paris has experiencing a sharp rise in air pollution, even topping the world air pollution charts for a brief period earlier this week. Now, Paris is taking drastic measures to combat the smog spike. On Saturday (3/21), the office of Mayor Anne Hidalgo announced that Paris would be cutting the number of cars on the road in half beginning next week. On Monday,

Scientists Catch Pregnant Stingray That May Be World’s Largest Freshwater Fish

massive stingray

Earlier this month, scientists in Thailand caught and released a stingray that they believe could be the largest freshwater fish ever documented. According to National Geographic… “The ray (Himantura polylepis or H. chaophraya) was 7.9 feet (2.4 meters) across and 14 feet (4.3 meters) long and weighed an estimated 700 to 800 pounds (318 to 363 kilograms).”   The ray, which was caught in Thailand’s Mae Klong River, has actually had encounters with scientists in the past. The same ray was caught

NASA Suggests “Orderly Evacuation” of Space Station If Russia Cuts Off Access to ISS

putin ISS

The International Space Station (ISS) is the largest spacecraft to have ever been put into orbit by mankind. The construction of the 140 billion dollar orbiting laboratory involved the collaboration of 15 different countries, with the United States and Russia leading the way. Since the first component of the space station was launched in 1998, the ISS has continued to rely upon international cooperation — specifically between Russia and the U.S. — to remain in operation. Since the end of NASA’s space shuttle

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