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    David Fisher says:

    Nothing so hastens the passage of time as the sound of one’s own voice or the lightning flash of one’s own thought unless it be the flashes of others who can think.

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    David Fisher says:

    I recently asked a preacher from my area why he believed. He replied with an eyes-glazing over response that with began with “In phoebe 36:4 it says,” or somesuch. Then he continued to unanswer my question. Finally, when I told him that he seems to believe in the Bible not necessarily God I asked again why he believed. Then he spoke of his need to believe and his leap of faith. Too often we accept rote recitations in lieu of thought.
    I was angry with him initially because I had leveled with him by respondiing to his like question, “Because I need to. I need a reach beyond myself, and I need to serve. It’s an existential thing.”
    The new pope is a thinker, one who does not recite the Baltimore Catechism in response to questions. He demonstrates and discusses real faith, real Christianity.
    Thus, I wish to join this post to commune with fellow thinkers.

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    mara says:

    I was just looking for something to uplift me and found kevin Richardson,the lion whisperer
    it made me smile and feel better about being alive,unlike watching world news that seems to want people to be depressed and miserable
    animals are Gods creation…like humans we need to love one another
    I am trying to figure a way to help others,as well..this always helps me,too
    people are generally good we all need some happy!
    Thank you Creator!

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    Russell Stover says:

    I’d like to help cover the areas of espionage, intelligence analysis, and international relations but from a more scientific and less hyperbolic viewpoint. Plus, I propose an article where I delve into the origins of the more popularly posted political and slanted memes on Facebook to show their true origins as made up nonsense.

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