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This Blind Painter Creates Colorful Masterpieces Using Only Touch and Texture (Images)

john bramblitt

For most visual artists, going blind is an extremely difficult and often career-ending experience. But for John Bramblitt, it was actually the opposite: his art career was actually launched by his blindness. After complications from epilepsy left him functionally blind, Bramblitt developed an innovative painting process, using textured paints that allow him to feel his way around the canvas as he goes along. “At first the idea of being able to draw without eyesight didn’t even occur to me. It wasn’t until a year after

Enchanting Video Captures Freediver Riding An Underwater Ocean Current

ocean gravity

Guillaume Néry and Julie Gautier are just as comfortable underwater as they are on Earth. Both former competitive freedivers, the pair met through their shared passion and began to explore the artistic, surreal side of deep-sea diving together. Then, one day… “…they decided to testify of their unique experience, to transmit their passion, emotion and the magic dimension of their universe. They wrote, shot and produced their first movies, which were quickly broadcast around the world. That’s how «Les films engloutis»

This Graphic Designer Turns Dirty Car Windows Into Masterpieces In His Spare Time (Pictures)

Scott Wade is a graphic user interface designer from Texas. He is also one of the world’s premier dirty car artists. Yes, dirty car art is a real thing, and it actually has a pretty big following. Scott’s exceptional talent for the craft of dirty car art has taken him all over the world, turning dusty car windows into amazing masterpieces for all sorts of different clients. Wade got his inspiration from his time living on a long dirt road in central

The Bike Path Version Of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night (Video)

Photo Credit: BoredPanda

Daan Roosegaarde is a Dutch artist and innovator. According to his website, Daan… “…is internationally known for creating social designs that explore the relation between people, technology and space. ”   His most recent masterpiece is a kilometer-long bike path in Barbant, the Dutch county where Van Gogh was born and raised. At night, the path lights up with patterns based on Van Gogh’s world famous “Starry Night” painting, with the help of glow-in-the-dark technology and LED lights. According to Dezeen,

A Swiss Photographer Just Captured Matterhorn’s Hörnli Ridge Like Never Before (Video & Photo Gallery)

Photo Credit: BoredPanda

Robert Bösch is a photographer and mountain guide, with a master in geography from the University of Zürich. According to his website, Bösch… “..has worked for more then 30 years as a freelance photographer, specialized in outdoor, action and landscape photography. He shoots for Industry, advertising and the media, and has published numerous photographs in catalogues, books, magazines and newspapers, like Stern, Geo, Spiegel, National Geographic, among others.”   One of his latest projects was for Mammut, a Swiss mountaineering equipment company. This

“Lichtgrenze”: An Amazing Art Display to Mark the Fall of the Berlin Wall (Video)

Following the fall of the Nazi regime and the end of World War II, Germany’s capital city of Berlin was split in half, creating separate states in East and West Germany. West Germany generally aligned itself with the United States and the other Western European nations (Britain, France, etc.), while East Germany attempted to build a socialist state under the heavy influence of communist leadership from the Soviet Union. Unfortunately for the Soviet Union, many Germans living in East Germany weren’t too keen on the Soviet version of

Segaki Keita’s Incredibly Intricate “Manic Doodles” (Pictures)

Like many of us, Japanese artist Segaki Keita enjoys a good doodling session from time to time. He likes to doodle all kinds of things but tends to focus mainly on people, animals and other mythical creatures from his imagination. His doodles are pretty cool in and of themselves. But when you take a step back and see the big picture, they become even more impressive. The way that Keita is able to juxtapose extremely fine art with whimsical notebook doodles in the

Did You Know… The World’s Narrowest House Is Only 4 Feet Across (Video)

Five years ago, Polish architect Jakub Szczesny was walking through the old Jewish ghetto in Warsaw when he passed what he described as an “appealing cushion of air” coming from a space between two larger buildings. One of the buildings was an old apartment building from before World War II, the other an 11-story post-war co-op. “I fell in love with a space between two buildings from different periods. I decided to make a link,” said Szczesny. So the Polish architect, who

This Printer Prints Self-Destructing Documents That Burst Into Flames?! (Video)

Artist and robotics enthusiast Diego Trujillo Pisanty has created a printing device capable of printing documents that self-destruct by bursting into flames. As cool as the idea of a printer that creates self-destructing documents may sound, this device wasn’t really designed to be all that functional, so don’t plan on seeing it available for purchase anytime soon. Instead, Pisanty created the printer as an art piece meant to provoke a discussion about the use of government espionage and secrecy for the sake of national security. Pisanty

Draw Your Own 3-D Masterpiece With The “3Doodler” (Video)

The art community is never lacking in creativity or innovation. One new device is getting a lot of attention after turning heads with an impressive Kickstarter campaign last year. Wobble Work’s “3Doodler” is a 3-D pen that actually allows you to create three dimensional artwork using a two dimensional drawing technique. According to 3Doodler’s website… “As 3Doodler draws, it extrudes heated plastic, which quickly cools and solidifies into a strong stable structure. This allows you to build an infinite variety of

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