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Poorer Nations Are Growing Renewables Nearly Twice as Fast as Richer Ones

According to a new study from Climatescope, developing nations are far outpacing developed ones when it comes to the installation of new renewable energy infrastructure. The study monitored 55 developing countries, including emerging economies like China, Brazil, South Africa, India and Kenya, and found that between the years of 2008-2013, developing nations saw 143% growth in renewable energy, versus only 84% in developed countries. The Climatescope project was originally put together in 2012 by Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance division, the U.K. Government Department for International

Perspective: 50,000 People Once Lived In 0.0102 Sq. Miles In China (Pictures)

No that’s not a typo. The Kowloon Walled City was a collection of 300+ interconnected high-rise buildings constructed without the guidance of a single architect or engineer. The city was also ungoverned by any health or safety standards. The Walled City was initially built as a Chinese military fort but became an enclave in 1898 while China was under British occupation. The population of the city ballooned after the Japanese took control of Hong Kong during World War II. The

Hong Kong’s Leader: We Have Too Many Poor People to Allow Direct Elections

Since the end of last month, hundreds of thousands of protestors have taken to the streets of Hong Kong to protest the Chinese government’s attempts to maintain its stranglehold on political authority there. In 2017, Hong Kong is set to choose a new chief executive in the first ever democratic election for that position (all the chief executives up to now have been directly appointed by the Chinese government). The only problem: Beijing wants the power to “vet” any and all candidates for

This 3-D Printer Uses Mud to Print Homes for People In Impoverished Areas (Video)

Worldwide, about 100 million people are homeless. Another 863 million people are living in slums and other substandard conditions. That’s nearly a billion people living with unacceptably inadequate housing. The rapid development of 3-D printing technology is already starting to play a role in lowering these numbers. Earlier this year, the Chinese company WinSun showed off their new 3-D printer by printing 10 complete homes in just 24 hours: Unfortunately, 3-D printers like the one above are bulky and costly to transport, and materials like concrete are

This Futuristic Air Umbrella Forms An Invisible Shield to Keep You Dry (Video)

The umbrella is an ancient innovation. The first written record of a collapsible umbrella dates all the way back to 21 AD – it was included as part of a ceremonial carriage for a Chinese emperor. The umbrella’s design is simple and functional, which is why it has remained relatively unchanged for 2,000 years. But a research and development team from Nanjing, China may have just taken the next step in umbrella evolution: they created an umbrella that uses air to protect you

Did China Really Just Surpass the U.S. as the World’s Wealthiest Economy?

A new report released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) states that China has surpassed the United States as the world’s largest economy. The report admits that in terms of overall GDP and raw currency value, the U.S. is still outpacing China. But the IMF also claims that China is now the world’s largest economy based on data that has been adjusted for purchasing power. But what is purchasing power exactly? You can think of it like this: There’s two men- one in Shanghai and one in Los

Amidst Growing Tension, Violence Breaks Out In Hong Kong’s Protests

It is now day 6 of the Hong Kong Occupy Movement, a series of pro-Democracy protests that started this past Saturday. The movement began with university students, who continue to be the main actors in the protests. Yesterday, Hong Kong’s Chief Secretary Carrie Lam agreed to carry out talks between the students and the government, but the students have demanded that these talks be publicly televised, a stipulation that leadership in Beijing is not at all comfortable with. Now, there are even

The U.S. and India Just Agreed on A Joint Space Mission to Study Climate Change

Editor’s Note: I am extremely excited to announce that The Higher Learning recently acquired three talented new authors to help us bring you more valuable news and knowledge. Over the next few days we will be introducing you to them and their writing. The following article was authored by Mikaela Cannizzo. The long sought after human exploration of Mars has recently made progress. In the last month, both India and the U.S. have had satellites reach the Red Planet’s orbit to carry out research

Why Tens of Thousands of People Are Shutting Down the Streets of Hong Kong in Protest

Though it may seem a bit strange, Hong Kong has only been part of China for the past 17 years. Before that, it spent 156 years as a British colony, from 1839 all the way up until 1997 (other than a 4-year Japanese occupation during WWII). Because of this western connection, Hong Kong has long been the primary source of foreign investment in China, and its financial sector is one of the largest and most lucrative in the world. So it’s

Find Out How To Grow Your Own Buddha-Shaped Fruit And More (Video)

The Fruit Mould Company prides themselves on, “…creating one of a kind, high quality fruit and vegetable molds to transform regular fruits into wacky and weird shapes that you’ve never seen before. Imagine square watermelons, heart shaped cucumbers and Buddha shaped pears.” The secret is in the fiberglass-reinforced moulds- anyone can make their own uniquely shaped fruits and vegetables with the right mould and a bit of patience. Depending on which mould and which fruit or vegetable you are using,

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