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Is North Korea Really Behind the Sony Hack? A Review of the Evidence

sony hack

Today, the FBI officially confirmed what a number of other U.S. government sources have been saying since Wednesday: that the North Korean government was behind the recent hacking of Sony. From the BBC: “The FBI says it spotted distinct similarities between the type of malware used in the Sony Pictures attack and code used to attack South Korea last year. Suspicious, yes, but well short of being a smoking gun. When any malware is discovered, it is shared around many experts

The Torture Report, Part 2: Is Torture A Necessary Evil? (Opinion Piece)

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In 1989, the CIA told Congress that, “…inhumane physical or psychological techniques are counterproductive because they do not produce intelligence and will probably result in false answers.”   Less than 15 years later, the CIA was torturing detainees in secret prisons around the world in an attempt to gather intel following the attacks of 9/11. The Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on this “enhanced interrogation” program, released this past Tuesday, appears to have confirmed what the CIA itself told Congress about the ineffectiveness of torture back

The Senate Intelligence Committee Torture Report: The Basics

cia torture

On Tuesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee released a 525-page summary of their investigation into the Central Intelligence Agency’s “Detention and Interrogation” programs. The report has already sparked condemnation from all around the globe. China, North Korea and Iran (countries that the US has criticized for human violations in recent years) all took the opportunity to point out the apparent hypocrisy revealed by the torture report. Ben Emmerson, the UN’s special rapporteur for counter-terrorism and human rights, called for the prosecution of any and all officials

The Coolest Places On Earth: China’s Rainbow Mountains (Pictures)

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The “Rainbow Mountains”, part of the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in the Chinese province of Gansu, are one of the most unique geological landforms on Earth. Over millions of years, layers of different colored sandstone and other minerals slowly formed on top of one another. Then, about 40-50 million years ago, plate tectonics kicked in. You see, India actually used to be an island, until its tectonic plate began to collide with the Eurasian plate, upon which the main continent of Asia

China Just Banned Their Radio and Television Broadcasters from Using Puns

China’s government is worried about a new threat to Chinese cultural heritage: the use of wordplay. An order announced last week by China’s State Administration for Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television says, “Radio and television authorities at all levels must tighten up their regulations and crack down on the irregular and inaccurate use of the Chinese language, especially the misuse of idioms.”   In no uncertain terms, the officials warned against the casual alteration of idioms (ie. figures of speech) in

NSA Chief Says China Is Capable of Shutting Down Entire U.S. Power Grid With Cyber Attack

Admiral Michael Rogers is the head of the National Security Agency (NSA) and U.S. Cyber Command. Speaking to the House Intelligence Committee on Thursday (November 20), Rogers said that China and “one or two” other countries currently possess the ability to shut down the entire U.S. power grid, as well as other critical infrastructure. Rogers told the congressional panel that his agencies had detected malware in China capable of breaking into the computer networks of major power companies and other critical systems. “It enables

Two of the World’s Biggest Chocolate Makers Warn of Global Cocoa Shortage

The holidays are traditionally a time when local stores and Pinterest boards explode with all kinds of elaborate, festive treats, many of them involving (what else?) chocolate. From the leftover Halloween candy bars to the cookies for Santa, many people could not imagine a holiday season, let alone any season, without chocolate. But according to two of the world’s biggest chocolate makers, that’s exactly where we’re headed. Mars, Inc. and Barry Callebaut claim that as chocolate consumption has risen, we

Why Hundreds of Australian Climate Change Activists Just Buried Their Heads In the Sand

Photo Credit: David Gray/Reuters

Yesterday (November 13) was an interesting day on Sydney’s Bondi Beach. Someone walking along the beach yesterday would have seen 400 people with their heads buried in the sand. These people were climate activists, and they were mocking Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s stance on climate change. Specifically, the protest aimed to criticize the Australian government for not putting climate change on the agenda of the upcoming G20 summit that will take place in the country this weekend. The G20 summit is an

Russia and China Just Signed A $400 Billion Gas Deal. What Does It Mean For Global Affairs?

On May 21st of this year, China and Russia signed an enormous gas deal, worth an estimated $400 billion. The agreement calls for Russia’s government-controlled Gazprom to supply state-owned China National Petroleum Corporation with up to 38 billion cubic metres of gas a year over the span of 30 years, beginning in 2018. On November 10th, China and Russia struck a second agreement that deepened their budding energy ties. The new deal lessens Russian reliance on Europe and secures almost a fifth of the gas supplies China

Chinese Officials Busted For Illegal Ivory Trade During Presidential Trip to Africa

Chinese investors call it “White Gold.” Carvers and collectors prefer the term “Organic Gemstone.” Smugglers, however, provide the most poignant and telling (not to mention chilling) name: “Bloody Teeth.” Critics say the Chinese government is not doing enough to stem the illicit ivory trade, which has exploded in the five years since conservationists and governments agreed to a program of limited ivory sales in an attempt to stifle poaching. Many are now going so far as to blame China for not only allowing

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