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Surround Yourself with Nature and Avoid the Bugs at France’s Attrap’Reves Hotel

A hotel in France is giving guests the opportunity to surround themselves with the beautiful views of nature while in complete comfort from the elements. With locations in Allauch, La Boulladisse, Montagnac, Puget Ville and Saint Maime, every Attrap’Reves Hotel features transparent pod rooms positioned in open natural settings. Each room has it’s own unique theme and is within a short walking distance from a main building that has the traditional hotel amenities, like restrooms, dining and a jacuzzi. Guests are

The Coolest Places on Earth: Mendenhall Ice Caves – Juneau, Alaska (Photos)

ice caves

The Mendenhall Glacier, located in the Mendenhall Valley about 12 miles outside of Juneau, is one of Alaska’s most impressive natural wonders. To reach the actual ice caves, which are located inside Mendenhall Glacier, visitors have to kayak out to the glacier and then tackle an ice climb over its outer edges. But its hard to argue that the journey isn’t worth it. Check out some photos of the breathtaking ice caves below:

The Coolest Places On Earth: China’s Rainbow Mountains (Pictures)

rainbow mountains feat

The “Rainbow Mountains”, part of the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in the Chinese province of Gansu, are one of the most unique geological landforms on Earth. Over millions of years, layers of different colored sandstone and other minerals slowly formed on top of one another. Then, about 40-50 million years ago, plate tectonics kicked in. You see, India actually used to be an island, until its tectonic plate began to collide with the Eurasian plate, upon which the main continent of Asia

The Coolest Places on Earth: The Abandoned Town of Kolmanskop, Namibia (Pictures)

In 1908, German railway worker Zacharias Lewala stumbled upon a diamond while working in an area of the Namib Desert in southern Namibia (Namibia was a German colony at that time). After Zacharias informed his supervisor of the find, word quickly spread that the area was rich in diamonds, and German miners began flocking to the area. The diamonds made the first miners very wealthy, so they decided to shape the mining town after a classic German town, complete with a

The Coolest Places On Earth: The White Temple- Thailand (Pictures)

At the northern tip of Thailand, in the Chiang Rai province, lies one of the most beautiful and elaborate pieces of architecture and sculpture in the world. Wat Rong Khun, better known to the western world as the White Temple, is a modern buddhist temple built in 1997 by Chalermchai Kositpipat, a Thai visual artist born and raised in Chiang Rai. In May of this year, an earthquake struck the region, nearly destroying the temple. Kositpipat initially said we would demolish the temple,

Forgotten: The Coolest Abandoned Places In the World (Pictures)

Dadipark- Dadizel, Belgium

We as humans have proven to be phenomenal architects and builders, constructing amazing buildings, monuments, amusement parks and countless other structures. However, we’ve also proven to be somewhat fickle, often abandoning our creations when they are no longer useful or entertaining to us. As nature reclaims these places, it creates an enchanting scene, juxtaposing human development and the natural world in a way that we can’t help but be intrigued by. Check out some of the coolest examples in the pictures below (click an image

The Coolest Places On Earth: Reed Flute Caves- Guangxi, China (Photos)

Guilin is a city of about 5 million people located in the Guangxi region of southeast China. The city, which was officially established around 111 BC, is rich with Chinese history and culture. But Guilin also has another claim to fame: the Reed Flute Cave. This natural limestone cave is 180 million years old, and has been one of Guilin’s main tourist attractions for over 1200 years. The cave was named for the reeds which grow outside of its entrance. These reeds

The Coolest Places On Earth: The Crooked Forest- Poland (Pictures)

Near the small town of Gryfino in northwest Poland lies one of the strangest forests you will ever see. The Crooked Forest, as it’s known, is a collection of around 400 pine trees. These are no normal pines, though. At the base of each tree, the trunk takes a 90 degree bend before gradually curving back upwards. All of the curves point in the same direction: north. It is estimated that the trees grew for 7-10 years before they were held

The Coolest Places On Earth: Fingal’s Cave, Scotland (Photo Gallery)

fingals cave

Fingal’s Cave is a beautiful sea cave on the Scottish island of Staffa. The cave’s unique formation, structure, and history have made it an international attraction. The cave is believed to have been formed 60 million years ago amidst a volcanic eruption. The eruption caused lava flow that formed hexagonally-jointed basalt columns similar to the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland. In fact, scientist believe both the Giant’s Causeway and Fingal’s cave were formed from the same lava flow. Today, Fingal’s Cave is a sight that

The Coolest Places On Earth: Fly Geyser, Nevada (Pictures)

fly geyser feat

On the Hualapai Flat in Northwest Nevada, about a third of a mile off of old Route 34, lies the Fly Ranch. In 1964, energy speculators dug wells into the area, looking for sources of geothermal energy. The well they dug at Fly Ranch was either capped incorrectly or not tapped at all, because soon after the speculators left, dissolved minerals began to rise from the ground, accumulating into the mounds which continue to grow to this day. Eventually, the

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