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The Self-Lacing Nikes from “Back to the Future” Are Officially Real (Video)

nike air mag

In the sequel to the classic film “Back to the Future”, Marty McFly (played by actor Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) travel from their 1989 world into the world of the future — October 21, 2015, to be exact. Some of the movie’s predictions, like McFly’s legendary hoverboard, have yet to be realized. Others — like virtual reality- equipped glasses and news drones — were right on point. Today, Nike turned one more prediction into reality: self-lacing shoes. The shoe giant hinted

A Canadian Company Just Got A U.S. Patent for This Giant Inflatable Space Elevator

space elevator

Thanks to forces like gravity and air resistance, getting a rocket out of our atmosphere is a difficult and costly endeavor. Depending on its size and weight, space agencies like NASA can spend anywhere from $100 million to $260 million to launch a cargo ship into space. But what if we could build a giant tower that reached all the way up into space — a tower capable of shuttling supplies and even people from the surface of the earth

Lexus Finally Released Video of Their New Hoverboard In Action – Check it Out!

lexus hover

A little over a month ago, Lexus unveiled a futuristic hoverboard as part of their “Amazing In Motion” promotional campaign. Unfortunately, the teaser video that they released alongside the unveil didn’t show anyone actually using the board, leading some to believe that the board was more for show than anything. But after a month of public debate and speculation, Lexus has finally put the issue to rest by releasing a video of the board in action. Professional skateboarder Ross McGouran was the

Video: This Ingenious Gravity-Powered Light Could Be a Game-Changer for the Developing World

gravity light feat

Roughly 20% of Earth’s population — more than 1.3 billion people — are forced to rely on kerosene lamps at night because of a lack of electricity. Burning kerosene doesn’t produce much light, and it also carries health risks, including cataracts and cancer (not to mention the fire hazard). And kerosene isn’t cheap: in the poorest parts of the world, it can consume as much as 30% of a family’s budget. It was these problems that Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves were thinking about

If Cockroaches Weren’t Scary Enough, Check Out This Robo Roach That Moves 11 MPH (Video)

Researchers at the University of California- Berkeley just unveiled the latest version of their unique robotic roach — they call it the X2-VelociRoach. The X2 is modeled after the first VelociRoach, which, when it was built, was the world’s second fastest legged robot with a top speed of 7 mph. The new X2 offers improved materials and can hit speeds up to 11 mph (or 45 strides per second). Check out the video below to see the X2-VelociRoach in action: According to Popular Science…

Watch: Canadian Man Sets Guinness World Record for Farthest Hoverboard Flight

hoverboard record

It seems that the age of hoverboards predicted in Back to the Future may have finally arrived. On Friday (5/22), officials from Guinness World Records confirmed that Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru had set a new world record when he traveled just over 905 feet (276 m) on a self-made hoverboard back in August. Check out video of the new world record below: The record-setting flight took place over the waters of Lake Ouareau in Quebec, Canada. Catalin reached a height of 5 meters (16.5 feet)

IKEA Prepares to Ship 10,000 “Flat-Pack” Emergency Shelters Around the World

flatpack feat

The IKEA Foundation has announced plans to manufacture and distribute 10,000 of its innovative new “flat-pack” houses. Like many of IKEA’s home products, the emergency shelters are designed to be easy to assemble. The roof and wall panels snap directly onto the shelter’s metal frame, and are held in place using plastic fasteners. All the tools needed to build the shelter come along with the kit, which also includes a set of language-independent visual instructions. Estimated assembly time is anywhere from 4-8 hours. The innovative

Architects Have Designed A “Shadowless” Skyscraper for the London Skyline

shadowless skyscraper

The concrete jungles of the world are growing faster and faster every day. The year 2014 saw 97 skyscrapers built worldwide – the most ever in a single year, beating out the previous record of 81 set back in 2011. For most metropolitan areas, more skyscrapers means less sun. The massive buildings cast proportionately massive shadows, leaving downtown streets in almost constant shade. So when the global architecture firm NBBJ got a contract to design a pair of buildings in London, they

Chinese Developer Builds 57-Story Skyscraper In Just 19 Days (Time-Lapse Video)


When imagining the timeline for constructing a skyscraper, most people probably think in terms of months or even years. But for the Chinese construction firm Broad Sustainable Building, that’s simply too long. BSB’s newest building, a 57-story tower in Changsha, China, was erected in a mind-blowingly fast 19 days – a rate of three stories per day! BSB Architect Xian Min Zhang released a promotional time-lapse video showing the construction of the J57 tower – check it out below! (The time-lapse itself begins

Chinese Firm Unveils “World’s Tallest 3D-Printed Building” (Video)

3d printed apartment

The Shanghai-based construction firm WinSun Decoration Design Engineering recently unveiled the latest example of their impressive 3D printing capabilities: a five-story apartment building believed to be the tallest 3D-printed building in the world. The printer’s “ink” is a mixture of recycled construction waste and cement, which reduces construction costs significantly. Last spring, WinSun showed off its printing capabilities by printing 10 one-room houses in just 24 hours. According to the firm, construction costs were only $4,800 per house. But the apartment building wasn’t the only

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