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MRI’s Reveal How Some People Have a 6th Sense for Predicting Market Bubbles

In 2008, the American economy fell into a major recession following the collapse of the housing bubble. How did this bubble form? Basically, the government made it extremely easy to get a home loan, even if you didn’t really have the means to pay it back. As a result, everybody started buying and selling houses like hot cakes. Even when real estate prices became clearly higher than the actual value of the properties, people kept buying, in the hopes that they could re-sell at an

Facebook Just Manipulated the Emotions of 700,000 Users Without Informing Them

When you sign up for Facebook, you have to agree to a whole laundry list of fine-print terms and conditions (which almost nobody ever reads). One of the things you consent to is Facebook’s Data Use Policy, which gives Facebook the right to use your info for, “…troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research and service improvement.” Well, it seems that Facebook has taken full advantage of the “research” portion of that agreement. A study published two weeks ago in the Proceedings of the National Academy of

How A Goat Ended His Hunger Strike After Re-Uniting With His Best Friend, A Donkey (Video)

The Animal Place is a non-profit sanctuary in California for abused and/or abandoned farm animals. Recently, they rescued a goat named Mr. G from an animal hoarder, who had been keeping a number of animals under terrible living conditions. While living with the hoarder, Mr. G had developed a close bond with a donkey (also known as a burro) named Jellybean. When the animals were rescued however, Jellybean was sent to a different sanctuary. Mr. G was distraught- he sat depressed in a corner

Examining Tears Under a Microscope Will Totally Change How You Look at Emotions (Pictures)

tear feat

Rose-Lynn Fisher is a world-class photographer. Back in 2008, she was going through a particularly rough time- she had recently lost a number of people who were close to her, and had been doing a lot of crying. One day while weeping, Fisher stopped herself from wiping the tears away and instead examined them closely. It gave her an idea: what would you see if you put tears under a microscope? Would they all look the same? “You know that classic

Where Do We Feel Different Emotions? The Body Atlas (Graphic)

A group of 700 participants was shown different images and videos associated with different emotional responses. After each visual, they self-reported parts of the body that felt different after experiencing the emotion. Researchers compiled this data and created a “Body Atlas” showing how different emotions increase (warm colors) or decrease (cool colors) the amount of sensations we feel in different parts of the body. Read more details about the project and experimentation here.