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How Should We Judge the Thousands of Government Workers Caught On Ashley Madison?

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Earlier this month, a group of hackers broke into the servers of Ashley Madison, a dating website dedicated to helping people cheat on their partners. The hackers stole and then leaked the information of 32 million users, including names, email addresses, physical addresses, credit card numbers and even sexual preferences. Among those 32 million users were some 15,000 government and military workers, who — and I’m not making this up — used their official .gov and .mil e-mail addresses to sign up for the

Chinese Scientists Just Genetically Modified Human Embryos for the First Time Ever

embryo gene modification

In a controversial breakthrough, a group of Chinese researchers has admitted to tweaking the genes of human embryos for the first time in human history. The scientists used a genome-editing enzyme called CRISPR/Cas9, which has the ability to cut out damaged segments of DNA (that may carry genetic defects) and replace those segments with healthy DNA. In other words, CRISPR could potentially be used to “cleanse” a child’s genome of deadly or debilitating genetic diseases while he or she is still just an embryo. However, the enzyme can also make

Facebook Just Manipulated the Emotions of 700,000 Users Without Informing Them

When you sign up for Facebook, you have to agree to a whole laundry list of fine-print terms and conditions (which almost nobody ever reads). One of the things you consent to is Facebook’s Data Use Policy, which gives Facebook the right to use your info for, “…troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research and service improvement.” Well, it seems that Facebook has taken full advantage of the “research” portion of that agreement. A study published two weeks ago in the Proceedings of the National Academy of

Edward Snowden Gets Asylum Extension From Russia (Poll)

Photo Credit: Jose Luis Magana/AP

Russia has committed to extending asylum protections to Snowden. Edward Snowden was originally guaranteed protection by Russia for a year, as that year ended Russia made it clear to Snowden he did not have to worry about being sent away… According to CNN the news about Edward Snowden’s extended asylum… …came Friday (1/24/14) from Alexy Pushkov, a legislator who is head of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Duma, Russia’s lower house. He spoke about Snowden at the World Economic