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PSA: What You Post On Facebook and Twitter Can Now Affect Your Credit Score

drunk on facebook

Are you one of those people who likes to go out, get super drunk, and then talk about it on Facebook later? If so, you should know that what you say online can now hurt your credit score. Credit rating giant FICO — creator of the widely-used FICO credit scoring system — recently announced that it has widened the number of factors it looks at when trying to determine how creditworthy a person is. Among those new factors: what you post on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. “If you

Facebook Is Testing Out Emojis to Give Users An Alternative to the “Like” Button

fb buttons2

The “like” button is one of the cornerstones of Facebook, but there’s no avoiding the fact that it simply isn’t appropriate for certain situations. Facebook has been becoming increasingly aware of this recently. Just last month, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that his company was preparing to roll out some sort of “dislike” button sometime in the near future. On Thursday, Facebook took it a step further, announcing that it would be testing out a set of six new emoji icons that give users the ability to interact with posts using

Facebook Launches ThreatExchange: New Social Network Aimed at Improving Cybersecurity

threat exchange

With hackers becoming more and more sophisticated every day, the threat of cyber attacks is becoming an increasing concern for governments and businesses alike. On Tuesday, the Obama administration announced the formation of a brand new agency that would focus entirely on cybersecurity. His announcement came less than a week after hackers stole tens of millions of Social Security numbers, birth dates, and other personal information from a database belonging to Anthem Inc., the second largest insurance company in the country. Facebook

Anonymous Hackers “Expose and Destroy” Nearly 800 ISIS Twitter Accounts

anonymous isis

The “hacktivist” group Anonymous has decided to join in the battle against the self-proclaimed Islamic State. On Sunday (2/6), the group posted a list of nearly 800 ISIS-linked Twitter accounts to the online text storage site “Pastebin”, claiming that the accounts had been “exposed and destroyed” by Anonymous’s RedCult team. For some of the targeted accounts, the list included notes on the number of followers. If these figures are accurate, the hacked accounts had a combined audience of well over 1.5 million followers. Along with the Twitter accounts, Anonymous also exposed

Study Finds That Social Media Use Benefits Both Physical and Mental Health of the Elderly

elderly soc media

A recent study conducted in the UK and Italy seems to show that the use of social media may actually be beneficial to the overall health of elderly people. The 2-year study followed 120 elderly people from the south west of England and the Marche region of central Italy, two regions known for inheriting a long-living population. The study followed two groups: one with exposure to social media outlets such as e-mail, Skype and Facebook, and one without exposure to these outlets (the control

Facebook Is Facing A Class-Action Lawsuit for Scanning Users’ Private Messages

fb lawsuit

Facebook has been having a bit of a controversial year. The social media giant got blasted earlier this summer for manipulating users’ emotions, and their new mobile Facebook Messenger has been widely criticized for tracking a ridiculous amount of user data. Now they’re in hot water once again. According to engadget.com, “A California judge recently ruled that The Social Network will face a class-action lawsuit following accusations that it peeked at users’ private messages without consent to deliver targeted advertising.”

“Ukrainian Spider-Man” Uses Stalinist Tower In Daring Anti-Putin Protest

An urban free-climber who calls himself “Mustang Wanted” has admitted to a very creative form of protest vandalism. A little over a week ago, Mustang Wanted (who is based out of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev) visited Moscow to make a political statement. In the early morning hours of Wednesday, August 20th, he scaled the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, one of Moscow’s most iconic Stalin-era skyscrapers. At the top of the building is a massive Soviet star emblazoned with the hammer and sickle (a symbol which

Despite All the Depressing News, The World Is Not Getting Worse, It’s Getting Much, Much Better

Today, I woke up and skimmed the world news headlines. 80% of the stories were about the Israeli-Palestinian crisis or the Malaysian aircraft shot down in Ukraine. The other 20% was mostly news on the Air Algerie flight which disappeared earlier this morning and ISIS’s exile and persecution of the Christians in Mosul. It was a very depressing experience. But then, I thought to myself: are things really that bad? And I realized, the answer is undoubtedly NO. What we must realize here

Israel’s Government Is Paying College Students to Spread Pro-Israel Propaganda on Social Media

A lot of the discussion and debate about the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been taking place on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sources. In light of that, I think it’s important for people to know that social media is by no means immune to government propaganda. Far from it in fact. Back in August of last year, a statement from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office announced that the Israeli government would be giving scholarships to college students who,

Why Students Chose to Shock Themselves Rather Than Sit Alone With Their Thoughts

We live in a world saturated with sensory stimulations. From our cell phones to our laptops and TVs, almost our entire day is a marathon of sights and sounds, all competing for our increasingly short attention spans. So you would think most people would enjoy the opportunity to get away from it all and gather their thoughts. But a recent study from the University of Virginia found quite the opposite. In fact, many of the participants even started giving themselves electric shocks as

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