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How Should We Judge the Thousands of Government Workers Caught On Ashley Madison?

ashley madison government

Earlier this month, a group of hackers broke into the servers of Ashley Madison, a dating website dedicated to helping people cheat on their partners. The hackers stole and then leaked the information of 32 million users, including names, email addresses, physical addresses, credit card numbers and even sexual preferences. Among those 32 million users were some 15,000 government and military workers, who — and I’m not making this up — used their official .gov and .mil e-mail addresses to sign up for the

IRS Computers Are Still Running Applications That Existed When Kennedy Was President

old computer

Last month, it came to light that a team of hackers used a service on the IRS website to break into taxpayer accounts, stealing tax information from more than 100,000 Americans. The breach has raised serious questions about the security of the IRS’s computer system, and IRS Commissioner John Koskinen has faced harsh critiques over the system’s vulnerabilities. During a recent IRS budget hearing, Rep. Ander Crenshaw — chairman of the House Financial Services and General Government Committee — asked Koskinen why the agency

Liberland: Croatian Man Founds Tiny European Nation With Only Voluntary Taxes


A tiny country was created earlier this month on disputed land between Croatia and Serbia that is technically “unclaimed” by any nation. Sitting on less than 3 square miles between the two countries,”Liberland” was formed with the notion of only having voluntary taxes. Prague native Vít Jedlička is leading the movement as Liberland’s president. Jedlička says that he started Liberland to, “turn the concept of a state upside down.” Jedlička, who was formerly a financial analyst in the Czech Republic, said increasing taxes were his motivation for forming Liberland,

Federal and Local Agents Raid Texas Secessionist Meeting… Over A Misdemeanor?

tx secessionist raid

Earlier this month, a Texas secessionist organization got a bit of a surprise during their Valentine’s Day meeting: a raid carried out by more than 20 officers, both local and federal. For the past two decades, the group “Republic of Texas” has been meeting regularly with one sole purpose in mind: seceding from the United States to make Texas its own independent nation once again. Republic of Texas maintains a small working government, complete with its own congress, courts and official currency. Though the

What’s Inside Obama’s $4 Trillion Federal Budget Proposal?

2016 budget

This past Monday (2/2), President Barack Obama released his 2016 federal budget proposal. The President’s proposal called for $3.99 trillion dollars in federal spending, a 6.4% increase from this year’s budget. However, the budget forecasts $3.53 trillion in revenue, resulting in a budget deficit of just $474 billion – the lowest annual deficit since before the financial meltdown in 2008. The President defended the increased spending in his budget by citing the improving economy, saying that the country needs to move beyond

Ecuador Has Lifted 1.5 Million Out of Poverty In 8 Years Under President Rafael Correa

correa feat

This past Friday (1/22), the Ecuadorean National Secretariat for Planning and Development announced that approximately 1.5 million Ecuadoreans have been lifted out of poverty since 2007. The accomplishment is a testament to the impressive job President Rafael Correa has done since taking office in January of 2007. Correa, who was born into a working class family in Guayaquil (Ecuador’s largest city), campaigned on a platform of drastic social reforms. But unlike many politicians these days, Correa has actually followed through on the

Tanzanian Government Accused of Selling Maasai Land to Turn It Into Hunting Reserve

The Maasai people are one of Africa’s oldest indigenous ethnic groups. Originally from the lower Nile valley, the Maasai people began migrating south during the 15th century, finally settling in what is now Kenya and central Tanzania during the 17th and 18th centuries. Starting in the early 1900s, Maasai lands began to shrink as a result of British colonization in the region. In 1911, a British treaty shrank Maasai land by 60% – the Maasai living in these areas were evicted to make

President Obama Speaks Out, Endorsing “Strongest Possible Rules” to Protect Net Neutrality

Credit: Larry Downing/Reuters

Net neutrality has been a major issue of discussion in the United States since the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) voted back in May to move forward on a plan that would create “internet fast lanes”, allowing larger companies to pay more for faster speeds on their sites. The American public has shown strong opposition to this idea, and while FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has expressed his support for the fast lanes, the people now have a very powerful ally on

Moon Mining: NASA’s Plans to Harvest Water from the Moon

There’s a lot of water on the moon, and NASA wants to learn how to get to it. In July 2008, water was found conclusively for the first time inside ancient moon samples brought back by Apollo astronauts. In 2009, observations from three spacecraft showed signals of water across the moon’s surface, bolstering the idea that the moon might actually contain significant amount of water. Then, in October 2010, scientists reported that a frigid crater called Cabeus at the moon’s south pole is

Lockheed May Have Just Made A HUGE Breakthrough In Nuclear Fusion

Earlier today (10/15), Lockheed Martin announced that they had achieved a technological breakthrough that makes it possible to generate energy via nuclear fusion. They also said that their new fusion reactors could be ready in as little as 10 years. Tom McGuire, an aeronautical engineer, leads the project. According to McGuire, Lockheed has been working on the project for about four years in its Skunk Works department (an alias for their classified advanced development department). The project is the culmination of 60 years

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