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Hate Needles? This New Pain-Free Device Collects Blood Without Them

pain free blood sample

Almost everyone has been subjected to a blood test at some point in their life. Blood is tested for a variety of components that are analyzed to help measure a person’s health. For more than 150 years now, needles have been the dominant method for drawing blood, but the risks associated with this method — not to mention the general discomfort of being stabbed by a metal syringe — can now be avoided. Not long ago, medical researchers at Tasso Inc. received a $3 million federal grant

This “Pacemaker For The Stomach” Could Help You Lose Weight

stomach pacemaker

Earlier this year, the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) gave its approval to a unique new electronic device that helps individuals lose weight. EnteroMedics Inc., a biotechnology company in Minnesota, has created a “pacemaker for the stomach” in order to provide another treatment avenue for people battling obesity. Obesity can be caused by a variety of factors, such as genetics, smoking and current medicine use. But the single biggest contributer to excess food consumption is your appetite. Hunger occurs when the abdominal vagus nerve sends signals to

How 3D-Printed Pills Could Help You Feel Better Faster

3d pill printer

All of us have taken a pill at some point in our life. Whether for sinus congestion, an upset stomach or a headache, medications usually take a while before they start acting in your body. But that could wait could be significantly shortened in the next few years, thanks to our recent advances in 3D-printing technology. UK-based FabRx Ltd., in collaboration with medical researchers from the School of Pharmacy at University College of London (UCL), recently published a study showing that the shape of

New Implantable Medicine Pump Could Tackle Chronic Pain Using 99% Less Drugs

implantable drug dispenser

Medical researchers in Sweden have created an implantable device that allows for medication to be automatically dispensed into the body. The groundbreaking device delivers medicine with extreme precision, reducing the amount of drugs needed to just 1% of the dosage doctor’s would normally use. Nearly 1 in 6 people suffer from neurological disorders and close to 100 million people battle chronic pain on a daily basis. This implantable device acts as an ion pump: by allowing ions to move into it and medicine to move

Migraines: How They Happen and How to Treat Them Without Drugs (Infographic)


If you’ve ever had a migraine, you know just how miserable they can be. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, roughly 36 million Americans suffer from recurrent migraines; 90% of these sufferers report being unable to work or function normally during an attack. While most people only have attacks once or twice a month, the MRF reports that a whopping 14 million people experience headaches on an almost daily basis. This great infographic — created Christine McMahon at WholesomeOne.com — gives you the

The World’s First Head Transplant – Medical Breakthrough or Mad Science?

head transplant

On Wednesday, April 8th, a 30-year-old Russian computer scientist named Valery Spiridonov volunteered to be the first person ever to undergo a full head transplant. The idea was first proposed two years ago by Italian neuroscientist and surgeon Sergio Canavero of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group. The seemingly far-fetched concept arose from a discussion Canavero and his colleagues had about how to improve the situations of those suffering from severe muscle and nerve damage. In February of this year, Canavero outlined the transplant technique he

These Scientists Want to Record and Restore Memories Using Microchips

memory microchips

For the past few years, a team of neuroscientists from across the United States has been studying how the brain stores and makes memories. Now, they are on the cusp of something big: implanting microchip memory devices in people. Ted Berger, a biomedical engineering professor at the University of Southern California in LA, is one of the scientists on the team. Berger says that he and his fellow researchers have devised a technique that allows them to record and store memories for people who have

An 11-Year-Old Just Drew An Entire World Map To Scale From Memory

An 11-year-old with autism recently dazzled a college class, doing something that most of them will likely never be able to. According to Bored Panda… “A professor in New York whose 11-year-old son has autism recently invited him to her class, where he got up on a chair and drew a detailed, accurate map of the world completely from memory.”   According to Distractify… “Redditor bobitis was sitting in on the class (which his daughter is enrolled in) and couldn’t help

India Announces Public Air Quality Index To Provide Real Time Data To Concerned Citizens

india air quality

India just launched its first air quality index to provide the public with real time information about pollution levels. Many believe the move will help raise public awareness of the growing smog problem in India, and spark change towards combating air pollution. Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar told the BCC that the new air quality index… “…may prove to be a major impetus to improving air quality in urban areas, as it will improve public awareness in cities to take steps for air pollution mitigation.” Last year, the Environmental Preference

This Flesh-Eating Disease Is Spreading Through the Ranks of ISIS Militants

isis lieshmaniasis

ISIS fighters in Syria are being ravaged by an outbreak of Leishmaniasis, a debilitating skin disease that causes painful painful ulcers to erupt on the body. The illness also attacks the liver and spleen and can cause anemia. The disease — which is caused by a parasite and spread through the bite of the sandfly — is actually relatively easy to prevent and treat with the proper medical facilities and equipment. In fact, doctors from the organization Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) had established a campaign to curb Leishmaniasis outbreaks in

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