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Migraines: How They Happen and How to Treat Them Without Drugs (Infographic)


If you’ve ever had a migraine, you know just how miserable they can be. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, roughly 36 million Americans suffer from recurrent migraines; 90% of these sufferers report being unable to work or function normally during an attack. While most people only have attacks once or twice a month, the MRF reports that a whopping 14 million people experience headaches on an almost daily basis. This great infographic — created Christine McMahon at WholesomeOne.com — gives you the

The Rise of Suburban Poverty (Infographic)

suburban poverty feat

Poverty is often seen as an urban problem – something that happens much more often in the city than in the suburbs. So you might be surprised to find out that since the year 2000, suburban poverty has increased by a whopping 139% while urban poverty is only up 50%. Today, more people live in poverty in the suburbs than in urban areas. Check out the infographic below, courtesy of Best MSW Programs, to learn more (click to view full size):

The Re-Segregation of American Public Schools (Infographic)

In the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case in 1954, the Supreme Court ruled that separate schools for different races were inherently unequal, legally ending the practice of public school segregation. It was a major step. Schools slowly began to integrate, leading to better academic achievement amongst minorities. Unfortunately, this integration peaked in 1988, and since the government released all schools from federal oversight in 1992, America’s public schools are looking more and more like they did before desegregation. One striking

This Billionaire Is Giving Away 75% of His Fortune After Meeting With Bill Gates

Nearly 40 years ago, back in 1976, an Indian man named Anil Agarwal started a small mining and energy company called Sterlite Industries in Mumbai, India. In 1986, he merged Sterlite with a number of other companies owned by his family to create Vedanta Resources. The energy and mining firm proved to be extremely successful, making Agarwal a very wealthy man. His current fortune is worth an estimated $3.3 billion, including a 70% stake in Vedanta on the London Stock Exchange. But Agarwal won’t

This School District’s New Vehicle Isn’t a Bus- It’s An Armored Military Vehicle

The flow of military equipment to local police forces has just taken a new turn, with news surfacing that the San Diego Unified School District now has an MRAP (mine-resistant ambush protect vehicle). The district acquired the vehicle via the government’s 1033 Program, which gives away unneeded or unused military equipment to local departments at no cost. This is the same program that provided much of the militaristic equipment seen during the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri. So what does the district need an

NASA’s Opportunity Rover Just Set the Off-World Driving Distance Record

NASA’s Opportunity rover landed on the surface of Mars in January of 2004. As of Sunday (July 26), the Opportunity rover had driven a total distance of 25 miles (40 kilometers). Opportunity took the top spot in total off-world distance traveled by surpassing Russia’s Lunokhod 2 lunar rover, which traveled a total distance of 39 kilometers across the surface of the moon between January and May of 1973. The Russian rover helped to bring about a golden age of space exploration in the

NASA Is Seeking Help In Potentially Finding Life On Jupiter’s Moon Europa (Video)

NASA is confident that underneath Jupiter’s moon Europa there could be more water than in our oceans here on Earth. So naturally, Europa has attracted a lot of attention, encouraging the curious to ask, “Could there be life on Europa?”. Currently, NASA is aiming to send a new mission to Europa by 2025. The White House’s 2015 federal budget allocates $15 million towards making this Europa mission a reality. Europa has recently become one of NASA’s main focuses because,  out of all the

Poverty Is Increasing WAY Faster In the Suburbs Than In the Cities (Infographic)

Poverty is often thought of as a predominantly urban problem. The inner city tends to be the most impoverished with wealth generally increasing as you get further and further out into the surrounding suburbs. However, this trend may be reversing. In the decade between 2000 and 2010, poverty in the suburbs rose a whopping 25% while poverty in cities only rose 5.6%. The infographic below shows how poverty rates changes in the urban areas and the suburbs of the largest U.S. cities during that

Taxes Are A Universal Fact of Life. But What Do They Look Like In Other Countries? (Infographic)

Did you know that many states will give you tax exemptions for flying your hot air balloon, but will make you pay property taxes on it if you leave it in storage? Or that the U.S. has a maximum income tax that’s 3 times higher than Russia’s? Check out this interesting infographic about taxes around the world sent to us by Bill Weiser at Online Accounting Degree Programs. Click to enlarge: BONUS: Most of the countries with zero income tax are in the Middle

70% of Young Children Can Use A Computer Mouse. Only 11% Can Tie Their Own Shoes (Infographic)

With the rise of modern technology, the look of the classroom has been changing rapidly. Computers are replacing workbooks, iPads are replacing notebook paper, and teachers are increasingly using social media to communicate with their students. Check out the awesome infographic below to learn more about how modern technology has been changing our education system (click the image to see the full size version):

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