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Activist Groups Are Planning to Balloon Drop “The Interview” DVDs Into North Korea

the interview feat

With extremely limited internet access and no phone lines connected to other countries, North Korea’s citizens are almost completely cut off from the outside world. Park Sang Hak was born and raised in North Korea but defected to the South when former leader Kim Jong-Il began purging many of his top intelligence officers in the late 90s. Park’s father, a North Korean intelligence agent who was posing as a businessman in Hong Kong at the time, feared that he and his family would

You Can Now Transfer Money to Other People Via Snapchat. But Would You?

Snapchat has partnered with online payment company Square to develop an easier way for users to transfer money electronically. The announcement was made in a blog post from Snapchat last month. Square is recognized for its contribution to small businesses, connecting online payment services with tablets and smart phones. Though Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel doesn’t expect the investment to rival leading online payment providers like PayPal, the partnership is big for Snapchat users. According to Bloomberg, “Snapchat, which recently received an investment from

NSA Chief Says China Is Capable of Shutting Down Entire U.S. Power Grid With Cyber Attack

Admiral Michael Rogers is the head of the National Security Agency (NSA) and U.S. Cyber Command. Speaking to the House Intelligence Committee on Thursday (November 20), Rogers said that China and “one or two” other countries currently possess the ability to shut down the entire U.S. power grid, as well as other critical infrastructure. Rogers told the congressional panel that his agencies had detected malware in China capable of breaking into the computer networks of major power companies and other critical systems. “It enables

President Obama Speaks Out, Endorsing “Strongest Possible Rules” to Protect Net Neutrality

Credit: Larry Downing/Reuters

Net neutrality has been a major issue of discussion in the United States since the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) voted back in May to move forward on a plan that would create “internet fast lanes”, allowing larger companies to pay more for faster speeds on their sites. The American public has shown strong opposition to this idea, and while FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has expressed his support for the fast lanes, the people now have a very powerful ally on

Elon Musk Teams Up With Former Google Exec to Build Satellites for Global Internet Access

Elon Musk is one of the world’s leading innovators. At just 43 years old, he has already founded a number of impressive businesses, including electric car maker Tesla Motors and private space exploration company SpaceX. Now, Musk has another big idea: using satellites to make internet access available everywhere in the world. This past Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Musk has teamed up with former Google executive Greg Wyler to look into designing small, cheap satellites that could be used to deliver

How Americans Are Paying More for Internet That’s Way Slower

The United States is definitely at the forefront of all things internet. The three largest internet companies in the world, Google, Facebook and Amazon, are all American, and have a combined net worth of more than $650 billion. In fact, 8 out of the top 10 biggest internet companies in the world are American. So it would only make sense that our average internet speeds over here should be pretty fast right? Well according to a new report released by the Open Technology Institute

New Study: Millennials Are Actually Reading MORE Than Their Elders

I’m sure you’ve heard it before: the media lamenting on how lost the young generation is, how addicted we are to technology, how we’re dumbing ourselves down and losing touch with our societal roots. But at least one study seems to be contradicting this characterization of young people as ignorant internet addicts. The study, published by the Pew Research Center last week, found that 88% of Americans between the ages of 16 and 29 claimed to have read at least one book over the

There Are More Single Americans Than Married Ones for the First Time On Record

The U.S. government first began collecting data on the number and proportion of single and married citizens in America back in 1976. In this first year of record-keeping, 37.6% of people reported being single. Since then, that number has been steadily rising year by year. This summer, single Americans officially became the majority. As of August, 124.6 million Americans (~50.2% of the population) are single, marking the first time since record-keeping began that there are more single Americans than married ones. The percentage

“Ukrainian Spider-Man” Uses Stalinist Tower In Daring Anti-Putin Protest

An urban free-climber who calls himself “Mustang Wanted” has admitted to a very creative form of protest vandalism. A little over a week ago, Mustang Wanted (who is based out of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev) visited Moscow to make a political statement. In the early morning hours of Wednesday, August 20th, he scaled the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, one of Moscow’s most iconic Stalin-era skyscrapers. At the top of the building is a massive Soviet star emblazoned with the hammer and sickle (a symbol which

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