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German Court Forces Anti-Vaxxer to Pay $106,000 After He Loses Measles Bet

measles bet

Despite the tireless efforts of doctors, scientists and the more level-headed members of society, the anti-vaccination movement has been stubbornly resilient. The latest chapter of this frustratingly ridiculous argument took place in Germany, where a recent measles outbreak has put the anti-vax discussion at the forefront of public discourse. Stefan Lanka, a German biologist and vocal anti-vaxxer, refuses to believe that measles is a virus (which is why he opposes vaccination). Instead, Lanka insists that the disease is a psychosomatic illness that occurs when,

Migrating West African Fruit Bats May Play A Key Role In Finding A Cure for Ebola

migrating fruit bats

The recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the deadliest yet, killing more than 8,000 people and stretching the health infrastructures of a number of African countries to their limits (and sometimes beyond). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 20,000 people from Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia – the three hardest hit countries – have contracted the Ebola virus. Since the outbreak began, scientists have been searching for clues to help them understand where the virus came from and how it behaves. Part of

College Coaches Are the Highest Paid Public Employees in 39 of the 50 U.S. States

highest paid employee

With the first ever college football playoff national championship game just a week away, Americans are gearing up for a showdown between the Buckeyes of Ohio State and the Ducks of Oregon. Both of these teams have experienced their fair share of success recently, and both schools reward their respective coaches accordingly. Ohio State coach Urban Meyer has a base salary of about $4.5 million. According to USA Today’s Steve Berkowitz, he received a $50,000 bonus for his win over Alabama in

New Study: Two-Thirds of Cancer Cases Can Be Attributed to Bad Luck

cancer feat

It seems like every day there’s some new study claiming that this, that or the other causes cancer. First it was cell phones and aspartame, then it was processed foods and GMOs. While all of those things may very well play a role in the development of cancers, new research indicates that the majority of cancer cases can be attributed to random mutations that occur in DNA when cells divide. The study was carried out by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. According

Residents of Former Top Secret Soviet Nuclear Village Suffering From Unknown Sleep Disorder

sleep disorder feat

More than 100 of the 600 residents of Kalachi village in Kazakhastan have experienced a strange “sleep epidemic” at least once in the past few years. According to RT… “Every tenth villager of Kazakhstan’s Kalachi has unexpectedly fallen asleep in broad daylight – some unable to wake up for several days. Despite numerous attempts to find the cause of the inexplicable disorder, the Sleepy Hollow riddle remains unsolved.” In one case, eight kids spontaneously fell asleep within an hour, and in one winter

New Study Traces a 40 Million-Year Battle Between Primates and Pathogens


The human body has developed numerous defense mechanisms for fighting against infection. Sneezing, inflammation and even a runny nose are all attempts by your body to rid itself of harmful pathogens. One lesser known defense mechanism is “nutritional immunity”: your body’s ability to protect its iron stores from invading bacteria. Iron plays an essential role in delivering oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body through the bloodstream. About 70% of the iron in the body is found in red blood cells. The

Is Milk Really All That Good For You?

Would it surprise you to find out that most people are lactose-intolerant? Most mammals (including humans) drink milk at a young age, but as we start to grow older, our bodies begin to stop digesting lactose properly. According to the National Library of Medicine, approximately 65% of people on the planet have trouble digesting milk. For these people, drinking milk can cause constipation, acid-reflex, migraines, increased eczema, and even joint pain! But we’ve all seen those ads on TV claiming that

Breakthrough: Japanese Scientists Make Mouse Nearly Invisible

On Friday, Researchers at Riken Quantitative Biology Center and the University of Tokyo announced that they had succeeded in making a dead mouse nearly transparent by using a decolorization method that removes nearly all the color from its tissue, according to The Wall Street Journal. The project’s leaders say that the study allows for them to see the “bigger picture”, which could help them better understand how certain genes are expressed in different tissues, how embryos develop, how cancer or autoimmune diseases develop at

Student’s Inflatable Incubator Wins This Year’s James Dyson Award (Video)

James Dyson is a British inventor and industrial designer who made his mark (and his fortune) in the vacuum industry starting in the mid 1990s. After making a considerable amount of wealth off of his vacuums, Dyson decided to set up a foundation dedicated to encouraging young scientists and inventors. Every year, the Dyson Foundation gives out an award to one lucky young inventor. This year’s winner: an inflatable incubator invented by recent Loughborough University graduate James Roberts. According to the Dyson

This GIF Shows The Inside of the Human Body, From Head to Toe (GIF and Video)

Back in the early 90s, scientists from the U.S. National Library of Medicine came up with a bold idea: imaging the entire human body, from top to bottom, in cross-sectional segments only a millimeter thick. They called the endeavor The Visible Human Project. Two cadavers, one male and one female, were encased in gelatin and then frozen into ice blocks, at frigid temperature of -160 degrees Fahrenheit (-71 degrees Celsius). Then, a sophisticated cryogenic microtome (basically a very finely-tuned deli slicer in a

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