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Why Millennials Fear the Future – Part III: The Wild World of Human Enhancement


Would you believe me if I told you that earlier this year, Chinese scientists genetically modified human embryos for the first time ever? Actually, it really doesn’t matter if you believe me, because either way it happened. Gene Editing If you weren’t aware of that fact before now, your first thought was probably something along the lines of, ‘Man, that seems like it could pose some serious ethical problems. I feel like we ought to come up with some basic

The Calcium Myth: Calcium Has No Effect On Bone Density Or the Risk of Fractures, Analysis Finds

calcium and bones

“Drink your milk! It’s full of calcium that will help your bones grow strong!” We’ve probably all heard some version of this adage before — if not from our parents then from those classic Got Milk commercials… But if you’re someone who has been drinking milk or taking calcium supplements under the impression that it’s helping your bones, I’ve got some bad news for you: you’ve been lied to. A recent analysis of two large-scale reviews of studies found that calcium — whether eaten in

Child Mortality Has Been Cut By More Than Half Since 1990

child mortality

Over the past 25 years, organizations like the United Nations, Unicef and the World Health Organization have been working tirelessly to improve health conditions for children around the world. Their efforts have not been in vain: between 1990 and 2015, the number of children dying before the age of five each year has dropped by 53%, from 12.7 million/year to just around 5.9 million/year today. While that figure is definitely a major improvement, it still means that roughly 16,000 children die each day before reaching

Cuba Just Became the First Country to Eliminate Mother-to-Baby HIV Transmission

cuba hiv transmission

For decades, Cuba has been one of the leaders in global health. Cuban doctors led the way in the fight against Ebola, and American doctors are just now getting their hands on a lung cancer vaccine that Cuba has had for 20 years. Cuba achieved yet another medical milestone today, becoming the first country to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV or syphilis. The announcement was made by the World Health Organization. The WHO’s director general Margaret Chan called the accomplishment, “one of the

This PhD Student Is Developing A Cheap and Painless Tattoo Removal Cream

tattoo removal cream

For generations, tattoos have been synonymous with words like permanent and everlasting. Although there have been advances in tattoo removal in recent years, the most common forms use lasers, which can be painful and expensive. Alex Falkenham, a pathology researcher and current PhD student at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, may have found an alternative. Falkenham has developed an affordable painless topical cream that removes tattoo ink from the skin. When ink is tattooed onto the skin, your immune system responds by sending macrophages to

Brazilian Man Sings and Plays His Guitar During Brain Surgery (Video)

brain surgery guitar

Earlier this month, 33-year-old Anthony Kullkamp Dias sang and played six songs on his guitar while undergoing brain surgery in his home country of Brazil. Dias was recently diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor that needed to be removed. The doctors who worked with Dias told him that in order for the brain surgery to be successful, he had to be awake and alert during the surgery. Physicians say this is not unusual — in fact, many types of brain surgery require the patient

Scientists Develop Promising New Therapy to Help Restore Vision to the Blind


Over 280 million people are visually impaired worldwide, but there could soon be hope for many of them: scientists from the University of Berne in Switzerland have proposed a restorative treatment for people suffering from hereditary blindness. Dr. Sonja Kleinlogel, one of the many authors and collaborators involved in the research study, says that a method known as optogenics can be used to activate the remaining light-sensitive retinal cells imbedded in the retinas of people suffering from hereditary blindness. The retina is

Artificial Intelligence Software Could Detect Cancer Earlier and More Accurately

AI cancer detection

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, working in collaboration with a team from Massachusetts General Hospital, have created software that analyzes hundreds of past medical reports to help physicians diagnose cancer earlier in patients. Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymph system (part of the immune system) — a new person is diagnosed with lymphoma every 3 minutes in the United States. To make matters worse, there are 50 different types of lymphoma, and doctors often have a hard time distinguishing between

Hate Needles? This New Pain-Free Device Collects Blood Without Them

pain free blood sample

Almost everyone has been subjected to a blood test at some point in their life. Blood is tested for a variety of components that are analyzed to help measure a person’s health. For more than 150 years now, needles have been the dominant method for drawing blood, but the risks associated with this method — not to mention the general discomfort of being stabbed by a metal syringe — can now be avoided. Not long ago, medical researchers at Tasso Inc. received a $3 million federal grant

This “Pacemaker For The Stomach” Could Help You Lose Weight

stomach pacemaker

Earlier this year, the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) gave its approval to a unique new electronic device that helps individuals lose weight. EnteroMedics Inc., a biotechnology company in Minnesota, has created a “pacemaker for the stomach” in order to provide another treatment avenue for people battling obesity. Obesity can be caused by a variety of factors, such as genetics, smoking and current medicine use. But the single biggest contributer to excess food consumption is your appetite. Hunger occurs when the abdominal vagus nerve sends signals to

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