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Scientists Prepare to Reanimate 30,000-Year-Old Virus Found Frozen In Siberian Wastelands


Earlier this week, a team of French researchers announced plans to wake up an ancient virus that has been lying dormant in Siberia’s frozen wastelands for the last 30,000 years. The virus, known as Mollivirus sibericum, was found in the permafrost of northeastern Russia and is the fourth prehistoric virus to be discovered since 2003. While it’s unlikely that the virus will pose any serious health threats, the researchers still plan to confirm that the bug is unable to infect humans or animals before they reanimate it.

Classified Report Reveals the True Death Toll of Russian Soldiers In Ukraine

russia soldier death toll

Since the conflict in Ukraine began last spring, Russian President Vladimir Putin has done everything he can to hide his country’s involvement. Despite satellite imagery showing Russian military columns crossing the border, Putin has doggedly denied his country’s role in supporting pro-Russian rebels in the eastern part of Ukraine. In May, he even went so far as to decree that all deaths of military personnel would be considered state secrets. But while Putin has been publicly denying the existence of Russian troops in Ukraine, Kremlin

Stephen Hawking and Russian Billionaire Launch $100 Million Search for Alien Life

Breakthrough Listen

World-renowned astronomer and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has teamed up with Russian billionaire Yuri Milner to launch a massive privately-funded hunt for alien life. The $100 million project, called Breakthrough Listen, was announced during a press conference at the Royal Society in London on Monday. “We believe that life arose spontaneously on Earth, so in an infinite universe, there must be other occurrences of life,” Hawking said during the press conference. Milner, the Russian investor bankrolling the project, traces his fascination with space all

Under Putin’s New Decree, All Russian Military Deaths Are Now State Secrets

russian state secrets

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared that from now on, any and all information about the deaths of Russian military personnel will be considered a state secret — not only in times of war but in times of peace as well. Though Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said that the move has nothing to do with the conflict in Ukraine, many activists are viewing it as yet another attempt by Putin to hide Russia’s involvement in the conflict. Valentina Melnikova is

IRS: Russian Thieves Used Our Online Service to Steal Tax Info of 100,000+ People

irs breach

The tax information of more than 100,000 Americans is now in the hands of cyber criminals, who have already used the information to claim as much as $50 million in fraudulent returns. The IRS believes that the attack originated in Russia, sources within the agency told CNN on Thursday. The agency’s Criminal Investigation Unit (as well as the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration) are still conducting their investigations, however. The thieves stole the information by utilizing an online service run by the IRS, the agency

Forget the Arrests — FIFA Czar Sepp Blatter Is Getting A Major Pass Right Now (Editorial)

blatter feat

This morning, I joined the tens of millions of people around the world celebrating the news that 14 officials from FIFA — the world governing body for the sport of soccer — had been indicted on charges of corruption. But noticeably absent from those indictments was the name of FIFA’s current president, Sepp Blatter. Blatter has been running the organization for nearly two decades now, and has played a major role in the organization’s push to increase the sport’s popularity in

52 International Skydivers Break “Head Up” Formation World Record (Video)

As if skydiving wasn’t intense enough, last year an international group of 52 skydivers set a new world record for the “head up” skydiving formation. According to Business Insider… “An amazing video has emerged of 52 skydivers setting a new world record for a ‘Head Up’ flight formation over Phoenix, AZ, US. The footage is shot by participant Zachary R. Sabel using a helmet-mounted camera.”   The stunt was certainly impressive, using three different planes to carry skydivers from countries like

Russia Just Announced Plans to Close 40% of Its Universities. Here’s Why

russia universities

On Friday (4/17), Russian Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov caused quite a stir when he announced that Russia would be closing 40% of its universities by 2016. The government also plans to cut the number of university branches by 80%, Livanov said. According to data from the Ministry of Education and Science, Russia has 593 state universities (with 1,376 branches) and 486 private universities (with 682 branches). According to Livanov, there are five times as many universities in Russia today than there were during the time of

Vladimir Putin Announces Plans To Build Russian Space Station By 2023

It seems that the International Space Station may have some company in space soon. According to Yahoo News… “Russia plans to build its own orbiting space station by 2023, President Vladimir Putin said Thursday during a marathon call-in session with the nation.” Currently, Russia and NASA are jointly using the International Space Station (ISS), along with a number of other countries from around the world. Since the ISS provides value to both Russia and the United States, both countries have agreed to

Poland Is Building Border Towers to Monitor Russian Activity In Kaliningrad

polish border

The Polish government has announced plans to erect six watch towers along its border with the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad as tensions in eastern Europe continue to rise. The move is likely a response to recent reports claiming that Russia has dispatched a number of short-range missiles to Kaliningrad as part of extensive military exercises in the Arctic. The towers, each measuring up to 164ft high, will stream live video to Polish guards to help them monitor Poland’s 124-mile border with Kaliningrad. “We are

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