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No, The World Is NOT About to Experience A “Mini Ice Age”

mini ice age

You may have seen a number of headlines over the past few days announcing the imminent arrival of a “mini ice age” in the next 15 years. As the sensational story gained momentum, all sorts of outlets picked it up, from Wired and Science Alert to MarketWatch and the Huffington Post. Heck, even The Weather Channel ran a segment on it. Unfortunately, all of these predictions of a “mini ice age” are simply the result of bad science reporting. The original story was based on

Watch: SpaceX Rocket Explodes and Disintegrates Minutes After Launch

falcon explosion

This morning, SpaceX geared up for its third attempt at recycling one of its Falcon 9 fuel rockets by landing it on a floating barge in the ocean. The first attempt was on target, but lacking in control; the second attempt was extremely close, but still failed. SpaceX’s engineers were hoping that the third time would be the charm with today’s launch. But as it turns out, they never even got a chance to try the barge landing. About two minutes after launch, SpaceX’s Dragon supply rocket

Vantablack: British Company Invents Material So Black You Can Barely See It

British technology company Surrey NanoSystems has developed a strange material that is so black it absorbs all but 0.035 percent of visual light, making it the world’s “blackest material”. According to The Independent… “It is so dark that the human eye cannot understand what it is seeing. Shapes and contours are lost, leaving nothing but an apparent abyss.”   The material, which is being call “Vantablack”, is a coating that is made by packing carbon nanotubes side by side. Each nanotube

This 3-Cent Droplet Lens Turns Your Smartphone Into A Powerful Microscope

pdms lens

Researchers from the University of Houston have developed an optical lens that can magnify images up to 120 times when attached to the average smartphone. The droplet-shaped lenses, which are made of a polymer called polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), are extremely inexpensive — the researchers estimate that it would cost just 3 cents a piece to produce them in bulk. Yu-Long Song is one of the scientists who worked on the lens. “Nearly everyone has a smartphone,” Sung said. “Instead of using a $30 or $50 attachment that students might

Scientists Just Captured What Thunder Looks Like for the First Time Ever (Video)

thunder image

A pair of scientists from the Southwest Research Insitute in San Antonio just became the first people to successfully image a thunderclap. Their research was presented at a geophysics conference in Montreal on Tuesday (May 5). Lightning and thunder are extremely unpredictable. While we obviously have the capability to track thunderstorms, it is virtually impossible to predict exactly when and where an individual lightning strike will occur. To get around this issue, scientists Maher Dayeh and Neal Evans created their own lightning by using

Robo Raven V: University Of Maryland’s New Bird-Like Drone (Video)

robo raven

Researchers working at the University of Maryland have developed a robotic bird-like machine. The hybrid drone is being called the Robo Raven V and is quite possibly the most functional wing-flapping aircraft ever created. According to UMD Robotics… “Robo Raven V utilizes both wings and propellers to generate a significantly greater amount of thrust and maneuverability, allowing it to perform tighter and more controlled aerobatics, carry greater payloads, fly for longer, and do realistic soaring and gliding.”     This is

Neuroscientist Uses One Person’s Brain to Control Another Person’s Arm (Video)

arm control

Greg Gage has always been fascinated by the brain. He dedicated his whole life to studying it, and spent six and a half years in graduate school at the University of Michigan just to earn the title of neuroscientist. As he climbed his way up the academic ladder, Gage noticed a major problem with the field of neuroscience: the equipment needed to do any serious research was so expensive that it was only available in the largest universities and institutions. In other words, you had

Swedish Brothers Launch Donut to the Edge of Space (Video)

space donut

Earlier this month, Swedish brothers Alexander and Benjamin Jönsson and a few of their friends launched a donut to the edge of space for the first time ever. After months of planning the group used a weather balloon to launch the donut from Askim, Norway on April 9th. According to Popular Science… “Like other weather-balloon-powered launches we’ve seen, it didn’t technically reach outer space – an altitude of 32 kilometers is still within the stratosphere. That’s still pretty high for a pastry, though.” In

Russia Just Announced Plans to Close 40% of Its Universities. Here’s Why

russia universities

On Friday (4/17), Russian Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov caused quite a stir when he announced that Russia would be closing 40% of its universities by 2016. The government also plans to cut the number of university branches by 80%, Livanov said. According to data from the Ministry of Education and Science, Russia has 593 state universities (with 1,376 branches) and 486 private universities (with 682 branches). According to Livanov, there are five times as many universities in Russia today than there were during the time of

Man’s Best Friend: Scientists Uncover Bonding Hormone Between Dogs and People

dog love

The bond between a dog-lover and their pooch is one of the strongest bonds in the world. Now, a team of researchers from Japan believe they have uncovered the science behind this phenomenon. During a recent study, scientists from Azabu University found that when a dog owner stares into their dog’s eyes, that person experiences a rush of a hormone called oxytocin. According to The Guardian, “The same hormone has been shown to spike in mothers’ brains when they look into their

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