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Anonymous Hackers “Expose and Destroy” Nearly 800 ISIS Twitter Accounts

anonymous isis

The “hacktivist” group Anonymous has decided to join in the battle against the self-proclaimed Islamic State. On Sunday (2/6), the group posted a list of nearly 800 ISIS-linked Twitter accounts to the online text storage site “Pastebin”, claiming that the accounts had been “exposed and destroyed” by Anonymous’s RedCult team. For some of the targeted accounts, the list included notes on the number of followers. If these figures are accurate, the hacked accounts had a combined audience of well over 1.5 million followers. Along with the Twitter accounts, Anonymous also exposed

Study Finds That Social Media Use Benefits Both Physical and Mental Health of the Elderly

elderly soc media

A recent study conducted in the UK and Italy seems to show that the use of social media may actually be beneficial to the overall health of elderly people. The 2-year study followed 120 elderly people from the south west of England and the Marche region of central Italy, two regions known for inheriting a long-living population. The study followed two groups: one with exposure to social media outlets such as e-mail, Skype and Facebook, and one without exposure to these outlets (the control

Facebook Is Facing A Class-Action Lawsuit for Scanning Users’ Private Messages

fb lawsuit

Facebook has been having a bit of a controversial year. The social media giant got blasted earlier this summer for manipulating users’ emotions, and their new mobile Facebook Messenger has been widely criticized for tracking a ridiculous amount of user data. Now they’re in hot water once again. According to engadget.com, “A California judge recently ruled that The Social Network will face a class-action lawsuit following accusations that it peeked at users’ private messages without consent to deliver targeted advertising.”

Student Raises $60,000 for Homeless Man Who Offered to Pay for Cab to Get Her Home Safely

uk art student

Dominique Harrison-Bentzen is an art student at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, England. Not long ago, Dominique was wrapping up a night out when she discovered that she had lost her bank card. While trying to figure out what to do next, Dominique was approached by a homeless man known only as Robbie. Robbie offered the 22-year-old his last £3 ($4.67) so that she could pay for a cab to take her home safely. Dominique ended up declining the offer,

Australians Offer to Ride by Muslims’ Side Amidst Fears of Retaliation for Hostage Situation

ill ride with you

Yesterday, Man Haron Monis, a self-described extremist Muslim cleric, entered a Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Sydney, Australia and took all of the store’s occupants hostage. The siege ended just a few hours ago after police stormed the cafe. As news spread that the hostage-taker was a Muslim, a coalition of Australian Muslim groups released a statement condemning the man’s actions. “We reject any attempt to take the innocent life of any human being, or to instil fear and terror into their hearts,”

Were Our Most Celebrated Leaders All Good, Moral People? (Opinion Piece)

Before I really get into this piece, I just want to warn you that after reading it, you may never look at some of history’s most honored figures the same way ever again. That being said, let’s start off in the present. Next Tuesday, November 4th, Americans will vote in the midterm elections to decide the political fate of the American Congress. As usual, underhanded, and just downright offensive mud-slinging tactics have been being used for political gains all over the

Nigerian Military Kills Boko Haram Leader and Captures Hundreds of Militants

Earlier today, the Nigerian military announced that nearly 270 Boko Haram fighters have surrendered this week following a military offensive against the Islamic militant group in northeast Nigeria. A military spokesman also announced that the Nigerian military had killed Boko Haram’s current leader, Mohammed Bashir. The group’s original leader, Abubakar Shekau, is thought to have died back in 2009. Nigerian officials say that following Shekau’s death, Bashir (who looks a lot like the late Shekau) began to impersonate the leader. “[Bashir] had been

5 Months After the #BringBackOurGirls Campaign, Nothing Has Been Done

Do you remember back in April when social media was flooded with the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls following the kidnapping of 270 girls from a school in Nigeria by the militant group Boko Haram? Everyone got in on the hashtag, from Queen Latifa to Malala Yousafzai and Michele Obama. But what has been done since then? Pretty much nothing actually. Though 57 of the girls managed to escape within the first few days, not a single girl has actually been rescued. How could this be,

There Are More Single Americans Than Married Ones for the First Time On Record

The U.S. government first began collecting data on the number and proportion of single and married citizens in America back in 1976. In this first year of record-keeping, 37.6% of people reported being single. Since then, that number has been steadily rising year by year. This summer, single Americans officially became the majority. As of August, 124.6 million Americans (~50.2% of the population) are single, marking the first time since record-keeping began that there are more single Americans than married ones. The percentage

A “Burn the ISIS Flag Challenge” Has Gone Viral in the Arab World

First there was the ALS ice bucket challenge. Then, India introduced their own creative version, the rice bucket challenge. Now, yet another social media challenge is rapidly gaining momentum: the burn the ISIS flag challenge. It began a couple days ago when three young men from Lebanon took pictures of themselves burning the Islamic State flag in the middle of Sassine Square in Lebanon’s capital Beirut and then posted the pictures to social media. Not long afterwards, a Lebanese YouTube user

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