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“Language of the Unheard”: How Dr. King Really Felt About Rioting (Editorial)

mlk on rioting

Less than six months after the events of Ferguson, the crisis in Baltimore is once again forcing Americans to confront the uncomfortable issue of racial tension in our modern society. As with the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, the death of Freddie Gray – whose spinal cord was almost completely severed while he was in the custody of Baltimore PD — sparked outrage and city-wide protests. And as with the shooting of Michael Brown, media coverage has focused on

A Dutch Nursing Home Is Letting Students Live There Rent-Free, With One Condition


In a yellow-brick building in Deventer, Netherlands, college students and senior citizens share a living space as part of a unique “intergenerational” project that benefits everyone involved. The Humanitas retirement home allows students to live there rent-free, with only one stipulation: they have to spend at least 30 hours a month with the home’s senior citizens. So far, a total of six college students have moved in. “They go see the pensioners for a chat, they play games, go with them to the shopping centre, (and)

Egyptian Woman Who Dressed As A Man For 43 Years To Provide For Her Family Receives Government Honors

abu daooh

For more than four decades, an Egyptian woman has been disguising herself as a man in order to work and support her family after the death of her husband. Now, she is finally being honored for that incredible sacrifice. According to Al-Arabiya, “The Social Solidarity Directorate of Luxor said it was awarding the “woman breadwinner” award to Sisa Abu Daooh for her years of hard work providing for her daughter and her grandchildren.”   Abu Daooh’s husband passed away while

What’s Inside Obama’s $4 Trillion Federal Budget Proposal?

2016 budget

This past Monday (2/2), President Barack Obama released his 2016 federal budget proposal. The President’s proposal called for $3.99 trillion dollars in federal spending, a 6.4% increase from this year’s budget. However, the budget forecasts $3.53 trillion in revenue, resulting in a budget deficit of just $474 billion – the lowest annual deficit since before the financial meltdown in 2008. The President defended the increased spending in his budget by citing the improving economy, saying that the country needs to move beyond

President Obama Is Proposing A Plan to Make Community College Free for All Americans

obama college feat

In a video uploaded to the White House’s official Facebook page on Thursday (January 8), President Obama gave a sneak peak into his upcoming State of the Union speech from aboard Air Force One. The video focused on a bold new plan by the President to make two years of community college free to any American who is interested. “Put simply, what I’d like to do is to see the first two years of community college free for anybody who’s willing

How the Recession’s Lasting Effects Are Interfering With People’s Love Lives

Young people today are marrying later than ever before. It seems that Millennials (people born between 1981 and 2000) are choosing to focus more on their growing economic concerns rather than finding love. And since the economic fallout in 2008, marriage has increasingly been based on financial responsibility, rather than simply on mutual attraction. It has certainly been a rough few years for one of life’s milestones, but that is not to say that people have just stopped getting married altogether. Rather, people

Germany Just Scrapped ALL Their Tuition Fees- Can We Can Get A Break Here in the US??

While the average college graduate in the United States is graduating with about $30,000 in student loan debt, Germany has decided that even much lower levels of tuition are simply unacceptable. The state of Lower Saxony, in northwest Germany, was the last of the country’s 16 states to do away with tuition fees. Dorothee Stapelfeldt is a senator in Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city. She is also head of Hamburg’s Department of Science and Research. She spoke to The Times about the

45% of Russians Believe A Global Shadow Government Controls the World

Consider the following statement: “The world is run by some sort of overarching entity that pulls the strings in governments around the globe.” While groups like NATO, the United Nations and the G20 all include some of the biggest and most influential nations in the world, most people would probably say that the statement above is a bit of a stretch. Unless, of course, you live in Russia. A recent poll carried out by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center found that a whopping 45% of Russians agreed

My Two Cents On Ray Rice, Janay Palmer, and American Society (Opinion)

This week, pop culture conversations in the United States have been dominated by discussions of the recently released video of Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiancé (and now wife) Janay Palmer. There are so many different facets of this discussion which I could address, but I’ve chosen to focus on the two which have been the most prominent in my mind. Cent #1: Domestic violence is a widespread problem in professional sports American society is reactionary. As a result, so too are

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