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Innovative Tech Firm Shows Off A Drone Controlled Entirely By Brainwaves (Video)


Imagine boarding a flight in which the pilot isn’t even on the plane. Instead, he or she is on the ground, hooked up to a helmet that allows them to fly the plane using nothing but their brainwaves. That’s the future that Tekever imagines. The innovative company demonstrated the technology at an airstrip in Lisbon, Portugal earlier this month, using it to control a small unmanned drone. Tekever based their brain-controlled drone system off of existing electroencephalography (EEG) technology, tweaking it so that it could

Omni Wheel: Transform Any Bike Into An Electric-Powered Hybrid In 30 Minutes (Video)

omni wheel

New York-based electric bicycle company EVELO just unveiled their new “Omni Wheel”: a front-wheel equipped with a 35W electric motor to give riders a power boost. With a quick 30-minute installation, riders can “electrify” their bikes, removing the existing front tire and replacing it with the Omni Wheel. Once installed, the wheel is able to accurately sense your pedal movements and provide complimentary power at speeds up to 20 mph. The Omni also comes with a wireless display that allows the rider to choose the level

Japanese Theme Park Makes Plans To Build A Hotel Staffed 90% By Robots

Image Credit: Entrepreneur

The Huis Ten Bosch theme park, located in Japan’s Nagasaki Prefecture, has set plans to build a hotel that will be almost entirely staffed by robots. The hotel will be called the Henn-na Hotel, which translates to the “Strange Hotel”, because of its unusually high-tech environment. According to CNN… “We’re not sure if the robotic staff at a planned hotel in Japan will be tucking guests into their beds at night, but they’ll be performing plenty of other traditional hospitality tasks.” Staying true to their

Google, Amazon and Microsoft Are Paying to Get Around Adblock Plus Filters

adblock plus feat

The internet is saturated with pesky, distracting and irritating ads, which is precisely why Adblock Plus – a service that blocks these ads – has been exploding in popularity recently, growing nearly 70% in just the past year. But while Adblock Plus certainly does an excellent job blocking ads from all sorts of sources, the service is also apparently catering to a small number of web giants who don’t want their advertisements to be hidden. Last week, the Financial Times reported that Google, Microsoft and Amazon have been paying their

Anonymous Hackers “Expose and Destroy” Nearly 800 ISIS Twitter Accounts

anonymous isis

The “hacktivist” group Anonymous has decided to join in the battle against the self-proclaimed Islamic State. On Sunday (2/6), the group posted a list of nearly 800 ISIS-linked Twitter accounts to the online text storage site “Pastebin”, claiming that the accounts had been “exposed and destroyed” by Anonymous’s RedCult team. For some of the targeted accounts, the list included notes on the number of followers. If these figures are accurate, the hacked accounts had a combined audience of well over 1.5 million followers. Along with the Twitter accounts, Anonymous also exposed

Why You Should Be Careful Discussing Personal Info In Front of Samsung’s Smart TVs

smart tv feat

“Please note that this conversation may be recorded for quality control purposes.” Imagine finding that in the fine print for your voice-activated TV, and you have the latest controversy over Samsung’s new SmartTV. In a small section of the SmartTV “privacy policy”, Samsung informs users that the TVs may, “capture voice commands and associated texts.” Samsung then goes on to say: “Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data

Taiwan Outlaws Use of iPads and Other Technology By Toddlers, Controls Use By Children/Youth

taiwan tech law feat

Since the advent of commercial television in the late 1940s, parents around the world have been engaged in a constant battle to keep their children from getting “glued to the screen”. Today, that battle has been all but decided, with an endless stream of smartphones, tablets, game consoles and other gadgets making it extremely difficult to control children’s exposure to technology. And let’s be honest: even the best parents use the iPad every now and then to get a few moments of peace and quiet. The

Artist Embeds USB Drive “Dead Drops” in Walls and Buildings All Across New York City

dead drops

Across New York City, USB drives stick out from walls, buildings and curbs, embedded with concrete in innocuous places. A Berlin-based media artist named Aram Bartholl began installing what he calls “Dead Drops” throughout the city in October 2010 as part of an art project aimed at creating anonymous, offline file-sharing networks in public spaces. “Dead drop” refers to a spy term for physical locations selected or designed for the exchange of information or items. As Bartholl himself writes on the official

U.S. Navy Unveils Prototype of Autonomous Humanoid Firefighting Robot (Video)


The U.S. Navy is exploring a futuristic new approach to onboard fire control: robots. On Wednesday (2/4), the Navy unveiled the Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot (SAFFiR) at the annual Naval Future Force Science & Technology EXPO in Washington, D.C. The robot, which was developed by researchers at Virgina Tech University, stands 5 foot 10 and weighs around 140 pounds. According to Phys.org, the robot, “…walked across uneven floors, used thermal imaging to identify overheated equipment, and used a hose to extinguish a small

Lampuga- The Electric-Powered Luxury Jet Surfboard (Video)

lampuga feat

By carefully merging innovative electric jet technology with the traditional benefits of surfing, a group of water enthusiasts from Germany have created the ultimate acquatic luxury toy. More than just a surfboard, the Lampuga can travel up to 32mph using a 15-horsepower propulsion system. The first-of-its-kind electric jet propulsion engine takes only two hours to charge, and is capable of traveling up 12 miles on a full battery. According to Lampuga’s website… “Its lightweight carbon-fibre composite construction and powerful full-electric jet drive enable it to reach high

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