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Former Factory Worker Invents A “Chairless Chair” So You Can Sit Anywhere (Video)

keith gunura

Swiss ergonomics company Noonee has created an exoskeleton for your legs that allows you to sit anywhere. It may seem awkward at first, but using the “Chairless Chair” is as simple as pushing a button and sitting back. When you sit back the device locks into place, putting you in a stable seated position with support. The device, which weighs roughly four-and-a-half pounds, is made of carbon fiber and aluminum. It also features a 6-volt battery that can last up to 8

U.S. Justice Dept. Acknowledges Domestic Drone Use By FBI, DEA and Other Agencies With New Guidelines

justice dpt drone guidelines

On Friday (5/22), the U.S. Justice Department released its first ever written guidelines for domestic drone use. The move marks the first time that the government has publicly acknowledged that the FBI, DEA and other federal agencies have been using unmanned aerial drones for operations within the United States. According to the AP, “The unmanned aircraft already have been used in kidnapping, drug and fugitive cases, as well as search and rescue operations, the department said.” The guidelines also suggest that these agencies

Hate Needles? This New Pain-Free Device Collects Blood Without Them

pain free blood sample

Almost everyone has been subjected to a blood test at some point in their life. Blood is tested for a variety of components that are analyzed to help measure a person’s health. For more than 150 years now, needles have been the dominant method for drawing blood, but the risks associated with this method — not to mention the general discomfort of being stabbed by a metal syringe — can now be avoided. Not long ago, medical researchers at Tasso Inc. received a $3 million federal grant

LG Just Unveiled A Ridiculously Thin “Wallpaper TV”. But Is It For Real?

wallpaper tv2

Earlier this month LG unveiled a 55-inch super-thin and flexible television screen. Measuring less than a millimeter thick, the new TV is so light that it can be attached to the wall using only small magnets. Although many people and are now demanding one of their own, the new LG product is still in development and may never make it past the proof-of-concept stage. According to Business Insider… “…there’s no indication when or if a product like this will actually come to

Watch: Canadian Man Sets Guinness World Record for Farthest Hoverboard Flight

hoverboard record

It seems that the age of hoverboards predicted in Back to the Future may have finally arrived. On Friday (5/22), officials from Guinness World Records confirmed that Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru had set a new world record when he traveled just over 905 feet (276 m) on a self-made hoverboard back in August. Check out video of the new world record below: The record-setting flight took place over the waters of Lake Ouareau in Quebec, Canada. Catalin reached a height of 5 meters (16.5 feet)

NASA Radar Saves 4 Men In Nepal By Detecting Their Heartbeats Beneath Rubble

finder nepal

A few years ago, NASA began developing a small, portable radar device called FINDER (Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response). The device works by sending out microwave signals and then analyzing the resulting echoes when they bounce off of different objects. The device is so sensitive that it can detect a person’s breathing and heartbeat. And that’s exactly what it did earlier this month, when it was used to locate four men who were trapped beneath rubble in the aftermath of

Google Is Mining Public Images to Create Incredible Time-Lapses of the World (Video)

timelapse mining

They call it “time-lapse mining”. Working in collaboration with Google, researchers from the University of Washington have created software that scours the internet for millions of public images and then stitches them together to create amazing time-lapses of popular locations and landmarks around the world. The researchers explain, “First, we cluster 86 million photos into landmarks and popular viewpoints. Then, we sort the photos by date and warp each photo onto a common viewpoint. Finally, we stabilize the appearance of the sequence to compensate

How 3D-Printed Pills Could Help You Feel Better Faster

3d pill printer

All of us have taken a pill at some point in our life. Whether for sinus congestion, an upset stomach or a headache, medications usually take a while before they start acting in your body. But that could wait could be significantly shortened in the next few years, thanks to our recent advances in 3D-printing technology. UK-based FabRx Ltd., in collaboration with medical researchers from the School of Pharmacy at University College of London (UCL), recently published a study showing that the shape of

Video: Just Throw This Drone In the Air and It Will Follow You Around Capturing Footage

lily cam

Camera drones have been used to capture some pretty incredible footage: a fireworks display, a dolphin stampede, and the world’s largest cave are just a few examples. The only problem with camera drones is that they typically require a human operator, making it virtually impossible to capture drone footage of yourself doing any sort of dynamic activity. That’s where the Lily Camera comes in. The innovative drone cam is able to fly autonomously, and shadows your movements by following the signal of a small circular tracker

The First Self-Driving Big-Rigs Are About to Hit U.S. Roads

inspiration feat

It seems like everyone is developing autonomous cars these days. Google was the first to begin serious testing of self-driving vehicles, but companies like Tesla, Delphi and even Apple have been working on developing their own autonomous auto technology. Automaker Daimler just added a much larger vehicle to driverless trend. On Wednesday, Apr. 29, the company announced that its new autonomous Inspiration trucks have been cleared to drive on U.S. roads in Nevada. The Inspiration isn’t the world’s first autonomous truck — a number

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