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Secret Google X Project Bringing Us A Step Closer To Drone Deliveries (Video)

Google X, Google’s research and development lab, has been known for projects like Project Loon, Google Glass, driverless cars and more. Now, it seems the company is taking on drones as well, after it was recently revealed that Google X has been secretly developing a drone program over the last two years. Last week, after the secret program (known as “Project Wing”) was revealed to the public, it was obvious that Google’s new drones would be in direct competition with Amazon’s more

This GoPro Survived a Failed Rocket Test. Here’s the Epic Footage (Video)

Ever wondered what it looks like at the bottom of a rocket during an engine malfunction? Well, thanks to GoPro, now you know: Copenhagen Suborbitals (who owns the rocket in the gif above) is a Danish, ameteur based non-profit aerospace organization. Their main goal (right now at least) is to launch a human into space and return them home safely. Recently, the company was carrying out a test of its HEAT-2X rocket, and decided to use a GoPro HERO3 camera to capture the action

A 3-D Printed Robot Flying A Prototype for a Quadcopter Hoverbike (Video)

Back in May, I wrote an article about a futuristic new hoverbike called the Aero-X set to go on sale in 2017. Now it seems that the Aero-X may have some serious competition. A company called Malloy Aeronautics recently completely a successful Kickstarter campaign for a similar hoverbike that uses four helicopter bladed instead of two, adding additional control, stability and maneuverability to the craft. Though they haven’t yet built a full-size model, Malloy Aeronautics has built a 1/3 scale model that they’re

Chinese Boy Receives First 3-D Printed Vertebra Implant (Video)

Doctors at Beijing’s Peking University have made a truly monumental step in the field of orthopedic surgery: implanting the first ever 3-D printed vertebra into a 12-year old boy. After he suffered a neck injury while playing soccer, it was discovered that the boy had a malignant tumor on his spinal chord. Following an examination of the tumor, the boy’s doctors decided that their only choice was to remove his entire second vertebra. But rather than replacing it with a traditional orthopedic implant, the

How A Parisian Engineer Revealed The Mona Lisa’s 500-Year Old Secrets

The Mona Lisa is arguably the most iconic and well-known piece of art in the world. In December of 1962, just before the painting began a tour of the United States, The Louvre (the French Museum that serves as the painting’s permanent home) had an insurance assessment done on the painting: it was valued at a whopping $100 million. In today’s dollars (accounting for inflation), that’s around $780 million. Take into account that the painting has only been increasing in

Finally, A Solar Panel That You Can Actually See Through!

A close up of the solar concentrator (Photo: Yimu Zhao)

Solar power technology has been advancing rapidly in recent years. The rapidly decreasing cost and increasing efficiency of solar power has set off a solar revolution worldwide. Germany, which is currently using solar to produce 50% of its total energy, has led the charge, along with the rest of Europe. Other countries, like India, have made the expansion of solar infrastructure a primary focus. Now, there’s a new advancement which could end up being the tipping point in the solar revolution: a

Deaths That Don’t Have to Happen: The Relationship Between Knowledge and Health

Editor’s note: As part of  a writing class I took this summer, I had to do a group project addressing a social issue within our society. Part of that assignment was writing an essay that promotes activism to address the issue.The research inspired me, so I decided to share that essay with you. Hope you enjoy!  Knowledge, and the desire to use it to better our own lives, as well as the lives of everyone else. This is what has made our species

Beijing’s Simple Yet Effective Idea to Get People to Recycle (Video)

China has become notorious in recent years for its high levels of air pollution. This, however, is only one of many issues facing China as the country’s middle class continues to grow. Beijing, China’s capital city, is home to around 20 million people. As a result, the city produces a lot of trash. On a number of occasions, academics have attempted to estimate just how much trash Beijing produces. They have all failed, due in large part to the fact that the massive

How To See A Map of Every Location Where Google Has Tracked You

Source: Google Official History, Comscore (Courtesy of statisticsbrain.com)

I’m not here to bash Google or Google Maps. I use both regularly and I definitely appreciate the convenience they’ve added to my life (the time before Google Search seems more and more like the dark ages these days). But with added convenience often comes added cost. One of those costs is allowing Google to track your movements using GPS satellites. This allows them to give you a very high level of accuracy during navigation, but it also allows them to store

A Look Inside The World’s Most Expensive RV (Video)

The most luxurious motorhome in the world - eleMMent Palazzo

Recently an RV sold in Dubai for its asking price of $3.1 million. This hefty price tag put the RV on record as the world’s most expensive RV ever sold. But why would someone pay so much for an RV? Well for starters, the outside of the record-setting RV is covered in gold. Also, the RV is a double-decker that has tons of amenities, including a pop-up rooftop terrace, fireplace, master bedroom, underfloor heating, self-cleaning technology, a top speed of 93 mph,

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