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Ingenious Beekeeping Invention Sets Record for Most Money Ever Raised On Indiegogo

flow hive

For generations, the harvesting of honey has been an intense and arduous process, involving heavy protective equipment and lots of tedious manual labor. But now, there’s a much, much easier way to harvest honey: the “Flow Hive”. Created by father-and-son duo Cedar and Stuart Anderson, the uniquely designed beehive allows you to extract honey by simply turning a tap, saving you the hassle of having to open up the hive and remove each individual frame. When the Anderson’s launched a crowd-funding Indiegogo campaign for their invention earlier

New Terminator-Inspired Method Makes 3D Printing 25-100 Times Faster (Video)

terminator printing

In the climax of the movie “Terminator 2″, the Terminator’s arch-nemesis — the evil T-1000 — is melted down into a puddle of metallic goo. Unfortunately for Arnold and company, the robot re-emerges seconds later, rising fully-formed from the puddle of molten metal. It was this scene that inspired a group of scientists at a company called Carbon3D to completely rethink our current methods of 3D printing. The company, which had been keeping the project a secret during the past two years of development, revealed their new method in

Architects Have Designed A “Shadowless” Skyscraper for the London Skyline

shadowless skyscraper

The concrete jungles of the world are growing faster and faster every day. The year 2014 saw 97 skyscrapers built worldwide – the most ever in a single year, beating out the previous record of 81 set back in 2011. For most metropolitan areas, more skyscrapers means less sun. The massive buildings cast proportionately massive shadows, leaving downtown streets in almost constant shade. So when the global architecture firm NBBJ got a contract to design a pair of buildings in London, they

NASA’s New Prototype for Space Travel: The Super Ball Bot (Video)

super ball bot

Engineers from NASA are getting creative with robotics. Their new prototype, the “Super Ball Bot”, is made up of a series of metallic rods and cables. This futuristic design makes the robot extremely flexible and gives it the ability to absorb intense impacts while sustaining little to no damage. The Super Ball Bot is modeled off a concept called tensegrity, which allows the robot to change the level of tension in the wire depending on the circumstances. From Wired.com: “It can expand and compress to

Innovative Tech Firm Shows Off A Drone Controlled Entirely By Brainwaves (Video)


Imagine boarding a flight in which the pilot isn’t even on the plane. Instead, he or she is on the ground, hooked up to a helmet that allows them to fly the plane using nothing but their brainwaves. That’s the future that Tekever imagines. The innovative company demonstrated the technology at an airstrip in Lisbon, Portugal earlier this month, using it to control a small unmanned drone. Tekever based their brain-controlled drone system off of existing electroencephalography (EEG) technology, tweaking it so that it could

Omni Wheel: Transform Any Bike Into An Electric-Powered Hybrid In 30 Minutes (Video)

omni wheel

New York-based electric bicycle company EVELO just unveiled their new “Omni Wheel”: a front-wheel equipped with a 35W electric motor to give riders a power boost. With a quick 30-minute installation, riders can “electrify” their bikes, removing the existing front tire and replacing it with the Omni Wheel. Once installed, the wheel is able to accurately sense your pedal movements and provide complimentary power at speeds up to 20 mph. The Omni also comes with a wireless display that allows the rider to choose the level

Japanese Theme Park Makes Plans To Build A Hotel Staffed 90% By Robots

Image Credit: Entrepreneur

The Huis Ten Bosch theme park, located in Japan’s Nagasaki Prefecture, has set plans to build a hotel that will be almost entirely staffed by robots. The hotel will be called the Henn-na Hotel, which translates to the “Strange Hotel”, because of its unusually high-tech environment. According to CNN… “We’re not sure if the robotic staff at a planned hotel in Japan will be tucking guests into their beds at night, but they’ll be performing plenty of other traditional hospitality tasks.” Staying true to their

Google, Amazon and Microsoft Are Paying to Get Around Adblock Plus Filters

adblock plus feat

The internet is saturated with pesky, distracting and irritating ads, which is precisely why Adblock Plus – a service that blocks these ads – has been exploding in popularity recently, growing nearly 70% in just the past year. But while Adblock Plus certainly does an excellent job blocking ads from all sorts of sources, the service is also apparently catering to a small number of web giants who don’t want their advertisements to be hidden. Last week, the Financial Times reported that Google, Microsoft and Amazon have been paying their

Anonymous Hackers “Expose and Destroy” Nearly 800 ISIS Twitter Accounts

anonymous isis

The “hacktivist” group Anonymous has decided to join in the battle against the self-proclaimed Islamic State. On Sunday (2/6), the group posted a list of nearly 800 ISIS-linked Twitter accounts to the online text storage site “Pastebin”, claiming that the accounts had been “exposed and destroyed” by Anonymous’s RedCult team. For some of the targeted accounts, the list included notes on the number of followers. If these figures are accurate, the hacked accounts had a combined audience of well over 1.5 million followers. Along with the Twitter accounts, Anonymous also exposed

Why You Should Be Careful Discussing Personal Info In Front of Samsung’s Smart TVs

smart tv feat

“Please note that this conversation may be recorded for quality control purposes.” Imagine finding that in the fine print for your voice-activated TV, and you have the latest controversy over Samsung’s new SmartTV. In a small section of the SmartTV “privacy policy”, Samsung informs users that the TVs may, “capture voice commands and associated texts.” Samsung then goes on to say: “Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data

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