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This Guy Owned “Google.com” for 1 Minute. Here’s How Much They Paid Him For It

Credit: Business Insider

Last September, Sanmay Ved was scrolling through a list of available website domains when he saw one that made him stop and do a double-take: google.com. Ved — an MBA student who actually used to work for Google — was sure that it was some kind of mistake. Still, at a price of just $12, he figured it was worth a shot. To his great surprise, the transaction went through. Ved immediately started receiving messages meant for Google admins and even got a few emails containing internal data.

Incredible. Disney’s New Four-Wheeled Robot Can Drive On Walls (Video)

Disney Research and ETH Zürich have come together to create a four-wheeled robot called VertiGo that can seemingly defy gravity. Unlike most wheeled machines that are limited to rolling on the ground, VertiGo features two independently steerable propellers that allow the robot to drive on walls. Check out the video below to see the wall-climbing robot in action. The two propellers have their own degrees of freedom for adjusting the direction of thrust — this gives VertiGo the ability to make floor-to-wall transitions. “…thrust

Why Millennials Fear the Future – Part IV: So What Now?

millennials part 4

If you’ve been reading this series over the past few days, you might be under the impression that I’m a nihilist who thinks the world is doomed no matter what we do. I wouldn’t blame you for this assessment of my views – I’ve spent three straight days ranting about how society is unwilling to address some of the biggest challenges we will face in the coming years. But despite all my gloom and doom talk, I’m actually quite optimistic

Why Millennials Fear the Future – Part II: Technology, Automation and the Obsolete Human Worker

automation feat

Editor’s Note: This is part two in a four-part series about the challenges facing millennials as we look ahead into the future. You can check out “Part I: The Inevitability of Climate Change” here. Be sure to come back tomorrow for “Part III: The Wild World of Human Enhancement”. Right now, we are all lab rats in a giant experiment: the experiment of modern technology. Of course, we’re not the first generation to find ourselves in uncharted waters. Indeed, every past generation has had to

Wilson’s New “Smart” Basketball Tracks Your Shooting Percentage and More (Video)

wilson x

The world’s first attachment-free “smart” basketball has just hit the shelves, offering basketball players a new way to elevate their training. Using an embedded sensor, the Wilson X Connected Basketball and app can track your shots, analyze your performance and more. Check out the “Wilson X Connected” Basketball’s promo video below… Not only can the ball track your makes/misses and calculate your shot percentage, it can also break down your shots by distance so that you know which range you shoot well

Barbie Is About to Release A Doll Equipped With Artificial Intelligence (Video)

ai barbie

One of America’s most iconic toys is about to get a lot smarter. In the next few weeks, toy giant Mattel will release a new Barbie equipped with artificial intelligence that will help the doll get to know your child better. The “Hello Barbie”, as it’s called, will hit retail shelves next month, just in time to capitalize on a holiday toy market worth roughly $6 billion. To design the futuristic new doll, Mattel collaborated with a San Francisco-based company called ToyTalk that specializes in integrating artificial intelligence into toys.

Volvo Says They Will Take Full Responsibility for Accidents Caused By Driverless Cars

volvo driverless

Driverless cars are no longer a thing of the future. Nearly every major car company is working on self-driving technology right now (as are a handful of tech giants like Google and Apple), and driverless cars have been taking part in road tests since as early as 2010. So far, the results have been very promising. By all accounts, driverless cars are much safer than human drivers, and virtually every reported accident involving a self-driving car so far has been caused by a human. But despite this

AI: Watch As Two Robots Learn About Their Bodies and Develop Their Own Language (Video)

AI communication

The field of artificial intelligence is doing some incredible things. Whether its learning-equipped software that detects cancer earlier and more accurately, or a hotel staffed almost entirely by robots, AI is becoming more and more common and increasingly more advanced. In a special for BBC2, Oxford professor Marcus du Sautoy took a look at some of the most cutting-edge AI projects taking place around the world. One of his stops was at the headquarters of the ALEAR (Artificial Language Evolution of Autonomous Robots) project. There, he met two “Myon” humanoid robots, which

Google’s Project Soli Hopes to Bring Gesture Control to Your Mobile Devices (Video)


Google’s Advanced Technologies and Projects (ATAP) group has been working on a new micro-scale radar technology that can recognize the movement and intent of a user’s hand. Once incorporated into a device (like a smartwatch, for example), the new technology will give users the ability to use their hand as a motion controller, replacing more traditional input devices like touch screens. Similar to how gesture-based systems work on gaming consoles (like Nintendo’s Wii or the Microsoft Kinect), Google’s “Project Soli” will allow

Deep Neural Network Learns How to ‘Paint’ Like Van Gogh and Other Famous Artists (Video)

starry night

Back in June, Google released a series of rather trippy computer-generated images created by its image recognition neural network. The images — dubbed “the dreams of machines” by a number of media outlets — were created by feeding images into the neural network and then having it recognize and accentuate certain features. As the process is repeated more and more times, the image becomes increasingly strange. In the image below, for example, the network was fed a painting of a knight on horseback and directed to look for animals

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