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The Self-Powered Liquid-Proof Keyboard That Recognizes You By Your Unique Typing Style

Credit: Rob Felt

In the past few months, a number of high-profile cases have shown that even large corporations with complex security systems aren’t always safe from cyber criminals. Hackers are constantly phishing for sensitive information like usernames, credit card info and, of course, passwords. And since many people (and companies) use the same passwords for multiple different accounts, it often takes just one stolen password to break into a computer or network. But what if someone could know your password, have access to your computer, and still

Microsoft’s New “HoloLens”- Bringing Virtual Reality To Your Everyday Life (Video)


Microsoft is currently developing a pair of holographic computer goggles called HoloLens that give the user the ability to create holographic interfaces in their real-life surroundings. According to YahooTech… “The glasses will be able to sense where you are in the room, respond to hand gestures, and allow you to manipulate 3D objects floating in front of you — no external markers or cameras required.” The new technology has almost limitless applications: designers can use it to build 3-D prototypes, surgeons can use it to train

Solar Powered Plane Prepares For Record-Setting Round-The-World Trip (Video)

solar impulse feat

Over the span of two months, Swiss pilots André Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard will attempt to travel around the world using only solar energy. The record-setting flight would be the first time a solar-powered plane traveled around the entire world. According to the BBC… “The plans have been set for the solar-powered plane, Solar Impulse 2, to take off from Abu Dhabi and then fly around the globe using only the sun’s energy.”   Scientific American provides a bit more background on the pilots and their

Ever Wanted To Own Your Very Own Robotic Exoskeleton? (Video)

KURATAS   Image Credit: Amazon / DailyMail

According to the DailyMail… “A Japanese electronics firm is selling a 13ft (four metre) mechanical suit on Amazon which can be controlled by an iPhone or by stepping inside the device. Dubbed Kuratas, the five-ton, four-wheeled device was the brainchild of inventor Kogora Kurata from Japan’s Kanto region.” The robot/mech suit was designed by Suidobashi Heavy Industry, and can be controlled in two ways: manually, from a small cockpit inside the suit, or remotely, using any 3G-compatible device (like a smartphone, for example). Kuratas moves with

New Study: Human Activity Has Propelled the Earth Past 4 of 9 “Planetary Boundaries”

planetary boundaries feat

In 2009, a group of scientists from Stockholm University published a paper outlining nine different “planetary boundaries”. The boundaries set theoretical limits on just how much we could alter the Earth’s environment before destabilizing it, including things like ozone depletion, forest cover and freshwater consumption. For the last few years, a team of 18 researchers from all over the world has been conducting a follow-up study to determine how close we actually are to those boundaries today. According to their recently published research, we have

Watch the Explosive Crash Landing of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Rocket Test Last Week (Video)

falcon 9 crash land

Last week, SpaceX attempted to do something that few people had ever even thought of doing before: launching a rocket to deploy a supply ship to the International Space Station, and then landing said rocket on a football field-sized barge in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Everything went according to plan until the very end of the test flight. Shortly after the Falcon was scheduled to land, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk made the following tweet: Rocket made it to drone spaceport ship, but

This Strange-Looking Robot Was Developed By NASA to Explore Volcanoes

volcanobot feat

Aaron Parness, a robotics researcher for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL), has teamed up with NASA researcher Carolyn Parcheta to explore new territory in the depths of volcanoes. Earlier this month, NASA announced… “Researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory are developing robots to explore volcanoes.” In her own statement, researcher Carolyn Parcheta said… “We don’t know exactly how volcanoes erupt…We have models but they are all very, very simplified. This project aims to help make those models more realistic.”   The first robot, known as

World’s Largest Indoor Farm Produces 100x More Food While Using 99% Less Water

indoor farm feat

Humans have spent around 10,000 years mastering the art of farming. But one thing we  have yet to figure out is how to prevent the destruction of crops as a result of natural weather-related disasters, like severe droughts and violent storms. Shigeharu Shimamura, a plant physiologist and indoor farmer based in eastern Japan, thinks he may have solved that problem. Shimamura got the idea to pursue indoor farming when, as a teenager, he came across a “vegetable factory” at Expo ’85 (an international science and technology

Toyota Releases All of Its Fuel Cell Patents to Help Encourage “New Age of Hydrogen”

FC patents

It’s not often that a major international corporation decides to give away two decades worth of trade secrets for free. But that’s exactly what Toyota did on Monday, announcing the release of nearly 6,000 patents related to the company’s hyrdogen fuel cell technologies. The announcement was made at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on Monday, shortly after a presentation by physicist Michio Kaku showing off Toyota’s new hydrogen-powered Mirai. “Historians say that we are ‘present at the creation.’ And that’s where we

Boeing and Cambridge Researchers Are Working On A Hybrid-Electric Airplane (Video)

Photo Credits: University of Cambridge

Last month in the UK’s Sywell Aerodrome, researchers from Cambridge University working with Boeing successfully ran a series of air test flights using a “parallel hybrid-electric propulsion system”. The aircraft is a lightweight single-seater that uses a combination of a 4-stroke piston engine and an electric motor. The system is based on a hybrid Honda engine, with the batteries – 16 large lithium-polymer cells – housed in special compartments in the plane’s wings. According to Forbes… “The petrol engine and the electric

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