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Here’s What It’s Like to Stay At Japan’s New Robot-Staffed Hotel (Video)

henna hotel

The Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Japan just opened up a futuristic new attraction: a hotel staffed almost entirely by robots. At the Hen-na Hotel, robot receptionists check you in and robot concierges transport your bags to your room, where yet another robot awaits to handle any other hospitality needs you might have. But the robots aren’t the only technology in the hotel. The Hen-na boasts a number of other high-tech features, like temperature-regulating radiation panels and a facial recognition system for room entry (instead

A DIY Wi-Fi Router Project That Helps Users Hide Their Exact Location Just Got Mysteriously Halted

Ben Caudill, an online security specialist and founder of Rhino Security Labs, created a tool that helps online users keep their exact physical location anonymous. But just a month before the device was set to debut to the public, the project abruptly halted — all finished products were destroyed, and little information was given to the public as to why. The device, known as ProxyHam, is essentially a “hardware proxy” that allows users to relay their internet connection (using a 900 megahertz radio connection)

New York City Is Converting Trash Bins Into Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

At the end of last year, BigBelly, the world leader in smart waste and recycling solutions, teamed up with New York’s Downtown Alliance to begin converting their “smart” waste bins into free Wi-Fi hotspots. According to CityLab… “The project began in downtown Manhattan, where more than 170 of Bigbelly’s solar powered “smart” bins have already been installed. Each container is equipped with a chip that detects when the bin is full or too smelly, allowing trash collectors to make a

Apple Gobbles Up 92% of Global Smartphone Profits With Less Than 20% of the Market

apple cash

When it comes to the global smartphone industry, Apple is annihilating the competition. In the first quarter of 2015, Apple took home a whopping 92% of global profits in the smartphone industry. That figure is even more impressive when you consider the fact that Apple only accounted for 18.3% of the world’s total smartphone sales during that same time period. Apple’s domination of the smartphone industry is due in large part to the success of the iPhone 6. Apple accounted for just 65% of global

Scientists Show off Brain-to-Brain Connection, Linking Animals Together to Solve Problems


The secret behind the magic of the brain lies in its ability to connect billions of neurons together to create complex networks. But what if we were able to connect our brains to the brains of others, creating an even larger network of neurons? Neurobiologist Miguel A. Nicolelis, director of Duke University’s Center for Neuroengineering, is trying to answer that very question. Earlier this year, Nicolelis and his team of researchers performed a series of experiments in which they linked animal brains together to see if the animals could then

Lexus Unveils A New Hoverboard, But Does It Actually Work? (Video)

For years, extreme-sports athletes, casual skateboard riders, and Back to the Future fans have prayed for the arrival of a real hoverboard. While boards have been designed that can hover over water or certain magnetic surfaces, the demand for a rideable hoverboard that can move like a skateboard and travel over any surface has not been met. However, a board recently unveiled by Lexus has a lot of people wondering if a legit hoverboard has finally arrived. Lexus is currently campaigning four “In Motion” projects to

Google Is Bringing Free WiFi to NYC By Converting Old Phone Booths Into Hotspots


Google has a lot of ambitious plans to make the internet accessible across the globe, including a bold project to float internet-equipped balloons into the stratosphere. But before they start launching balloons into the sky, Google is focused on making free high-speed WiFi available in major cities around the world, starting with New York City. Bloomberg reports, “Come September, tall, thin pillars with digital tablet interfaces and large ads slapped on the sides will begin to replace New York’s derelict pay phone booths.” The plan is

The World’s First Commercially Available Jetpack Goes On Sale Next Year! (Video)

martin jetpack

A New Zealand-based company called Martin Aircraft is preparing to make history by making jetpacks commercially available for the first time ever. The Martin Jetpack is made of aluminum and carbon fiber, and uses large fans instead of traditional rockets, which have more power but are harder to control. The fans are capable of lifting up to 265lbs (120kgs), and the jetpack comes with an emergency parachute in case anything goes wrong. Martin Aircraft began testing the jetpack back in 2011, and recently

Watch: SpaceX Rocket Explodes and Disintegrates Minutes After Launch

falcon explosion

This morning, SpaceX geared up for its third attempt at recycling one of its Falcon 9 fuel rockets by landing it on a floating barge in the ocean. The first attempt was on target, but lacking in control; the second attempt was extremely close, but still failed. SpaceX’s engineers were hoping that the third time would be the charm with today’s launch. But as it turns out, they never even got a chance to try the barge landing. About two minutes after launch, SpaceX’s Dragon supply rocket

A Republican Sneak Attack On Net Neutrality Is Gaining Momentum In Congress

net neutrality

The FCC’s new net neutrality rules officially went into effect earlier this month, after a federal judge rejected a flurry of legal challenges from cable and phone companies. But before the rules even took effect, Republicans in the House of Representatives had already come up with an underhanded way of effectively crippling net neutrality. On June 10, the day before the new rules became official, House Republicans introduced a seemingly routine appropriations bill (ie. a bill that must be passed in

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