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NASA Just Emailed A Wrench To Space

Recently, the commander of the International Space Station, Barry “Butch” Wilmore, was in need of a specific wrench that wasn’t available aboard the ISS. But instead of sending it up on the next cargo ship, NASA simply emailed him 3-D blueprints for the wrench so that he could print the tool himself. The 3-D printing company Made in Space designed the 3-D printer currently on the ISS. Engineers from the company overheard Wilmore mentioning the need for a ratcheting socket wrench on the radio, so they

Colorado Man Becomes First to Control Two Robotic Arms With Just His Mind (Video)

les baugh

According to Johns Hopkins University… “A Colorado man made history at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) this summer when he became the first bilateral shoulder-level amputee to wear and simultaneously control two of the Laboratory’s Modular Prosthetic Limbs.” The man, Leslie Baugh, lost his arms in a freak electrical accident 40 years ago. Baugh is now part of Johns Hopkins’ new “Revolutionizing Prosthetics” program, which is funded in part by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). To prepare

This Wrist-Worn Fire Ball Shooter Just Hit the Markets (Video)

Adam Wilber

Ellusionist is a company that sells a variety of gadgets for everyday magicians to aspiring master magicians and superheroes. Besides magic and tricks kits that show you how to create clever illusions, the company also sells innovative products with a tangible function, like their latest product: the “PYRO”. The fireshooter, according to Ellusionists, is a… “…first of its kind, high-tech, wrist-worn, James Bond style device that allows you to shoot magnificent balls of fire from your open hand. Featuring four separate chambers for multiple

The “Jetman” Flies Over Dubai Showcasing His New Partnership (Video)

jetman feature

The man they call “Jetman” has been drawing international attention lately by flying around in a jet-propelled wing suit. But this time, the Jetman has outdone himself, teaming up with Skydive Dubai and releasing an epic video showcasing their joint capabilities. According to Jetman Dubai’s website… “Jetman is the culmination of decades of fulfilling a childhood dream through technological innovation, determination, teamwork and courage. The synergy between Dubai and Jetman is easy to see. Dreaming the impossible, striving for excellence and

New Photo of Europa Shows the Ice-Covered Moon’s Surface in Stunning Detail (Video)

NASA’s Galileo spacecraft has been orbiting Jupiter since the late 1990’s. Since then, NASA has recorded data, producing stellar imaging of one of Jupiter’s largest moons, Europa. Thanks to many years of observation, astronomers have garnered enough data to depict the Jovian moon (Jovian refers to anything related to Jupiter) in its fullest, most breathtaking form yet! NASA added the photo to its extensive Photo Journal on November 21st. Innovations in optical technology have allowed astronomers to observe Europa in much

You Can Now Transfer Money to Other People Via Snapchat. But Would You?

Snapchat has partnered with online payment company Square to develop an easier way for users to transfer money electronically. The announcement was made in a blog post from Snapchat last month. Square is recognized for its contribution to small businesses, connecting online payment services with tablets and smart phones. Though Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel doesn’t expect the investment to rival leading online payment providers like PayPal, the partnership is big for Snapchat users. According to Bloomberg, “Snapchat, which recently received an investment from

College In Ohio Sets Plans To Build Drone Testing Arena For Students

Photo Credit: DaytonDailyNews & Lisa Powell

A college in Ohio is building the first “indoor flying pavilion” for its students. Sinclair Community College has plans to build a 40-foot (12-meter) high arena by early 2016, as part of a $5 million dollar development and renovation project for the school. According to Deb Norris, Sinclair’s vice president for workforce development and corporate services… “We think it is really important for students to be able to experience the capabilities of flying.” The drone arena will allow students to avoid weather issues, like wind

Wanderers: An Awe-Inspiring Short Film About Exploring the Universe (Video)


A thirst for exploration is hard-wired into the human species. Whether its Ferdinand Magellan becoming the first to sail from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, Jacques Cousteau exploring the mysteries of the underwater world, or Steve Fossett circling the globe in 15 days aboard a hot air balloon, humans have, for generations, pushed the limits of exploration. And in just the last 50 years or so, we have begun to explore a new frontier: outer space. In his recent short film

This Mobile Solar Generator Can Provide Power, Clean Water and Wi-Fi to Disaster Areas


When disaster strikes, securing access to power, clean drinking water and the communications network are all integral parts of the initial response. That’s why the Ecos PowerCube is such an intriguing invention. The PowerCube’s designers – a company called Ecosphere Technologies – wanted to build a device that could provide significant amounts of off-the-grid power during disasters. The power is generated using solar panels equipped with high-power photovoltaic cells (the Cube is also equipped with a wind turbine for extra power generation). The largest

Symantec Just Discovered One of the Most Sophisticated Computer Bugs Ever Detected

Its name is Regin. For six years, the bug has been infecting computers while flying under the radar of security systems. Once it installs itself on a computer, Regin is able to do things like take screenshots, steal passwords and recover deleted files. Symantec says the bug has been used primarily to spy on government organizations, businesses and private individuals. “We don’t believe it is being used… for mass surveillance,” said Vikram Thakur, Senior Development Manager at Symantec. More than half of

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