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Wanna Sell Your Home? Build A Roller Coaster So Buyers Can Tour the Property! (Video)

In effort to help their client sell their home, Dutch real estate agency Huizen Promoter built an actual mini roller coaster through an open house to help attract home buyers. The roller coaster was built in and around the home, so potential buyers are given the opportunity to view the entire property when riding. Each rider steps into their own individual cart and off they go. According to the UK’s DailyMail… “Although the ride seems pretty tame at first, the

Lyrebirds: The Animal Kingdom’s Best Vocal Mimics (Video)


If you ever find yourself in the rainforest of Australia between the months of June and August, you might come across one of the most unique courtship displays you’ve ever seen. During this peak mating season, male lyrebirds pull out all the stops to try to attract females. After finding a good open spot for their courtship performance, the males fan out their impressive tail plumage and begin singing. What does a male lyrebird’s song sound like? Well, that depends on what other birds he’s

52 International Skydivers Break “Head Up” Formation World Record (Video)

As if skydiving wasn’t intense enough, last year an international group of 52 skydivers set a new world record for the “head up” skydiving formation. According to Business Insider… “An amazing video has emerged of 52 skydivers setting a new world record for a ‘Head Up’ flight formation over Phoenix, AZ, US. The footage is shot by participant Zachary R. Sabel using a helmet-mounted camera.”   The stunt was certainly impressive, using three different planes to carry skydivers from countries like

This 60-Second Time-Lapse Video Shows The Birth of Bees Like Never Before

bee timelapse

Anand Varma is an extremely talented photographer with a special passion for wildlife. In his most recent project — a collaboration with National Geographic — Varma raised a colonies of bees in front of a camera in his backyard in order to capture the mesmerizing process of bee development: from egg to adulthood in 21 days. Check it out in the video below: Bees play an extremely crucial role in our society by being the primary pollinators of the fruits, nuts and vegetables

Scientists Just Captured What Thunder Looks Like for the First Time Ever (Video)

thunder image

A pair of scientists from the Southwest Research Insitute in San Antonio just became the first people to successfully image a thunderclap. Their research was presented at a geophysics conference in Montreal on Tuesday (May 5). Lightning and thunder are extremely unpredictable. While we obviously have the capability to track thunderstorms, it is virtually impossible to predict exactly when and where an individual lightning strike will occur. To get around this issue, scientists Maher Dayeh and Neal Evans created their own lightning by using

This Guy Uses Specialized Molds to “Grow” Furniture (Pictures/Video)

fullgrown furniture

British designer Gavin Munro is taking a fresh new look at how furniture is created. Rather than cutting trees down to craft them into furniture, Munro decided to let nature do all the work as the trees grow. He calls it “Full Grown Furniture“. Using specialized plastic molds, Munro directs the growth of young trees, regularly pruning them and gently guiding them in the right direction when necessary. He also uses grafting to bind branches together, making extremely strong natural joints. “Just like a broken

This Beetle Sprays Boiling Toxins At Its Predators (Video)

bombardier beetle

When it comes to defense mechanisms, the bombardier beetle is on a level of its own. These unique beetles have the ability to synthesize and heat a toxic spray within their bodies — when a predator gets too close, the bombardier hits them with a scorching blast of poison. In a study published in the May issue of the journal Science, a team of researchers used a high-speed X-ray camera to capture the process like never before. The video, shot at 2,000 frames per

An Out-of-Control Russian Spacecraft Is Falling Towards Earth (Video)

After blasting off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Tuesday, a Russian Progress cargo vessel malfunctioned en route to the International Space Station (ISS). The 7-meter-long spacecraft failed to reach the ISS and is currently spinning while making a slow orbiting free fall towards Earth. Russia’s Progress vessels are used to carry supplies like food, water, and fuel to the space station. This one, the Progress 59, deployed from a Soyuz rocket as scheduled. However, flight controllers say that

Neuroscientist Uses One Person’s Brain to Control Another Person’s Arm (Video)

arm control

Greg Gage has always been fascinated by the brain. He dedicated his whole life to studying it, and spent six and a half years in graduate school at the University of Michigan just to earn the title of neuroscientist. As he climbed his way up the academic ladder, Gage noticed a major problem with the field of neuroscience: the equipment needed to do any serious research was so expensive that it was only available in the largest universities and institutions. In other words, you had

Diver Swims Through A Seemingly Infinite Sea Of Atlantic Silversides (GoPro Video)

gopro fish swarm

Ever wanted an overwhelming scuba diving experience without having to put on the gear or travel to distant waters? Thanks to London-based diver William Mitchell, we can all share a spectacular underwater experience. According to Huffington Post… In July 2013, Mitchell was diving in the Devil’s Grotto, an undersea cavern, when he encountered a massive cloud of Atlantic silversides — a phenomenon known in the dive community as a “silver rush.” While enjoying the unique experience, Mitchell used a GoPro to

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