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Pelican Learns To Fly And Fish With Help From A Human Friend (GoPro Video)

Early last year, former Nomad Tanzania safari mangers Jeffrey Condon and his wife Kerrie Condon took in a baby pelican that had washed ashore during a storm, alone and distressed. The couple nursed the baby pelican back to health and named him “Bigbird”. Being nearly 100 miles from the nearest flock of pelicans, releasing Bigbird into the wild on his own was not an option. Instead, the couple had no choice but to raise Bigbird and prepare him for the

Snowboarder Saves Stranded Horse In Chilean Mountains After Blizzard (GoPro Video)


On his 21st birthday, University of Colorado environmental science student Rafael Pease took a trip to El Colorado, Chile to go snowboarding. With intentions of enjoying some fresh powder after the first storm of the season, Pease took to the mountain with a friend, geared up and ready to go. Soon into their ride, Pease noticed a stranded horse in the distance. To investigate the situation, the riders unstrapped from their equipment and hiked to the abandoned animal to see

Armageddon Practice: Scientists Plan to Knock An Asteroid Off Course By Hitting It With A Probe (Video)

didymoon nudge

In the 1998 blockbuster film “Armageddon“, NASA scientists have to figure out how to redirect a Texas-sized asteroid after discovering that it is less than a month away from a catastrophic collision with Earth. The plot is not that farfetched. Luckily for us, however, real-life scientists have decided that it’s probably a good idea to prepare for the possibility of an incoming asteroid well ahead of time. Not long ago, NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) put the final touches on a joint

99.99 Percent Air: Boeing Unveils “World’s Lightest Metal” (Video)

lightest metal

Imagine making plane parts out of a material that is 100 times lighter than styrofoam. That’s the future that Boeing is imagining, thanks to recent advances in the development of revolutionary microlattice metals. The microlattice, first created back in 2011, is made up of a series of small, hollow metal tubes which are criss-crossed and interlaced to bolster the overall strength of the lattice. “The trick is to fabricate a lattice of interconnected hollow tubes with a wall thickness 1,000 times

AI: Watch As Two Robots Learn About Their Bodies and Develop Their Own Language (Video)

AI communication

The field of artificial intelligence is doing some incredible things. Whether its learning-equipped software that detects cancer earlier and more accurately, or a hotel staffed almost entirely by robots, AI is becoming more and more common and increasingly more advanced. In a special for BBC2, Oxford professor Marcus du Sautoy took a look at some of the most cutting-edge AI projects taking place around the world. One of his stops was at the headquarters of the ALEAR (Artificial Language Evolution of Autonomous Robots) project. There, he met two “Myon” humanoid robots, which

Video: This Scale Model of the Solar System Stretches 7 Miles Across the Desert

solar system to scale

Space is big. REALLY big. And our solar system is no exception. If you don’t include Pluto (which was demoted from planet status a few years back), one would have to travel approximately 2.8 billion miles to get from the Sun to the outermost limits of our solar system — the equivalent of traveling all the way around the Earth 112,440 times. Because of its massive size, it’s extremely difficult to show all the features of our solar system together on an accurate scale. Luckily for us, filmmakers Alex Gorosh and

Astronauts Consume Lettuce Grown On the International Space Station (Video)

Earlier this month astronauts on board the International Space Station (ISS) tried space-grown lettuce, marking the first time NASA astronauts have been cleared to eat something they grew while in orbit. “Astronauts have been growing crops in space for years for research, but this is the first time they have been allowed to eat their produce,” reports BBC. The crop was eaten by Expedition 44 crew members Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren of NASA, along with Kimiya Yui of the Japan

Raw Video: Massive Explosions Rock Tianjin, China After “Dangerous Goods” Catch Fire


At least 50 people are dead and hundreds more are injured after a string of powerful explosions at an industrial port in Tianjin, a city of 7 million in northern China. Just before midnight local time, a shipment of “dangerous goods” being stored in a warehouse at the port caught fire, causing two massive explosions that spewed flames, ash and debris thousands of feet up into the air. According to the China Earthquake Networks Centre, the strength of the first blast was

Curiosity Rover Celebrates 3 Years On Mars — Here’s What It’s Done In That Time (Video)

curiosity 3 years

Today (Thursday, August 6) officially marks three years since NASA’s Curiosity rover landed on the surface of Mars. Since then, Curiosity has collected a wealth of information about the Red Planet, from the discovery of organic compounds like methane to the finding that liquid water may exist just below the Martian surface. To commemorate today’s anniversary, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory put together a short video highlighting Curiosity’s first three years on Mars and explaining what’s in store for the rover in the future.

Lexus Finally Released Video of Their New Hoverboard In Action – Check it Out!

lexus hover

A little over a month ago, Lexus unveiled a futuristic hoverboard as part of their “Amazing In Motion” promotional campaign. Unfortunately, the teaser video that they released alongside the unveil didn’t show anyone actually using the board, leading some to believe that the board was more for show than anything. But after a month of public debate and speculation, Lexus has finally put the issue to rest by releasing a video of the board in action. Professional skateboarder Ross McGouran was the

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