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Watch This Seed Drills Itself Into the Ground Upon Contacting Water (Time-Lapse Video)


If you’re looking for an example of awesome engineering in nature, look no further than Erodium cicutarium. The plant — commonly referred to as redstem filaree, stork’s-bill or pinweed — has a seed that bores itself into the ground upon coming into contact with moisture. To accomplish this feat, the erodium seed uses a specialized spiral stalk that is able to unwind itself in response to daily changes in humidity. As the humidity levels rise and fall, this stalk winds and unwinds, steadily

New Terminator-Inspired Method Makes 3D Printing 25-100 Times Faster (Video)

terminator printing

In the climax of the movie “Terminator 2″, the Terminator’s arch-nemesis — the evil T-1000 — is melted down into a puddle of metallic goo. Unfortunately for Arnold and company, the robot re-emerges seconds later, rising fully-formed from the puddle of molten metal. It was this scene that inspired a group of scientists at a company called Carbon3D to completely rethink our current methods of 3D printing. The company, which had been keeping the project a secret during the past two years of development, revealed their new method in

54-Year-Old Texan Sets Guinness World Record For Pull-Ups (Video)

Screen shot 2015-03-16 at 12.20.06 AM

Mark Jordan, a 54-year-old man from Corpus Christi, Texas, just broke the world record for the most pull-ups completed in a 24-hour period. Each pull-up was filmed and counted by Guinness World Records in Jordan’s hometown of Corpus before the new record was affirmed. The previous record was an impressive 4,210, but Jordan set the bar even higher by completing a whopping 4,321 pull-ups (that’s 180 pull-ups per hour, if you’re wondering). According to Huffington Post… “He reportedly trained for a year for

THIS Is What Truly Community-Oriented Policing Looks Like (Video)

real policing

“You’ve got to be called to do this kind of police work. You’ve got to WANT to do this kind of police work.” Those are the words of Sergeant Steve Wick, who heads up the Houston Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Program. The program, which started back in 2011, has teamed up with dozens of outreach programs around the city to help provide things like housing, healthcare, food, ID cards and jobs to Houston’s homeless population. When Wick first came on at HPD, policing of homelessness was

“Stunt Freaks” Attach A Parachute to A Snowmobile Then Drive It Off A Cliff (Video)

snowmobile parachute

A few years back, a group of Scandinavian adrenaline junkies came together to form the Stunt Freaks Team. Over the years, SFT has gained notoriety for its extreme and creative stunts. Last fall, the team became one of the first nordic stunt teams to be offered a partnership with GoPro. For their latest escapade, SFT decided it would be a good idea to attach a parachute to a snowmobile and then drive it off of a 4,900-foot mountain peak in Riksgränsen, Sweden. Check it out in

Sarah Brightman Is Paying $52 Million To Be First Musician In Space (Video Interview)

Professional opera singer Sarah Brightman has officially begun her space training in Russia as she prepares to be the first musician to perform in space. According to her website… “Ever since she witnessed the 1969 moon landings on television as a small girl, it has been Sarah’s life long ambition to travel into space. Sarah will become the first professional musician to do so.”   After completing her training, Brightman will join the growing number of tourists who have paid their way into space.

Chinese Developer Builds 57-Story Skyscraper In Just 19 Days (Time-Lapse Video)


When imagining the timeline for constructing a skyscraper, most people probably think in terms of months or even years. But for the Chinese construction firm Broad Sustainable Building, that’s simply too long. BSB’s newest building, a 57-story tower in Changsha, China, was erected in a mind-blowingly fast 19 days – a rate of three stories per day! BSB Architect Xian Min Zhang released a promotional time-lapse video showing the construction of the J57 tower – check it out below! (The time-lapse itself begins

This 95-Year-Old World Record Holder Might Run Faster Than You (Video)


95-year-old Charles Eugster, who you may know from YouTube as the 93-year-old bodybuilder, set a new 200 meter world record (for his age group) at the indoor British Masters in London earlier this week. Check out the video below to see Charles Eugster’s 200m World Record, courtesy of the Silver Grey Sports Club… The new record timed out at 55.48 seconds, beating the previous record — set by American Orville Rogers in March 2013 — by more than 2 seconds. Eugster, who has already well

Find Out What Happens When Lava Is Poured Directly Onto Ice (Video)

lava on ice

A few years ago, some folks at Syracuse University had an idea to create the “Lava Project”, in hopes of sparking interest in the Arts and Sciences. According to their website… “The goals of the project include scientific experiments, artistic creations, education, and outreach to the Syracuse University and City communities.”   By involving professors from a number of different departments, the project offers a wide variety of scientific experiments to engage faculty and students. One of the most notable and intriguing of these

Innovative Tech Firm Shows Off A Drone Controlled Entirely By Brainwaves (Video)


Imagine boarding a flight in which the pilot isn’t even on the plane. Instead, he or she is on the ground, hooked up to a helmet that allows them to fly the plane using nothing but their brainwaves. That’s the future that Tekever imagines. The innovative company demonstrated the technology at an airstrip in Lisbon, Portugal earlier this month, using it to control a small unmanned drone. Tekever based their brain-controlled drone system off of existing electroencephalography (EEG) technology, tweaking it so that it could

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