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Elon Musk: The Fastest Way to Make Mars Livable for Humans Is to Nuke It (Video)

mars nuke

During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Wednesday night, SpaceX founder Elon Musk made a comment that raised a lot of eyebrows. Musk, a longtime advocate of Mars colonization, told Colbert that the “fast way” to make the planet livable for humans would be to, “drop thermonuclear weapons over the poles.” While that might sound like a plan cooked up by Lex Luthor or Dr. Doom, there is actually a lot of merit to the idea. There are three major factors that make Mars

50 Million Gallons of Water Lost Into San Francisco Bay After Vandals Attack Dam

alameda dam

Like more than 90% of California, the county of Alameda — located just east of San Francisco Bay — is currently in a state of severe drought. On Thursday (5/21), Alameda’s water shortage just became even more dire after vandals destroyed an inflatable dam on Alameda Creek, causing nearly 50 million gallons of water to spill into San Francisco Bay. According to officials from the Alameda County Water District, the amount of water lost would have been enough to serve 500 families for

United Kingdom Sets Plans For World’s Largest Single Marine Reserve

Image Credit: Alamy

This month the United Kingdom announced in their 2015 budget the creation of the world’s largest single ocean reserve. The protected area will ban commercial fishing in 322,000 square miles surrounding the four Pitcairn Islands in the South Pacific. The image below, provided by National Geographic, shows the size of the new reserve surrounding Oeno, Henderson, Ducie and Pitcairn Island (UK and California for size comparison). Patrolling such a large region by boat would be difficult and expensive, but improved satellite technology

Watch Bill Gates Drink A Glass Of Water Made From Poop (Video)

gates poop water

Back in November, Bill Gates drank a glass of water that had been made from a pile of feces. And yes I mean poop! According to GatesNotes.com, the official “Blog of Bill Gates”… “The occasion was a tour of a facility that burns human waste and produces water and electricity (plus a little ash). I have visited lots of similar sites, like power plants and paper mills, so when I heard about this one—it’s part of the Gates Foundation’s effort

New Photo of Europa Shows the Ice-Covered Moon’s Surface in Stunning Detail (Video)

NASA’s Galileo spacecraft has been orbiting Jupiter since the late 1990’s. Since then, NASA has recorded data, producing stellar imaging of one of Jupiter’s largest moons, Europa. Thanks to many years of observation, astronomers have garnered enough data to depict the Jovian moon (Jovian refers to anything related to Jupiter) in its fullest, most breathtaking form yet! NASA added the photo to its extensive Photo Journal on November 21st. Innovations in optical technology have allowed astronomers to observe Europa in much

This Mobile Solar Generator Can Provide Power, Clean Water and Wi-Fi to Disaster Areas


When disaster strikes, securing access to power, clean drinking water and the communications network are all integral parts of the initial response. That’s why the Ecos PowerCube is such an intriguing invention. The PowerCube’s designers – a company called Ecosphere Technologies – wanted to build a device that could provide significant amounts of off-the-grid power during disasters. The power is generated using solar panels equipped with high-power photovoltaic cells (the Cube is also equipped with a wind turbine for extra power generation). The largest

Watch Snowflakes Form Right Before Your Eyes In This Enchanting Time-Lapse Video

If you went to elementary school in the United States, it’s pretty likely that you made a paper cut-out snowflake at some point. As a kid, these elaborate craft projects didn’t really seem to resemble real snowflakes – until you actually see a real snowflake up close, that is. To the naked eye they may look like little puffs of white powder, but snowflakes actually have very complex and intricate crystalline patterns, a result of the way in which they are formed. As cold

Moon Mining: NASA’s Plans to Harvest Water from the Moon

There’s a lot of water on the moon, and NASA wants to learn how to get to it. In July 2008, water was found conclusively for the first time inside ancient moon samples brought back by Apollo astronauts. In 2009, observations from three spacecraft showed signals of water across the moon’s surface, bolstering the idea that the moon might actually contain significant amount of water. Then, in October 2010, scientists reported that a frigid crater called Cabeus at the moon’s south pole is

Water Wars: How ISIS Is Using Water As A Weapon of Control

Editor’s note: The Higher Learning is excited to announce that we have acquired another talented new author! Max Wingert is a recent graduate of the University of Arizona, where he received a degree in Communications (with a minor in Japanese). He wrote the following article. The group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has proven to be a more sophisticated enemy than terrorist groups of the past, fighting to seize infrastructure and resources for the purposes of population control and extortion, rather

Pictures That Show You Just How Extreme California’s Current Drought Is

If you weren’t aware, California is going through a very serious drought. 2013 saw the lowest rainfall numbers in California’s recorded history, and 2014 has been by far the hottest year on record for the state, according to the NOAA. The Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI) is a standardized metric which compares long-term droughts by looking at rainfall, temperature and soil moisture levels. The scale goes from +6 (very wet), to -6 (very dry). Anything below a -4 is considered

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