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How Goats Are Replacing Bulldozers and Pesticides In Invasive Plant Control

Since the mid-1970s, land owners in the U.S. and Canada have been fighting a losing battle against Phragmites australis, an invasive reed that grows in tall thick bundles in wetlands areas along the east coast. Not only do the reeds quickly take over by choking out native vegetation, but they also litter wetlands areas with thick mats of decaying biomass. Land managers have tried everything to get rid of the phragmites reeds: controlled burns, toxic pesticides and even bulldozers. But now, researchers from Duke

This Beetle Is A Living Mood Ring, Using Switchable Reflectors to Change Color

Meet the Panamanian golden tortoise beetle. Native to South America, the beetles are often found dining on morning glory plants in the mountain town of Cerro Galera, a few miles west of Panama City. Usually, the beetles have a shiny golden appearance. But disturb one, and within two minutes the beetle will completely change color, going from metallic gold to a shade of red.   The method the beetles use to accomplish this drastic color change is very rare in the animal kingdom according to Jean Pol

Explore the Story of Your Life On Earth Like Never Before, Courtesy of the BBC

I was going through my daily ritual of internet surfing this morning when I stumbled upon something that I thought was really cool. The BBC has put together an interactive page that tells the story of your life in a creative new way that’s both intriguing and informative. You start out by entering your date of birth: Once you’ve done that, BBC gives you access to a wealth of awesome information. The first section shows how you have changed. In this section, you

Some of Earth’s Most Loving Animal Families (Photo Album)

Here at The Higher Learning, we try our best to make sure you almost always leave our site with a new piece of knowledge or a fresh perspective on an issue. But there are some things in this world that words are simply unable to capture- things like love, family, friendship… Sometimes trying too hard to describe and comprehend these things can detract from their natural wonder and awe, so today I just want you to enjoy these pictures for their own sake.   (via

The World Has Lost HALF of Its Wildlife In the Past 40 Years, According to the WWF

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) made a truly heartbreaking announcement yesterday: according to a new analysis, the number of wild animals living on our planet has been reduced by half in just the past 40 years. The findings come from extensive research done by scientists at the WWF and the Zoological Society of London. The report states that creatures, both on land and in the water, have been decimated by unsustainable hunting practices. At the same time, industrial processes and rapid development have been shrinking

Vote For Who You Think Deserves National Geographic’s $50,000 “Expedition-Granted” Prize! (Video)

The wonderful people at National Geographic are hosting another awesome youth-inspiring contest that will award a $50,000 grant to help fund a winning team’s nature expedition. The contest opened its doors to entries from all over, with the only parameters being that the expedition idea pushes boundaries and forges new territory. Unfortunately the doors have been closed for new entries, but the lucky projects that have been recognized as finalists for this year’s grant include all types of expeditions, from

If Fireflies Weren’t Cool Enough, Here’s An Awesome Firefly Time-Lapse Video!

Photo Credit: National Geographic

Photographer/filmmaker Vincent Brady teamed up with National Geographic to put together an awe-inspiring time-lapse video using awesome stills of fireflies. The video/stills were captured at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, and Grand Ledge, Michigan, during the summer of 2013. Enjoy! Fireflies or “lightning bugs” as some people call them, are a winged beetle that scientist believe to be over 2,000 species of on our planet. According to Wikipedia… “Light production in fireflies is due to a type of chemical reaction called bioluminescence. This

Obama Just Created the World’s Biggest Ocean Preserve in the Pacific

Yesterday, Barack Obama used his executive powers under the Antiquities Act to create the world’s largest ocean preserve in the south-central Pacific Ocean. The move expands upon the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument reserve, which was created by George W. Bush back in 2009. Obama’s expansion will increase the reserve to about 6 times its current size, for a total area of 490,000 square miles.   The reserve bans commercial fishing and deep-sea mining within the demarcated areas, protecting hundreds of species

Psycho Fishermen Encounter A GIGANTIC Anaconda and Decide to Play With It (Video)

The Amazon River is home to some pretty scary creatures. Among these is the anaconda, the world’s largest snake. These massive reptiles can grow up to 30 feet in length and reach weights upwards of 400 pounds. Full-grown anacondas are often as thick as a full-grown man’s torso. So, as a fisherman on a relatively small boat in the Amazon River, you would probably steer well clear of these beasts, right? Apparently these ballsy Brazilian fishermen didn’t get the memo: The

This Guy Just Became the First Person to Explore the Largest Beaver Dam in the World

Deep in the woods of northern Alberta, Canada, lies an engineering masterpiece. But this is not man-made structure, it’s a 2,788-foot beaver dam, so big that it can actually be seen from space. The dam, first discovered in a series of satellite images in 2007, is buried deep in the forests of Wood Mountain National Park, and was thought to be inaccessible to humans. But for amateur explorer Rob Mark, that sounded like a challenge: “There was a reoccurring theme that it

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