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The Progression Of The FIFA World Cup Official Match Ball (Gif)

One of the coolest aspects of the modern era of Soccer (or futbol, if you’re outside the States) is seeing the progression of the equipment and technology used in the game we love. Cleats, fields, turf, match balls and more are constantly evolving and progressing to keep pace with the game we love. Below you can see the evolution of the FIFA World Cup official match balls from all past World Cups. The 2014 FIFA World Cup has officially started and we

NASA Made an Amazing Mosaic of Earth Using Over 36,000 Selfies Taken All Across the Globe

Last month, NASA set out to create a “global selfie”. First, they asked people around the world to take pictures of themselves with a little NASA placard saying where they were. They then compiled the 36,422 selfies they got into a stunningly accurate mosaic of the Earth. For Earth Day (April 22), NASA used social media to pose the question, “Where are you on Earth right now?”, encouraging fans and followers to take selfies and post them using the hashtag #GlobalSelfie. Selfies were

Watch People Greet Sunrise Across the Globe By Jumping On Twitter (Graphic)

At the end of last month, Twitter released their earnings report numbers for the first quarter of 2014. Most notable among these was the announcement that the social media giant had officially surpassed 250 million users worldwide. Pictures are always better than numbers though, so to give analysts a better idea of global tweet activity, Twitter created an awesome visualization: it shows all the mentions of sunrise (in every language) on a map which shows sunrise and sunset across the globe. Click the image

A 67-Year-Old Polish Adventurer Crosses the Atlantic Ocean in a Record-Breaking Kayak Journey

On October 5th of last year, a 67-year-old Polish man named Aleksander Doba set out from Lisbon, Portugal in a 21-foot kayak, in hopes of crossing the Atlantic Ocean and reaching Florida. Aleksander Doba’s 6,000 mile journey ended in a glorious success earlier this month when he landed at New Smyrna Beach, Florida on April 17th. Doba arrived looking like Tom Hanks from Cast Away with weathered skin and long sun bleached beard and hair. Doba’s journey is believed to be the longest

The Volcano That Erupts With Blue Lava and The Brave Men Who Mine It (Pictures and Video)

The Kawah Ijen Volcano is unlike any other volcano you have ever seen. The mountain contains high levels of pure sulfur, which burns a bright blue-violet color when the volcano erupts. The blue lava is extremely toxic, and reaches temperatures upwards of 239° F. Also, plumes of sulfur flames can rise up to 16 feet high. Despite the grave risks, many local men make a living by trekking up the mountain to mine sulfur from the volcano’s crater, carrying it out by

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Takes Photo of a Strange Light on Mars

A photo recently captured by NASA’s Curiosity Rover has according to Space.com… “…set the Internet abuzz yet again about the possibility of life on Mars.” Check out the photo that has created such a buzz below. Although many UFO advocates are loving this photo and referring to it as evidence of extraterrestrial life, the rover’s handlers have made no such claims. According to Space.com, they believe the light most likely came from a shiny rock or from, “super-energetic cosmic rays slamming

Men in North Korea are Now Required to Get Same Haircut as Their Leader Kim Jong-un

According to BBC  Men in North Korea are now required to get the same haircut as their leader Kim Jong-un, it is reported. The state-sanctioned guidelines were introduced in the capital Pyongyang about two weeks ago, media reports say. Also from BBC  It seems that haircuts have been state-approved in North Korea for some time – until now people were only allowed to choose from 18 styles for women and 10 for men. Earlier, North Korea’s state TV launched a campaign against

Don’t Touch Your Phone for 10 Minutes, Provide a Day of Clean Drinking Water For a Child In Need

UNICEF recently teamed up with clothing designer Giorgio Armani for the latest campaign in the UNICEF Tap Project, which has been striving to increase access to clean water for children worldwide since 2007. For this latest scheme, they have created a mobile website app (you don’t have to download anything) that can tell when your phone is not being used. For every 10 minutes you leave your phone alone, Armani will provide a day of clean drinking water to a child in

How Old Do You Think Our Planet Is?

Ever wonder exactly how old our planet is? Well, according to Space.com… Scientists have calculated that Earth is 4.54 billion years old“ For a comparison the Milky Way galaxy that holds our solar system is is determined to be 13.2 billion years old and the universe as a whole is determined to be 13.8 billion years old. Scientist have determined the age of our planet by using several different methods of research. These methods include observing and studying other bodies

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