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Making A Rocket Thats Shoots 2300 Feet Up Out of Sugar and Kitty Litter (Video)

YouTube science experimenter Grant Thompson (aka: “The King of Random”) recently released an awesome new video that shows you how to make a rocket that is both powerful and cheap. How cheap? About $0.50, according to Grant. That’s because the rocket’s main ingredients, sugar and kitty litter, are both dirt cheap! Check it out in the video below: It’s definitely important to remember to check with your local authorities before setting off any type of rocket, especially in residential areas. Grant drove out to

This Guy Made Himself A Self-Folding Paper Plane Machine Gun (Video)

The 3-D printing revolution is in full stride, with the printers being widely used in engineering, design, medicine and more. But some people are also using the printers for more enjoyable endeavors. YouTube user Papierfliegerei is one of those people. His real name is Dieter Michael Krone, and he is a German paper airplane enthusiast. Krone just recently released a video showing off his prototype “A6 V1.0 Paper Airplane Gun”. He built his own automatic paper airplane machine gun, using designs from the German 3D

Why Microsoft Just Spent $2.5 Billion to Buy the Company That Makes Minecraft

Just a year after acquiring Finnish mobile giant Nokia, Microsoft is buying yet another Scandinavian company. This time it’s Swedish-based firm Mojang, maker of the popular game Minecraft. Minecraft, for those who aren’t familiar, is a game that allows its users to build their own structures and communities using lego-like virtual bricks. The game also allows users to explore other players’ structures and battle one another. Since its release in 2009, the game has quickly grown in popularity. To date, it has sold over 54 million copies, and

Hornets Built A Nest On This Man’s Window, Giving Him A Sweet View Inside (Video)

Usually, having hornets in, on, or even anywhere near your house is not a very enjoyable situation. But but for one reddit user, the experience was pretty much as good as it gets. A colony of European hornets have built a nest between the two panes of a double-glass window high up in the attic of the person’s house. The window doesn’t open and the nest is isolated in the attic, so the hornets don’t bother the homeowner or the neighbors. The window provides an awesome

A Quick Breakdown of Obama’s Plan to Deal With ISIS

Last night, President Obama held a press conference in which he outlined his plans for addressing the growing threat of the Islamic State, otherwise known as ISIS or ISIL, in the Middle East. The President started off his speech by questioning the very legitimacy of the organization and its core beliefs. “We continue to face a terrorist threat… ISIL is not a state, and it certainly isn’t Islamic… ISIL is a terrorist organization, pure and simple.”   The President used the

This Red Bull Daredevil Took It to the Next Level With A Ridiculous Stunt (Video)

Red Bull has a long history of sponsoring some pretty crazy and extreme endeavors, from their annual cliff-diving competitions, to Felix Bumgartner’s “space jump“, to Robbie Madison jumping his motorcycle onto the Arc de Triomphe in Paris in 2008. But even for Red Bull, this stunt is pretty insane. In the video, parachute and skydive master Paul Steiner casually switches gliders in mid-air, hanging off the wing of one to drop onto the top of the other. If that wasn’t enough, he

These NFL Cheerleaders Thought It’d Be Fun To Zipline Across Their Stadium (Video)

With the 2014 NFL season officially underway, fans across the United States are feverishly talking fantasy football, team spirit, favorite players and more. But as excited as people are everywhere, nobody seems to be having more fun supporting the league than the Jacksonville Jaguars mascot (Jaxson DeVille) and some of the Jaguar’s cheerleaders. Aerial Concepts teamed up with the Jaguars to create an epic zipline ropeswing that launched from the stadium lights over the stadium. Check out the Jaguars mascot

The Lone Survivor of An Islamic State Massacre Tells His Story (Video)

Ali Hussein Kadhim is an Iraqi soldier and a Shiite Muslim. Back in June, he was captured (along with hundreds of other Iraqi military recruits) by the Sunni jihadist group ISIS. After taking the captives to Saddam Hussein’s old complex in Tikrit, the militants separated the soldiers: Sunnis were given an opportunity to repent for their service to the Iraqi government while all the Shiites were lined up in groups and marked for death. Kadhim was 4th in the execution line.

The State Dept. Just Released A Video That Looks A Lot Like ISIS Propaganda

Warning: This article contains some graphic images. In recent weeks, the U.S. government has been working feverishly on trying to figure out ways to combat the growing threat of the Islamic State. One of their main focuses has been ISIS’s highly-successful internet recruitment campaigns. In an attempt to counteract the success of these ISIS recruiting videos, the State Department’s branch of Strategic Counterterrorism Communications made a mock ISIS recruitment video. Their goal was to try and show the brutal realities of joining the Islamic

A “Burn the ISIS Flag Challenge” Has Gone Viral in the Arab World

First there was the ALS ice bucket challenge. Then, India introduced their own creative version, the rice bucket challenge. Now, yet another social media challenge is rapidly gaining momentum: the burn the ISIS flag challenge. It began a couple days ago when three young men from Lebanon took pictures of themselves burning the Islamic State flag in the middle of Sassine Square in Lebanon’s capital Beirut and then posted the pictures to social media. Not long afterwards, a Lebanese YouTube user

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