North Korea PUBLICLY Executes 80 People for Watching Foreign TV Programs

According to a report from the South Korean daily newspaper (JoongAng Ilbo Daily), on November 3rd, North Korean citizens were forced to watch executions that were carried out in seven different locations, with an alleged 10,000 forced to attend one group execution held in a sports stadium in the eastern port city of Wonsan. The source claimed to have intimate knowledge of North Korea’s inner-workings and had recently left the country himself.

The story gained credibility when on an online media agency run by former North Korean defectors said it had also heard stories of the mass executions from within the country. The writer of the story also cited one of the defectors from this media agency as predicting, “a forthcoming wave of executions several months ago.”

Despite the seriousness of the offense, many foreign shows (notably the American show “Desperate Housewives”) have gained a large following in the country. It’s thought that the majority of this banned media is smuggled into the country on DVDs, MP3 players and Flash drives.

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