Global Humanitarian Response 2014: United Nations Largest Ever Humanitarian Plan (12.9 Billion Dollars)

Earlier this month (Dec. 16), the United Nations and its partners launched their humanitarian plans for 2014. The appeal for this year was the highest ever at $12.9 billion. The budget is to be used to support 52 million people in 17 countries with essential, life-saving aid, with over half of this funding going to humanitarian efforts in the war-ravaged region of Syria and neighboring countries.

UN Humanitarian Chief Valerie Amos clearly stated that,

This [$12.9 billion] is the largest amount we have ever had to request at the start of the year. We count on the continued support from our partners as we work to save lives and support the millions of people caught in crisis.”

Check Out this visual overview of the “Global Humanitarian Response 2014” (click image to see full size).

UNhumanitarian plans for 2014

$6.5 billion of the total funds are going to efforts in Syria and neighboring countries affected by the current crisis. This is the most expensive appeal ever for a single crisis. Some $2.3 billion of this $6.5 billion is for the Syrian Humanitarian Assistance Response Plan (SHARP) for people inside Syria. The remaining $4.2 billion is for the Regional Response Plan 6(RRP6), which helps Syrian refugees and communities in neighbouring countries like Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq. Other significant portions of the budget are going to the Philippines for continued Typhoon Haiyan relief, and also to the Central African Republic.


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