Cleaning Up China’s Air Pollution Problem Will Cost $290 BILLION!!!

While China’s extreme economic growth over the past few decades has been impressive, it has come at a cost due to extreme and significant air pollution. According to the Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning deputy head Wang Jinnan “cleaning up China’s notorious air pollution has been given a price tag-$290 billion“.

The clean-up investment’s upside is that it would  increase China’s GDP by nearly $315 billion and create over 2 million jobs, but this hardly outweighs the disadvantages of already having a grossly polluted environment. 

The following comes from (the leading provider of energy news in the world)

What is beyond argument is that China now has a significant air pollution problem across much of the country and especially over its major cities. Earlier this month the Ministry of Environmental Protection confirmed that 13 provinces suffered record-high levels of smog as in 2013 China endured its worst air pollution in 52 years. Beijing was shrouded in its worst haze in decades in January, when “beyond index” readings of airborne particles measuring 2.5 microns, or PM2.5, one of the worst pollutants, reached more than 20 times higher than levels deemed safe by the World Health Organization. “

Although this price seems outrageous, at least the major pollution problem in China is  getting acknowledged seriously. Many of China’s major cities are covered in smog, the environmental conditions in these cities would hardly be considered “livable” by most Americans.

I personally would never want to even visit a city where I would have to wear a mouth cover or gas mask outdoors, and definitely would never by choice permanently live in one.

Check Out these Horrific images of the situation in China’s most polluted cities…


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