Global Gallup Poll: US Voted Greatest Threat to World Peace

The polling agency Gallup recently asked about 1,000 people in each of 68 different countries which country they believed was the biggest threat to world peace.

The United States was by far the #1 answer, with 24% believing it to be the biggest threat. Pakistan, which came in second, only polled 8%, and China rounded out the top 3 at 6%.

It’s not too surprising that the US polled higher in countries like Russia (54%) and China (49%), but it also topped the list in the Latin American countries of Mexico (37%), Brazil (26%) and Peru (24%).

Perhaps more surprising is that in both Turkey and Greece, two of the United States’ NATO partners, 45% of people polled chose the US as the biggest threat to world peace.

In Britain and Germany, two of America’s closest allies, the US again tops the list, tying with Iran for the top spot in Britain at 16% and just edging out Iran in Germany with 17%.

Even here in the United States, 13% of people picked the US as the biggest threat, putting it in 4th place behind Iran, Afghanistan and North Korea.

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