Chinese Government: Our Spy Cams Can’t See Through the Smog

Last month, two of China’s most influential state news agencies published commentaries about how the high levels of smog in China’s cities could actually be beneficial.

Their reasoning? CCTV, China’s official state news, pointed out that all the smog could hinder guided missiles, as their targets would be hazy.

The Global Times, published by the state Communist Party gave five “unforseen rewards”, the most notable being a claim that it could help Chinese people’s sense of humor (don’t ask me how that works).

Workers adjust a surveillance camera in Tiananmen Square

But now the government and state media has reversed their views on the smog, calling it a threat to natural security. Why? Well, government spy cameras in the streets can’t see through the smog!

Kong Zilong, senior project engineer for a major Chinese tech company and an expert in video surveillance, was quoted saying,

According to our experience, as the visibility drops below three metres, even the best camera cannot see beyond a dozen metres.”

Read the full story here.


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