What It Looks Like to Ride the World’s Biggest Urban Zipline (GoPro Video)

Director Devin Graham, better known by his Youtube name, Devin Supertramp, has been getting a lot of attention on Youtube lately.

A few weeks ago, he released an awesome video in which he and his crew converted a hill in San Francisco into a giant slip-and-slide. They used $85,000 worth of camera equipment to capture the fun:

Now, Devin and his crew have taken on a new challenge: filming themselves riding the world’s biggest urban zipline in Panama City.

The team ascended to the top of a 700-foot building before launching themselves down the 10,000-foot line.

If that wasn’t crazy enough, the daredevils also unclip themselves halfway down the line, finishing out the ride with a short free-fall followed by a gentle trip to the ground via parachute. Check it out in the video below:

(h/t Hi Consumption)

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