There Are More Single Americans Than Married Ones for the First Time On Record

The U.S. government first began collecting data on the number and proportion of single and married citizens in America back in 1976.

In this first year of record-keeping, 37.6% of people reported being single. Since then, that number has been steadily rising year by year.

This summer, single Americans officially became the majority. As of August, 124.6 million Americans (~50.2% of the population) are single, marking the first time since record-keeping began that there are more single Americans than married ones.

The percentage of Americans who have never been married at all has also been rising. In 1976, only 22.1% of Americans had never married. Today that number is 30.4%.

The percentage of people who have been divorced, separated or widowed rose as well, from 15.3% in 1976 to 19.8%.

Today, nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, leading many people to believe that divorce is more prevalent than ever before.

That isn’t completely true, however. While divorce definitely increased throughout the 50s, 60s and 70s, it has actually stayed relatively constant (even decreasing slightly) for those married in the 80s or 90s:

However, the rising popularity of the internet and social media has been adding an additional strain to the institution of marriage.

For example, approximately 1/3 of divorce litigation today stems from affairs that happened online, but only 46% of men believe that an online affair is actually adultery.

You can learn more about divorce in America by checking out this great infographic.

Read the original story from Bloomberg here.


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