McDonald’s Happy Meals In India Are Now Coming With Books Instead of Toys

Last month, McDonald’s India announced a change to their iconic Happy Meals: instead of coming with a toy, the meal now comes with a book.

In a statement, the fast food giant said that the move would be in following with their goals of,

“…changing consumer lifestyles, while championing children’s happiness and well-being.”


Ranjit Paliath is Vice President of Business Operations for McDonald’s India (West and South).  He spoke about the recent change, saying,

“We realise that lifestyles are constantly changing around us and the Happy Meal books are yet another way in which McDonald’s is providing choices, keeping in step with our customer’s evolving needs.” 

Paliath also pointed to some pretty crazy statistics about the lack of reading material in India:

“It is interesting to note that while in the UK the average number of books owned by a child under 6 years is 6 books, in India the figure is only 3 books for every 100 children!”


During the program, which will last through the end of September, McDonald’s India aims to distribute around a million books to young Indian children.

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

 “…we’re happy to offer Happy Meal books, our goal is to support parents and inculcate the habit of reading among kids at an early stage,”

Paliath said.

The books will be provided by award-winning publishers Scholastic and DK, and will range in topic from the human body, space and history to baby animals and scientific facts.

Read the original story from DNA India here.

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