The Re-Segregation of American Public Schools (Infographic)

In the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case in 1954, the Supreme Court ruled that separate schools for different races were inherently unequal, legally ending the practice of public school segregation.

It was a major step. Schools slowly began to integrate, leading to better academic achievement amongst minorities.

Unfortunately, this integration peaked in 1988, and since the government released all schools from federal oversight in 1992, America’s public schools are looking more and more like they did before desegregation.

One striking example: despite the fact that white students greatly outnumber African-American students in America, there has never been a point in U.S. history where more than 50% of black students attended schools with a majority of white students in the student body.

Check out this awesome infographic from Top Masters in Education, submitted to us by Rob Barney, a high-school teacher from Madison, Wisconsin:

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