This Graphic Designer Turns Dirty Car Windows Into Masterpieces In His Spare Time (Pictures)

Scott Wade is a graphic user interface designer from Texas. He is also one of the world’s premier dirty car artists.

Yes, dirty car art is a real thing, and it actually has a pretty big following. Scott’s exceptional talent for the craft of dirty car art has taken him all over the world, turning dusty car windows into amazing masterpieces for all sorts of different clients.

Scott Wade with one of his dirty window masterpieces

Wade got his inspiration from his time living on a long dirt road in central Texas. The constant trips back and forth along this road kept the family cars pretty dirty, prompting Wade to start casually doodling on them.

One thing led to another, and soon he was experimenting with different ways of making lines and adding shading to his pictures. Eventually he arrived at his current method, which relies on rubber paint shapers and brushes.

So what’s his favorite thing to draw on dusty car windows?

“Hard to say…Each time I attempt a dusty rendering of a Master’s work, it teaches me a lot. I love some of what happened with Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, in particular certain areas that really look like ink wash. But if you’re going to hold me to it, I’ll give my stock answer – stolen from Frank Lloyd Wright – ‘the next one!’”


Wade says that it takes days and days of dirt accumulation to make a really good canvas.

However, because of the high demand for his talents, Wade has also perfected a method that he claims can prepare a fresh “canvas” (ie. a dirty car window) in just 10 minutes:

“I couldn’t do the many events I do each year without having developed the ‘artificial canvas,’ as I call it. When I was mulling over how to dirty up a window, a friend told me about Fuller’s Earth, used in the film industry. Buying bags of it is sure easier than scooping dirt off the road and sifting it!”

Check out more of Wade’s amazing dirty car art in the pictures below!

You can check out more of Scott Wade’s work on his website.

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All images courtesy of Scott Wade.


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