Canada Welcomes 13,000 More Iraqi and Syrian Refugees

Recent unrest in the Middle East has led to the massive displacement of citizens in countries like Syria and Iraq. With the number of casualties in the hundreds of thousands and the number of refugees in the millions, life for civilians in the region is continuing to become more dire each day.

In recent years, Canada has offered a helping hand to give support to suffering refugees. According to The Telegraph

“Since 2009, Canada has welcomed 20,000 Iraqi refugees. More than 1,000 Syrian refugees have also landed on Canadian shores since the start of a Syrian civil war in 2011.”


“Syrian refugee children from the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib stand near their temporary shelter at a camp in southern Lebanon on Wednesday. An estimated 3.2 million Syrians are seeking refuge.” (From

On Wednesday, Canada’s immigration minister announced that the country has agreed to resettle another 10,000 Syrian and 3,000 Iraqi refugees over the next three years. The move came in response to a UN plea for help as the situation in the Middle East continues to deteriorate.

According to

“The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees had appealed to countries in December to dramatically boost their intake of refugees to ease a humanitarian crisis that continues to worsen.”

Almost all of refugees who have made the move to Canada are fleeing the ongoing civil war in Syria and the violence of the Islamic State (ISIS) in both Syria and Iraq.

With growing concerns and no signs of an end to the violence in the near future, many Syrian and Iraqi civilians are looking to find safety outside of their homelands.

With ongoing violence and civil unrest destroying the lives of many innocent families in the Middle East, it is important that capable developed nations continue to reach out to give assistance and provide a safe haven to those who only desire safety for themselves and their families.

Read more from The Star here.


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