Google Just Made Google Earth Pro Free To The Public!

Google Earth is an extremely detailed and interactive virtual globe that allows users to access maps, geographical information and more. In most cases, a user can literally see their own house and even do virtual tours inside popular buildings in urban areas.

According to Forbes

“Google Earth was created after Google acquired CIA-funded Keyhole Inc. in 2004. Under Keyhole, the application was known as EarthViewer 3D. The Google Earth desktop client hit the billion download mark in October 2011.”

This week Google announced that their “Google Earth Pro” application, which had previously been priced at $400 a year, will now be free to the public.

Google Earth Pro / Credit: Google / Forbes

According to Google

“Google Earth Pro has all the easy-to-use features and detailed imagery of Google Earth, along with advanced tools that help you measure 3D buildings, print high-resolution images for presentations or reports, and record HD movies of your virtual flights around the world.”


On top of these numerous uses and features, Google Earth Pro also offers a large trove of detailed demographic information that could be useful to the business-minded user. According to Forbes

For each state, you can find out demographic information in regards to the age, education, gender and income for the current year or the five-year projected. This data could be useful for businesses to conduct marketing research.”


Google’s unexpected move is certainly worthy of praise. By releasing their best mapping resource to the public for free, the company is giving millions access to nearly unlimited maps, geographic information and more. Take advantage and download Google Earth Pro for free here.

Read the full story from Forbes.


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