SpaceX Makes Second Attempt At Landing A Fuel Rocket After Launch (Video)

SpaceX just made another nearly successful attempt at landing their Falcon 9 first stage fuel rocket on a floating platform in the ocean.

Besides fulfilling billion dollar contracts with NASA, the folks at SpaceX are looking for ways to improve current space industry operations.

One strategy to save resources and money is to preserve the fuel rockets by re-landing them softly (instead of just letting them free fall into the ocean from the edge of our atmosphere, as was done in the past).

According to

“The tests are part of SpaceX’s effort to develop fully and rapidly reusable rockets.”


For safety reasons, SpaceX must complete a successful landing on a barge in the ocean (to prove they can accomplish safe rocket landings) before the United States government will allow them to set up an official landing zone for returning rockets.

Check out the video below to see the 200-foot long rocket attempt to land in SpaceX’s second attempt…

SpaceX’s first attempt in January brought the rocket on target, but with little control. Though their second attempt was closer and much more controlled, the rocket still failed to land safely. SpaceX reported the problem should be easy to fix, however.

With many blaming the unstable landing surface for the second failure, SpaceX is pushing for an inland landing zone for their next try. According to Engadget

“If you need any more reasons to stay optimistic, SpaceX COO told DefenseNews that the company’s next landing attempt may come on land instead of at sea, because of the difficulty in keeping a rocket upright on a moving barge — as we all can now see.”


But as of now a change in landing location is not certain. According to

“SpaceX will try the drone-ship landing again during the next Dragon launch, which is currently scheduled for June 19.”


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