Diver Swims Through A Seemingly Infinite Sea Of Atlantic Silversides (GoPro Video)

Ever wanted an overwhelming scuba diving experience without having to put on the gear or travel to distant waters? Thanks to London-based diver William Mitchell, we can all share a spectacular underwater experience.

According to Huffington Post

In July 2013, Mitchell was diving in the Devil’s Grotto, an undersea cavern, when he encountered a massive cloud of Atlantic silversides — a phenomenon known in the dive community as a “silver rush.”

While enjoying the unique experience, Mitchell used a GoPro to capture the moment. His footage was recently edited and posted on GoPro’s YouTube account.

Check out the video below to see the dive through Devil’s Grotto…

Although Atlantic silversides are known for swimming in large numbers, the first-person footage above is still pretty impressive. And for Mitchell, it’s an experience he’ll surely never forget:

“It is very difficult to put into words how it felt diving with all those tiny fish,”


he said.

Read more from Huffington Post.


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