Food Industry CEOs Pressure UN to Come to ‘Sound’ Climate Change Agreement

The CEOs of a handful of major companies in the food and beverage industry are coming together to urge the United Nations to take full advantage of their conference on climate change later this year in Paris.

The companies will run a full-page ad in the Washington Post and Financial Times this week that will serve as an open letter directed towards the UN. According to ABC News, the open letter reads…

“We are asking you to embrace the opportunity presented to you in Paris, and to come back with a sound agreement, properly financed, that can affect real change.”

The companies also say that they will increase their efforts to make their supply chains, products and operations more environmentally friendly.

Some of the companies who signed the letter include Ben & Jerry’s, Dannon, Kellogg, Nestle USA, Clif Bar, Mars Inc. and General Mills.

Read more here from ABC News.


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