Turkish Airlines, Ben Stiller & Social Media Stars Come Together to Help Provide Relief for East Africa

Between 2014 and 2016, a large-scale sea surface temperature warming known as El Niño took place, leading to worldwide flooding, droughts and natural disasters. The result has directly affected millions, and left many in critical conditions.

Some parts of Africa are specifically vulnerable to these types of climate changes because they lack “proper early warning systems and contingency plans for such disasters”, according to Al Jazeera. One of the regions that has been most affected by El Niño is eastern Africa — countries like Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya, are suffering from severe water shortages, which has lowered the regions crop yields and livestock.

In 2011, more than a quarter million people died in the region due to a drought-induced famine. Some are saying that conditions in Somalia right now are worse than in 2011, and that if action is not taken soon the impact could be catastrophic.

Fortunately, the situation has not gone unnoticed. In an effort to combat the crisis in the region, the United Nations has provided over 400 million euros ($430 million) in aide.

Others have also joined the battle to provide aide. With what started as a tweet, Vine stars Jérôme Jarre and Juanpa Zurita, have teamed up with Turkish Airlines — who happen to be the only major airline that flies to Somalia — to create the “LOVE ARMY FOR SOMALIA” campaign. Notable actor Ben Stiller, NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, YouTube sensation Casey Neistat and a handful of other celebrities have also joined the campaign in an effort to raise money and send relief to those in need.

Check out the video below to learn more about the LOVE ARMY FOR SOMALIA campaign…

The movement has already raised over $1 million and it hasn’t stopped yet… If you’d like to help, visit the LOVE ARMY FOR SOMALIA GoFundMe page here. Also, Ben Stiller has given the support of his charity The Stiller Foundation to the GoFundMe campaign, so all donations are tax deductible.

If you or someone you know knows of another way to provide relief to this crisis, please share in the comments section below.


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